The new job

Chapter 1

I had just started a new job, I was new to the area and didn't know many people, the job was really badly paid and I was asking around if anyone new of extra work I night be able to do. Someone mentioned Leigh, and gave me her number. I had no idea who Leigh was, or even what the job was, but I was desperate, I hated having no money! So that evening I phoned her.

She answered to phone 'Luscious Leigh's, how may I help?'

I nearly hung up...... what the?

'Hello, can I help you?' came Leigh' voice from the phone.....

'oh, erm I don't know', I replied

'I was given your number by someone today' I stammered....

Anyway, the outcome of the phone conversation, and after some very unusual questions (i.e. what clothes size was I – maybe she needed to know for a uniform?). Leigh invited me to her her house that evening.

I had no idea what to wear, I still had no idea what the job was! So I settled on smart black pants and a lilac blouse.... I had a quick glimpse of myself as I left my flat, I was pretty, don't get me wrong, but I had gained a little weight recently, the trousers were very snug, and the blouse gaped a little over my boobs and belly, but hey, I looked good, and I was happy, so a little extra weight wasn't going to upset me!

I arrived at the address Leigh gave me, got out of my car, and stood in amazement, staring at the house. It was huge, it had big iron gates, and beautiful flowers outside, it was lovely. I nervously rang the bell, and waited....

Leigh opened the door and invited me in, she was a beautiful lady, with long blond hair and a welcoming smile. Not at all what I expected, but then, I had never done anything like this before.....

'Come in come in Jayne' Leigh said, 'don't stand on the doorstep getting cold!'

She invited me in to her amazing house, inside was even more beautiful if that's possible, all tastefully decorated, with expensive antique furniture and plush soft furnishing. She rang a little bell, and if by magic a man appeared. He was very cute, with defined muscles and a stunning body, he carried in a large tray of drinks and snacks, it was placed on a coffee table and It was indicated that I should sit down, so I did.

Leigh poured us both a drink and opened a large box of chocolates, she offered me one, I shook my head (im sure she looked a little disappointed by that) but proceeded to have one herself, then another and another. Now, im not being funny, but I was surprised by that. Don't get me wrong, Leigh was beautiful, her skin was soft, her nails manicured, but she was quite big, as in rather fat. She must weigh at least 350lbs I thought noticing how big and heavy her boobs seemed in the little strappy top she was wearing, and her big belly just kind of hung over her trousers, yet she made no effort to hide it, and from the way she was eating the chocolates she obviously didn't mind her size either.

Leigh went on to explain that I had been suggested to her, as some of her 'clients' had started to request something a little different, and she had been waiting for the right person to come along. (I had no idea what she meant by this!). She kind of waffled on about being in the service industry and that the work is harder than it looked and blah blah blah, (I had kind if switched off, I couldn't help it, I was mesmerised by Leighs belly, I noticed everytime she moved, it jiggled, and the way she kept tenderly rubbing it, was actually kind of sexy, but I had no idea way!)

'Are you still interested Jayne?' Leigh asked

I blushed and replied with a nod, as I had no idea what she had just said. She proceeded to say that I would have to gain a little more weight as her clients were very particular, and that it would be a good idea for us to have some practise sessions to make sure we are comfortable before we first meet with a client.

I just kind of stared open mouthed (how long had I been day dreaming before!) but before I had chance to say anything Leigh told me that I would earn on average £200 per client, and I might get booked for upto 3 clients per evening 5 evenings a week. (wow, thats like £3000 a week..... hell, I would do anything for that amount!!!)
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Dabrow1991 11 years
wow this is amazing!!
MaximusW 13 years
Such a good story. Very sexy.
Whynot 13 years
I have read a decent number of stories from the collection here, and there are two that I love. This is one of them. I have many good things to say about it. Hey, if you just post this story again with those details you wanted to add, I can not imagine that you will get a single complaint.
Sparkle 13 years
i have actually tried going into edit the story to include these details.... but i cant do it smiley
Tjpbeatles 13 years
this is a good start but you should've had the 8 weeks of her stuffing herself and to say what her original weight was. overall it's a great story though