Feed your destiny

chapter 1

The following is based on a true story. Back in the year 2005 Bret was a fun loving college kid enjoying his life. Working, going to class, going to the gym, and drinking with friends was how he spent his days. He was becoming a man, but something crucial was missing.

He had a beautiful, skinny, blonde, sorority girlfriend. He loved spending time with her and he felt like she was the physical ideal all his friends wanted, but in private, he really had no desire to be with her.

Bret had known from a young age that he was into fat girls, but he kept it private. He lurked throughout the internet in the days before Fantasy Feeder or Feabie existed. There was literally almost no dating site dedicated to fat fetishes available to him.

One day he stumbled upon the dating section on the old Dimensionsmagazine.com website. It was incredibly primitive and did not hold much promise, but he gave it a shot anyways. He posted a picture and a brief description of his desire to meet a feedee. Weeks went by and he forgot about it.

One day as he checked his email he got an alert. "Jenny has messaged you" it said.

He rushed to the Dimensions site and read "hey there, I was just checking out your profile, looks like the ugly bus passed you by. Wanna chat? Send me an email. -Jenny"

He was pumped, "wow" he thought, I didn't think I would ever hear from anyone. She was super cute too. Dark hair, beautiful tan skin, plump lips, large breasts and a chubby belly. She also listed her orientation as a "feedee."

"Did people like this actually exist?" Bret thought.

He quickly began typing her a response by email as she requested. He asked her where she lived, what she was into, and most importantly, how did she get into feederism?

Jenny sent a reply the next day. She was incredibly witty, and funny. She talked about how she was working to put herself through school, she loved music and going to the beach, and she also detailed how she found herself into feederism at a very young age. She would secretly stuff herself in her bedroom as a child and would fantasize about outgrowing her house. As she matured, the fantasies became more sexual. Stuffing her face, being weighed, measured, and cared for were at the core of her sexuality.

Bret could not believe his eyes. He was so pumped! The only problem was that she lived in California and he in Florida..."could it be any further!" He thought to himself. That didn't matter though, he was still blown away by the fact that a girl like this existed.

The email exchanges went on for a few more days. Pictures were exchanged (at Jenny's request). And eventually she sent him one of herself sitting in a chair with her shirt off wearing nothing but a bra. She had a big smile on her face and you could tell she was pushing her plump belly out as far as she could to show off.

Bret finally worked up the courage to ask for her number and she gave it to him promptly. He waited until late that night (since she was 3 hours behind) and nervously gave her a call.

"Heyyy there" Jenny answered.

"Hi, what's up" Bret said nervously.

"Not much, how was your day?" Jenny said with enthusiasm.

Bret loved that she was so confident, he figured he better not be so shy.

"It was great he said, how about yours?"

"So can I ask," he began, "do you meet people on the internet all the time? Because this is my first and I have seen a lot of scary movies you know."

Jenny laughed out loud, "that's hilarious," she said, "yes, I have, but nothing good has every come of it. I'm going to be honest, you are kind of a looker and I wanted to take a shot. You seem really funny too so that is awesome."

"Oh, thanks," Bret said.

They talked about work and school for about a half hour or so. Finally Bret decided to talk about what they were both on that website for.

"Hey so, um, feederism. Wow, um, I have to admit, that's the first time I have said that word out loud in my life."

"It's ok" she interjected," I totally understand. It's weird at first, but hey, it's who we are."

"Yes, it definitely is" Bret replied smiling from ear to ear. "So, can you tell me about like what your ideal relationship is, what you're looking for?"

"So," she started confidently "I want to get big, like really big. I want to be with a long term feeder that would eventually become my husband. I want to take my time, but depending on my financial situation in the future, I want to really let myself go and enjoy growing."

Bret felt a massive erection coming on. He was blown away. "Um, awesome, that's so freaking cool, I mean, I am kind of looking for the same thing. On the opposite end of the spectrum of course."

"Cool," she said. Things got quiet for a second.

"So," she resumed, "like what kind of things are you into? Bellies, boobs, ass?"

Bret had no hesitation, "bellies, definitely bellies. That's like my thing. Like, don't get me wrong, boobs and ass are amazing and they are so feminine, but a belly is just everything."

Jenny laughed, "what do you mean everything?"

"Everything," he replied. "It's like the best depiction of how greedy, lazy, and spoiled a girl is. The bigger the belly, the better."

"ahhh, ok, now I get it," she replied. Bret could tell she was smiling.

"What do you think of my belly, from the pics I sent?" She inquired.

"It looks great," Bret started, "but I have to admit, you look a bit famished."

They both laughed loudly.

"Hey!" she quipped, "it's much bigger in person, I promise!"

"I bet it is" Bret said sarcastically. "But the good news is it can always get bigger."

"Yea it can..." she said in a sultry, sexy voice.

Bret was touching himself at this point.

"Hey, I gotta run" Jenny said. But it was so nice talking to you. Let's do it again soon!"

"Definitely," Bret replied ecstatically.

"Bye sweetie," she hung up.

Bret sat on his bed in awe. He was in shock. In a strange way, he had never felt so fulfilled. He was finally able to talk about something so incredibly important to his sexual identity with another person, and they were not only understanding, they wanted the exact same thing...badly.
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Jack-Elray 4 years
This is interesting
Theswordsman 4 years
I wonder how things will progress
Balloon 5 years
Love this story. I met my wife through FF, she was in New Jersey and I was in Texas. Please continue.
Theswordsman 5 years
Can't wait to see what happens next