The fulfilling holiday.....

Chapter 1

It was a hot summer's afternoon and Leah was relaxing by the pool in her little 2 piece bikini. Her curvy 200lbs body was laying on a sun lounger covered in sun screen , and she was lightly sleeping listening to the water splashing as people swam and jumped in the pool.

She had come on holiday with 3 of her best mates and all 4 of them had been saving for this all year, She lay there with a smile on her face as she realised that the all inclusive resort had so much to offer.... especially in the alcohol department!!!

Leah was a beautiful girl, she was 27 years old, long brown wavy hair and bright blue eyes, she had never been skinny, and was proud of her 36D breasts, but she was kind of toned and her bikini did fit her well. Her friends admired her confidence as they too were on the curvy side, but would never dare to wear a bikini, they all covered up with one piece costumes and sarongs.

After Leah had swam in the pool for awhile and had got too hot and bothered sunbathing she decided to go for a walk around the local village. None of her friends could be bothered to move, they were all happy with their cheap books and magazines and dozing the afternoon away.

She covered herself with a lovely pink dress, kind of in a shirt style, buttoned down the front. Leah always left the top button undone.... as it never quite stayed closed with her ample breasts pushing against it – and she walked off into the hot afternoon.....

After browsing in a few little tourist shops selling postcards and gifts Leah noticed an intriguing little shop, kind of hidden behind another. It had some lovely bright colours of fabric hanging in the window, and there was a lovely aromatic smell drifting out of the door, she wandered over and tried to guess what it might have inside before she entered.

“maybe some traditional clothes, or cakes” Leah thought to herself.

As Leah put her head round the door she was immediately overwhelmed by the feeling of faintness. He head was spinning and she felt so dizzy she felt she had to lay down, the last thing she remembered was asking for a glass of water before she passed out.....

Leah came round slowly, and realised she was still in the magical little shop, and she had been right about the cakes.... there was a whole wall covered in shelving, displaying the most amazing and delightful looking cakes and pastries. Leah noticed that there were also shelves with what looked like medicines on... “maybe native herbal remedies” she murmured to herself. Leah had also been right about the clothes too..... Leah smiled to herself at the size of the clothes they seemed to have on display.... “wow, I would feel skinny shopping in here” as she noticed the clothes stated in a size 20 (and Leah was only a 14). Leah also noticed something rather odd.... there was some old fashioned scales stood in the corner of the room!!! (I wonder who weighs themselves while out shopping she giggled to herself)

The local residents helped Leah to her feet, she established she was ok and she thanked them for their hospitality and bought 4 of the cakes before leaving. She headed back to her friends, intending to take the cakes for her friends and herself to enjoy as an afternoon treat....
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QuebecFA 8 years
What an amazing story, Sparkle! Thanks for sharing! :-)
Balloon 12 years
I'm so glad you wrote this story showing both sides of the feeder/feedee relationship. It read well, thank you for your hard work.
Sparkle 12 years
Thanks guys x
Layla 12 years
Good story and written well which although hypocritical, I appreciate smiley xx
Sparkle 12 years
aww thankyou smiley\r\nand ive not finished it yet!!!
Sparkle 12 years
dont worry - will work on my next bit tomorrow - got some good plans on introducing a feeder into a sexual relationship with her now smiley