The awakening

chapter 1

Based on a true story:

"Why don't we just eat the desert in bed," said TJ.

"What? Why would we do that?"Michelle said with a confused look on her face.

"Let's eat it outside instead on the patio. Maybe we can go for a swim," she continued.

He placed the bread pudding on a plate and dumped the entire container of vanilla ice cream on top of it.

"Mmmmmm...I can't wait," Michelle said as she walked outside in a two piece swimsuit. TJ grabbed two spoons, his eyes remained locked on her belly as she walked towards him. He loved to watch it jiggle with every step she took.

Michelle and TJ just back from a dinner date. They got their dessert to go as they often did. They had been together over five years now, and Michelle had put on almost 60 pounds, all unintentionally.

"I'm going to the gym tomorrow to make up for this," Michelle said as she started digging into the bread pudding.

"Why?" TJ replied, you've got a busy day tomorrow, "forget about that."

Michelle stopped with a spoonful of bread pudding and vanilla ice cream about halfway from her mouth, "so you just want me to eat all of this and not even try to do something about it?"

TJ knew this was the moment. They had literally never talked about his fat fetish in all these years, that was about to change,

"Yes," TJ said emphatically. "I don't think you should do anything about it. In fact, I think you should eat more of it and enjoy yourself."

Michelle, finished her bite and starred at TJfor a second, "you know, sometimes I think you have a secret fetish for thick girls or something?"

"Secret?!" TJ replied loudly, "are you kidding me? Am I not married to one?"

"Sooo you're completely ok with me getting fatter?"Michelle asked with a strange look on her face.

"I'm not only ok with it, I think it would be absolutely fantastic."

Michelle kept eating as if nothing happened. "Ok,"she said, "but what about when I outgrow all my clothes, what then?" She said in a matter of fact way.

TJ smiled, he was stunned that Michelle was being so calm about this. Was she...could ok with this???

"I'll tell you what, you outgrow all of your clothes and I will buy you an entire wardrobe!" She said confidently.

Michelle laughed, then she dug in for another spoonful of bread pudding.

"Ok," she continued, that sounds kind of amazing, but that would be totally unhealthy. I'm almost 200 pounds as it is. I need to lose weight and stop being unhealthy."

"Nonsense," said TJ, "there are plenty of skinny people that are incredibley unhealthy." You can still work out, but you should overindulge everyday and eat anything and everything you want."

Michelle paused as if she was thinking. She polished off the last few big bites of bread pudding. "Let's hop in the pool" she said.

TJ loved swimming in the pool with her. He loved the feeling of her fat jiggling in the water.

"So I have to ask, you always grab my belly, are you saying you like it?" Michelle asked with a serious tone.

"Are you kidding me?" TJ said as he reached down and grabbed a big handful of belly. He squeezed a big handful and then leaned down and pressed his face into it her fat belly, kissing it wildly.

"Seriously, I thought for the longest time you were just pretending to be supportive of my body since I know I've put on a lot of weight." Michelle said with a relieved tone.

"The only reason I've been supportive is because I am truly in love with your curves." TJ grabbed her by the belly fat on her sides and pulled her close, he began kissing her.

He slowly turned her around and pressed his massive erection up against her plump, fat butt. "So," he said with a coy tone, "do we have a deal?"

"What deal?!" Michelle exclaimed as she tried to turn around. TJ grabbed her by her love handles again and held her from behind. He leaned over into her ear, "two hundred and fifty pounds, then you get a whole new wardrobe."

"Stop," she said. "Really, all new clothes? Like designer stuff?" She asked.

"Babe, anything. I'll make the money to make it happen. You get to stuff yourself whenever you want and really enjoy yourself."

He could see her smiling. He started kissing her neck. He could not beleive she was secretly into this as much as he was.

TJ ripped her bikini bottoms off. He reached around and started pleasuring her. He could tell she was already so wet and turned on. He began penetrating her from behind in the pool.

He loved being with her in the pool because he could pick her up straight off the floor by her big fat hips, all 190lbs of her straight up in the air. He could never do that on dry land. As he thrusted deep into her from behind he began to grope her fat belly with her right hand while he held her hips with his left hand. She reached down with her right hand and placed it ontop of his as if she was acknowledging that she this very much as well.

TJ imagined her getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter. He pictured all that fattening bread pudding and ice cream sloshing around inside her belly as they made love.

Suddenly they both climaxed and screamed loudly. It was the middle of the night on a Sunday evening and they were both sure the neighbors heard that.

They both dried off and headed inside. TJ thought at first he shouldn't press his luck, but oh, what the hell, he was sure he understood exactly what she wanted. TJ grabbed a box of cookies and met Michelle in the bedroom.

"Babe, that was quite the workout. You should probably reward yourself after that," he said as he held out the tray of cookies.

She grabbed an entire handful, about 5 cookies. "Oh, perfect, thanks," she said as she walked away to change into her pajamas. TJ watched as she devoured them without a care.

They were going to have a lot of fun together. His mind started racing with incredibley erotic thoughts. Daily shakes, trips to the store for ice cream, more dinner dates than usual with multiple appetizers and larger portions. Fast food runs in the middle of the night.

"Would you like a glass of milk to wash that down babe?" TJ quipped as Michelle walked by wearing her PJ's.

"Sure, that sounds like a great idea,"she replied.

TJ rushed to the kitched, their entire relationship had changed in less than an hour's time.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Well-written. You do a good job of keeping the emotional tension just right!
Jazzman 6 years
Terrific plot.Well executed!