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Chapter 1 - arithimetic

Mike moved to New York City in the summer of 2012. He found it to be very expensive and very noisy. However, he joined FF and a couple fetish sites and found that there were thousands of beautiful women within 15 minutes of his apartment that shared his preferred lifestyle.

One afternoon while Mike was at work he check his phone and saw a private message he received on FF. The screen name was bluberry83. Being a horny 28 year old he checked her photo before he even read the message. She was gorgeous. Chubby cheeks, jet black hair, and a beautiful smile.

He clicked further and saw her full body pics. She was easily 300lbs and very sexy. She had large breasts that sat voluptuously on her chest, a round belly that protruded nicely through each piece of clothing, and lastly, some beautiful chubby arms that looked fluffy and very soft.

He was super excited and quickly jumped back to the message text, "hey there, I noticed you live on 73rd street. That's my hood cutie. Maybe I'll see you around :) Taylor"

Mike wanted to reply, but he didn't want to blow it like some schmuck. This girl was a hottie and she obviously thought he was cute.

He waited 30 minutes so he didn't look desperate. "Hey Taylor, yea I'm kind of new in town and just getting the hang of NYC. Yea, maybe I'll bump into you at a deli or an ice cream shop, that would be cool, Mike"

A few minutes lady he received another message from Taylor "A Deli or an Ice Cream shop? Have you been stalking me?? I'm in one of those places almost every day lol. You should come to Murphy's pub tonight, we'll make it your welcome to NYC party."

Mike was ecstatic, he waited only a minute or two and then replied, "Awesome, I'm there. Sounds like a plan! Later Taylor :)"

Mike left work early. He went home and had a quick dinner. He had a few sips of beer and headed out to the bar.

After a few blocks later he made it to Murphy's pub. He walked inside and started to move through a crowd of people. At the far end of the bar he saw a group of 5 girls. 4 of them were skinny, but one girl stood out. She had a white blouse on over some very tight jeans. She had her back turned to him and he could not stop staring at her huge butt. She turned around suddenly and liked eyes with him, they both smiled.

"Mike!" She yelled from down the bar.

"Hey Taylor, what's up?" Mike replied as he walked towards her. They hugged and he kissed her on the check. She then introduced him to her 4 other friends. They were in party mode and had just finished doing a shot.

"Oh my God it's so freaking cool there are FF people in my neighborhood." she said.

Mike laughed and replied "yea I've been on there for two years and you're literally the first person I've met in real life."

"No way!" She exclaimed, "I feel honored," she said as she smiled and
placed her hand on top of her heart.

"So what do you do? Said Mike.

"I'm a graduate student at NYU. I want to be a math professorand I freaking love numbers. I know, don't say it, I don't look like the math type." She said laughing.

Mike giggled, "Really? Ok that's cool, what is it you like about numbers?"

"Um they are good for calculating and measuring things."

Mike was confused, but he didn't say anything.

"So what do you do?" Said Taylor

"I'm an engineer," said Mike. I like building things.

"very cool! Said Taylor, "I like a man with a big brain."

She then leaned in and whispered in his ear "so are you a feeder?"

"Um, yup, totally a feeder, guilty as charged," Mike replied.

"Yessss, she said playfully as she reached up to high five him." She was very upfront and had a big personality, Mike loved it.

"Sooo, I'm going to guess you are kind of a feedee?" Mike whispered back to her.

She leaned in again but spoke a little louder, she didn't want everyone in the bar to hear her. As she spoke she placed his hand on her Belly. Mike thought this was really odd, but he was suddenly more than turned on. "No, you mean a man that will spoil me, stuff me with delicious food, encourage me to indulge in every whim and desire I have? Why the hell would I want that??" She said sarcastically as she threw his hand back down by his side.

"Just kidding!" She yelled as she began laughing. "I'm totally a greedy little piggy like you wouldn't believe."

Mike gave a huge smile and grabbed her hand back "Hmmm, I might make you prove it to me," he said sarcastically.

"Oh I could do that, believe you me," she said with a sexy look.

One of friends interrupted, "Taylor! Hey sorry to interrupt guys, I know we are ragging, but it's still Wednesday night and we have work in like 7 hours! Let's get the hell out of here."

"Damn, I have to go," said Taylor. "Let's do this again soon though!"

"Dinner? Friday?" Said Mike.

"Sweet, I'm there Taylor said excitedly as took Mike's phone and typed her number in. As she walked out the door she turned around with a big smile and said "Text me!"

As Mike began walking home he reassured himself of what a great idea moving to New York City was.

The next day Mike went to work. he was slightly hungover but he soon got very busy. At about noon he sent Taylor a text, "hey you, thanks again for last night. It was nice of you to invite a new guy out, I didn't even know that cool bar was near my house."

