Game of scones

Chapter 1 - the king may have met his match

In days of old, when magic filled the air, there was a king that ruled a large and powerful kingdom. He was a fair king. He did not believe in tyranny or violence. The people loved him and they praised his name. However, the king found himself without one very important thing, a queen.

For years Sir Abbot the hand of the king struggled to find the proper match for his highness, Lord Michael. He brought the most beautiful and noble women from many lands to meet the king in hopes of gaining his affection.

One Friday morning began like any other. Sir Abbot met the king in the throne room and requested permission to present the king with eligible noble ladies.

"Again?" Said Lord Michael.

"My lord, I do this only because I believe it will one day make you a happy man." Said Sir Abbot

The king sighed, "as you wish, bring them in."

A stunning woman entered the throne room with her father only steps behind her.

"My lord, I present you with Lady Margaret Eldridge." said Lord Abbot. "She is the daughter of nobleman Henry Eldridge of Dunkirk. He is the largest property owner of our neighboring kingdom and he would love nothing more than to have his daughter the honor of your courtship."

Lady Margaret was tall and thin, she had beautiful golden hair that ran the length of her back. She had the eyes of every man in the kingdom upon her as she approached the castle that morning.

"Lady Margaret," said the king. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes lord, you may ask me anything you wish." She replied.

Lord Michael smiled and said "my lady, I wish to know, what do you desire?"

"I desire nothing more than to please you my lord." She replied.

"No my lady," said Lord Michael, "what do you desire for yourself. Please, pretend you are not addressing the king. Pretend you are addressing a close friend in private quarters."

Lady Margaret smiled confidently "Well your lordship, to be honest, I desire to be the envy of every woman in this kingdom and the next. I desire to be the most powerful queen this world has every seen."

"I see," said Lord Michael. "And one more question. "If today we held a feast in your honor, to celebrate your birthday or any other day of celebration, and I told you that you may be served anything your heart desires in the banquet hall, anything, what would you request?"

Lady Margaret was confused. She looked down in deep thought and stumbled as she spoke. She found this to be a strange question.

"Your lordship," she said. "I would not request anything in particular. I am not one with a keen tongue sire. I eat what is present and often that includes lamb or chicken."

"But my lady," Lord Michael quickly responded quickly. "What if you were absolutely starved and looking to indulge for that particular moment?"

"Indulge? My lord, I do not indulge. It is not very lady like to indulge oneself in anything that may affect a svelte and lean figure. To be honest my lord, I usually only eat when my bed maiden reminds me I must do so." She replied with a perplexed look on her face.

Sir Abbot had heard Lord Michael ask this question before, and each time he was just as confused as the last.

"My lady," said Lord Michael. "I thank you and your father for making the journey to the castle this fine day, but I must ask you to leave and return on a safe journey to your homeland."

Lady Margaret was upset. She turned around and stormed out of the room.

Sir Abbot approached the king, "My lord, I have several more for you to meet."

"As you wish," replied Lord Michael, "but I do not see this day ending any differently than the rest," he replied.

Sir Abbot returned with another woman. She lasted several minutes less than Lady Margaret. As the next two hours passed, Lord Michael had spoken with over 15 women. None of which were to his liking. They all appeared to him to have the same boring and vain manner among each of them.

Lord Michael became very frustrated "is that it Sir Abbot? May I return to the duties of my kingdom?" He exclaimed.

"Yes sire," Sir Abbot replied timidly, "my apologies, I do have one more girl, but I will send her on her way. She is not up to your standards and I am not sure how the matchmaker included her in today's throng of women."

"And why is she not up to my standards?" Lord Michael replied.

Well, she is, how should I say it, a larger woman who is not as thin as a noble lady should be , and her father is also a lesser nobleman. Actually, he is a baker, but the finest baker in our kingdom, nonetheless.

"A baker?!" Lord Michael exclaimed.

"Oh my lord I am sorry, I will not let a mistake like this happen again. Next time the women will be more appealing." Sir Abbot said as he begged the king's forgiveness.

"Don't be silly," said Lord Michael. "Send her in at once."

The door opened and in walked a woman with her father. The guards at the door giggled as she walked by.

She was very plump and had the most beautiful face Lord Michael had ever seen. She had jet black hair and walked very confidently down the foyer towards the throne. She wore a very tight fitting dress, accentuating her large breasts and very round belly.

"My lord," said Sir Abbot. "Allow me to introduce Lady Adeline Green and her father Ethan Green, the largest and most successful baker in our kingdom.

Ethan Green spoke abruptly "my lordship may I apologize and begin by telling you that I have 3 other daughters, all of which I believe may be more to your liking."

"Nonsense," said Lord Michael. "What you have brought me here today may be one of the most beautiful women I have laid eyes in all my days."

"Lady Adeline," the king said with a smile. " This ghastly man Sir Abbot has brought me dozens of women every week and they all seem to lack any connection with my sole. I have spent many years looking for a match, so I apologize if I am direct. So can I ask you a question and will you promise to answer it honestly without any care of my opinion?"

"Yes my lord, honesty is not a short coming of mine, ask away." she replied. It was obvious that she was very attracted to king. However, she also had a very confident aura about her and did not appear that she would place any facade between her and the king.

Lord Michael paused and then began, "what is it you desire in life? What makes you happy, and what makes you truly excited?

"Well my king," she said as she smiled and looked towards the ground. "I know my father will not be pleased, but you are the king, and you asked that I answer you honestly."

She thought she would be much more nervous saying this out loud, but she felt very comfortable and at ease with the king. Something told her there was no reason to hold back.

"My lord, I desire everything. I hope that does not confuse you, let me elaborate. What I mean is, I believe in greed and excess. I have eyes as wide as the sky that desire all that I see, and I have a belly that knows no limit or satiation. I am a true glutton, a hedonist, and a debauchee."

Sir Abbot rushed towards lady Adeline to remove her from the throne room immediately. It was obvious to him that she was speaking nonsense and the king would be angry at her ramblings.

"Stop!" yelled Lord Michael. "Sir Abbot, leave this room at once. It appears that in all your years you have not failed me. You have brought me a woman that presents herself like a true queen. Now as I said, leave this room at once!"

Lord Michael then turned to Adeline's father. He had his head buried in his hands from embarrassment. "Mr. Green, please raise your head at once. You have raised an amazingly beautiful daughter with a one of a kind personality, are you aware of that?"

"No my lord," said Mr. Green.

"That saddens me sir," replied Lord Michael. "I do not believe you knew what a precious gem you had in your household."

"Lord Michael smiled towards the man, "with that said, would you sir, do me the honor of courting your daughter for the time being. I promise to treat her with respect and courtesy."

Mr. Green looked very confused, but nodded. "Yes sire, nothing would make me happier."

"Thank you sir," replied Lord Michael. "Now please leave us, I would like to speak with your magnificent daughter alone.

Lady Adeline blushed and grinned towards her king. Could it be that for the first time in her life, speaking her mind about her deepest desires was met with understanding and excitement rather than confusion and disapproving looks?!

Lord Michael stood up from his throne and approached Lady Adeline. He knelt down and kissed her hand. He then looked up and smiled. "My lady, I am so very glad you came to greet me on this beautiful afternoon. Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to the banquet hall? It's almost time for lunch and I would love to talk with you and dine on some of the most delicious food this kingdom has to offer."

"Lunch, my king?" she smiled and laughed, "I thought you would never ask!"
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