Chapter 1 - what led to this?

Kate and I met back in college. She was a sorority girl. Tall, thin, blonde, always got good grades, and came from a good family. She was the All American girl that so many men wish they could have.

I wasn't into the fraternity scene, but I met her through her roommate Ashley. We hit it off one day at a weekend party and we began dating.

She was definitely arm candy. Anytime we went anywhere, heads would turn to check her out. I felt proud that she was mine.

Our sex life was great, but I have to admit, every time we were intimate, I was thinking of someone else. Not any girl in particular, but just a girl that I was actually attracted to. I was a closet feeder, FA, belly worshiper, among other things.

As time went on I decided that this "fetish" was not something I needed to act on. What would my friends and family say if they saw me with a fat girl? I was also convinced that there was never going to be a girl that wanted what I wanted (for her to grow fatter).

Before Kate I was fortunate enough to date and sleep with a few big girls. Unfortunately, the story would always end the same way. After a few dates I would confess my fetish or show some extra affection for their fat. This always seemed to send them running in the other direction. I didn't get it, it was like every fat girl wanted you to be attracted to them for "who they are" but not because they were fat. Sorry, I'm sure there are women out there that will disagree, but ALL men are attracted to women (sexually) for their bodies.

I gave up on finding what I truly wanted and I settled for Kate. I say settle now, but at the time I had myself convinced that she was an absolute catch.

After we both finished college we moved in together. Kate got a great job in finance and started making a ton of money. She was so focused, I was so proud of her. She would wake up at 5am every morning, go to the gym for an hour, come home and get ready, and be at her office by 8am.

She was aggressive, focused, and had control of every aspect of her life. Sometimes it became too much for me though and we would fight. She had a list for everything, a plan for everything, and it was annoying. She planned each meal a week ahead of time. You could ask her at anytime of day how many calories or carbs she had eaten since breakfast and she would give you an exact number.

We bought a house in a nice neighborhood and life continued moving along seamlessly.

One day my best friend Casey called and told me he had a job offering in our town. We didn't go to the same college, but we kept in touch since high school and talked all the time.

I was pumped, I couldn't wait to have my buddy down the street from me again. His wife Michelle was also very cool. She was a laid back hippy girl and was always fun to be around. Her and Kate never really hit it off, but at least there was no drama.

A few weeks later Casey and Michelle finally moved into their new house. We spoke on the phone and they agreed to meet us for dinner at a really nice steakhouse.

Kate and I arrived early as usual and ordered a few drinks. I could see Casey and Michelle pulling up outside the restaurant in a hurry. Casey jumped out of the car looking a bit flustered. He and Michelle stopped before they walked into the restaurant. I could see pretty clearly through the window that they were arguing.

Once they came inside it was a happy reunion.

"Sorry we're late," Casey said ashamedly. "My wife doesn't seem to think that a clock has anything positive to offer."

Michelle was walking behind him and gave me a hug. "Don't worry about it" I told her. "We're glad you're here.

I just happened to notice that Michelle had put on some weight. She was wearing a loose fitting casual black dress. I hadn't seen her since their wedding, but I was guessing she might have put on at least 30lbs.

"You look great!" Casey said to Kate as he gave her a big hug.

Before he met Michelle, Casey was roommates with Kate and I for a while. They always got along really well which is something that made Kate fit even more perfectly into my life.

We ordered more drinks and began chatting up a storm. I could tell that Kate was being a little too obnoxious talking about our traveling and the $80,000 car she just leased. I know Casey was out of a job for a while and Michelle never really made a lot of money.

I quickly changed the subject and kept the celebratory dinner moving.

When it came time to order our meals, Kate ordered an appetizer for her entree (as usual). I ordered a nice filet mignon, then the waiter attended to Casey's side of the table.

"Hmmm," Michelle began, "I'll have the Steak Trio with potatoes and lobster mac and cheese as my sides."

Casey suddenly nudged Michelle and mumbled under his breath, just enough that I could still make out what he was saying. "What the hell I thought we talked about this."

"It's just steak," Michelle said loudly, "relax."

"You know," Michelle motioned the waiter's attention back towards her, "can you add the truffle butter and Alaskan crab topping to that?"

"I sure can," the waiter replied politely.

Casey shook his head, he was noticeably angry. "I've lost my appetite" he said sarcastically. "I'll have the Caesar Salad."

I quickly changed the subject again to put an end to the awkwardness.

Our entrees came out and we began to eat. I probably noticed only because of the argument Casey and Michelle had in front of the waiter, but her meal was huge. It was three filets smothered in truffle butter sauce and Alaskan Crab. The sides were piled high next to the monstrous filets.

Casey ignored Michelle for the rest of the meal. After we paid our tabs, Kate and Michelle wen to the bathroom. I grabbed Casey to find out what was going on?

"Dude what was all that about? You and Michelle have always gotten along so well" I asked.

He shook his head again, "you know, she was so committed before the wedding. She went to the gym with me everyday and got thin. Now she just doesn't give a damn."

"Casey," I replied, "she still looks great, don't worry about it."

"No bro, she's fat. I hate it. We haven't slept together in months," he said angrily.

Kate and Michelle suddenly came out of the restaurant.

"Hey, anyone want to grab some ice cream? It's still so early," Michelle said cheerfully.

Casey once again shook his head. Without saying anything he turned, walked to the car, and got in.

I decided get Kate and I out of there before things escalated. "I wish we could Michelle, but we have to get up really early tomorrow. Why don't you all go ahead."

Michelle hugged both Kate and I and walked towards the car.

I don't know what came over me, but as Kate was looking in her purse for her phone, I turned around and watched Michelle's butt sway back and forth as she walked to her car.

Suddenly, and for no reason that I can think of, she turned around and caught me looking at her..."f@ck!"
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