Another two hours passed and then Mike got a text back "Hey no prob, it was really nice to meet you." "Ughh, sorry but I am not feeling so hot right now."

Mike thought to himself, damn she is setting me up to cancel tomorrow night, dammit...

"You feeling alright?" Mike texted.

"Yea, I'm not sick, I'm just super stuffed. I went to a big lunch with a friend from work and just got a little crazy lol. I can't move."

Mike sat at his desk starring at the text. He began to feel a huge erection coming on.

"You should probably take something for that" Mike texted her.

"Like what??" She replied.

"How about an eclair or a milkshake?" He sent her.

"LOL, I like your style," she replied quickly. "I think we are both on the same page!"

That night on the way home, Mike stopped at a supermarket. He bought a massive amount of pastries, cake, junk food, and ice cream. He figured, if he was going to be a feeder, he might as well shop like one.

The next day at work he couldn't wait for his date that night. The minutes passed so slowly. He and Taylor texted several times, making each other laugh and both getting excited to see each other.

After work at 7pm Mike arrived at the restaurant he picked out. It was a really nice Italian place near both their apartments. As he read the menu next to the front door, he caught Taylor's sexy figure walking towards him.

"Hey you," she said as she approached.

They hugged and smiled as they looked into each others eyes.

Taylor looked over at the menu, "mmmm Italian, nice choice, let's do this!"

After sitting down their waiter brought them each a menu.

Taylor opened it up and sighed deeply.

"Everything alright?" Mike inquired.

"Yea, um, don't judge ok. I kind of had a big dinner before I came here."

Mike was confused at first, but then he came to his senses and was stunned.

"That's awesome!" he shouted.

Taylor laughed hysterically, "OK I agree, but keep it quiet," she said as she looked around as if to make sure no one was listening.

"So you stuffed your face before you left your apartment and now you are ready to stuff your face even more with me?"

"Yes, you are correct!" She said playfully.

Mike was overjoyed. He didn't know girls like Taylor existed.

When the waiter came back they ordered wine, two appetizers, and two large entrees. Mike had the Veal Shank and Taylor had the Chicken Marsala.

She struggled from the first bite. "What did you eat before you came here piggy? Mike said poking fun at her.

"My roommate ordered a pizza, I almost ate the whole thing," she said.

"Oh c'mon, that's it?" Mike said sarcastically.

"Hey, watch it buddy, I might eat your dinner after I'm done with this one!" She joked.

20 minutes went by and as they talked Mike noticed Taylor had powered through her meal.

"Can I try that veal?" She said.

Mike was stunned. "Um, absolutely."

He cut off a chunk and as he reached over to place it on her plate, she stopped him.

"Uh ah, right here." She mumbled as she had her mouth wide open. She wanted Mike to feed it to her sensuously.

He brought the thick and juicy meet to her mouth with his fork, her eyes were closed. As the meat touched her tongue and she wrapped her mouth around the fork, she opened her eyes and looked Mike right in the eyes. She gave a subtle erotic moan as Mike pulled the fork away leaving the food in her mouth.

She chewed it slowly as she smiled. Mike could barely contain himself.

He motioned the waiter over to the table. "Hi, can we have a desert menu?"

The waiter replied, "Sir, we do not have a desert menu, but I can recite our four different delectable desert options to you and you may select them," Mike interrupted, "just bring all of them please."

"All? All four sir?" The waiter looked confused.

"Yes, all four of them." Replied Mike.

"Not a problem," said the waiter. As he turned around Mike stopped him, "oh and sir, just one fork please, thanks."

Mike looked back at Taylor, her jaw had dropped. She looked at him and smiled "you know, I'm really glad I met you."

"I am too," said Mike.

A few minutes later the waiter approached with cheesecake, chocolate cake, creme brulee, and key lime pie.

Mike grabbed the fork and she perked up as if she was suddenly filled with energy. She wanted to eat for him and she was determined to do so.

She enjoyed every fattening fork full, and as she finished the last couple bites she leaned back and sighed. "Now that was a dinner,"

Mike laughed, "so, how about you tell me again why you like math so much?"

"I would love to explain that to you, how about at your place?" She smiled deviously.
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Chasingfall 8 years
On reading chapter 8, this story just keeps getting better. On top of the excellent plot and well developed characters, I really appreciate your editing! The attention to detail is laudable.
Pd500 8 years
Loved the insatiable greedy glutton aspect. Super hot!
PrimusFeeder 8 years
Would love to see this story continued
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Thanks for the nice comments. I hope you guys check out my other stories. I definitely plan on writing some more soon.
Chasingfall 9 years
wow one of the better stories on the site 10/10
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Who would have imagined that math is could be so interesting!

I am kind of a numbers person also, so I know all about that aspect of this, uhm, strange desire!

Nicely done.