Fantasy vs reality

Chapter 1

Alex was loving the website she had discovered – she found it quite by accident one evening while browsing the net..... trying to find the girl who she had fallen in lust with over recent months.

Alex was in her late 20's, married with 2 kids and a dog, and to the outside world she was the perfect housewife. She worked in the village primary school and even helped out at the local youth group. Everyone else saw a content life, but inside Alex was aching for something different, something more.

Alex was 5ft 5 with longish brown hair, blue eyes and definitely on the curvy side, weighing about 200lbs and wearing size 16 clothes. She had always been a bigger girl, and it had never bothered her, as she knew she was fit and healthy, she secretly loved the attention her 36E boobs got when she was out, and often dressed to show them off!

She doesn't know were her fascination with this you tube girl came from... she cant even remember at what point she started watching her videos.... but seeing this once slim female gain weight so quickly over the months, seeing her stuff herself with ice cream and other treats, squeeze herself into too small clothes and bounce and jiggle for the camera had become a daily event for Alex. She liked to be alone while watching the videos.... as they often turned her on, and she liked to have a little sneaky play with herself while her family were not around.

Alex marvelled at this other girls body, how rolls of fat were forming on her tummy, and her thighs were thickening up as well as her breasts swelling up a few sizes. Alex had never really had a crush on another female before, and she couldn't rationalise it... It wasn't just the girl, although the was so beautiful, it seemed to be the whole scenario that was exciting Alex.

With this at the back of Alex's mind she found herself eating alittle more herself, and soon noticed she had gone up a dress size.... no one around her seemed to comment. Not even her husband said anything. She would lay in bed and stroke her slightly squidgier belly and smile to herself thinking of the girl on the internet.

One day though Alex suddenly found the girls videos had gone, vanished from you tube.... oh hell.... she thought, what am I going to do!

This panicked thought of what was she going to do now is what prompted the frantic search on the internet for pages this girl may be on... unfortunately Alex was unable to find her... but what she did come across was another page, one that caught her eye straight away.

She lurked on the site for a few weeks, reading the forums, looking at other profiles before being confident that she felt comfortable to do the same.... and so created her profile.
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Sparkle 4 months
Can't believe this story is 12 years old. And I could have done a part 2 with this story... oh well. Part 2 will just have to stay in my memories xx
Sparkle 10 years
Wow, writing this story seemed like a lifetime ago.
Sparkle 12 years
thanks for the comments guys x
Rustydog7 12 years
Great story, please continue it.
Badhansel 12 years
Lovely story. Thank you for sharing - really!