The kidnap

Chapter 1 - the basement

I shouted as loudly as I could, hoping my voice would travel out of the tiny basement window and onto the street. I had been screaming this for the last few days, but no one had heard, and no one had come. I was beginning to think that I had been brought down here to be left to die. The man who had kidnapped me had not been down to me since bringing me here late last Wednesday night, to be honest the whole of that evening is such a blur. You see, I had been out with friends at the pub, and maybe had one too many, but then I was trying to get over a failed relationship, and alcohol was a perfect was of escaping into my fantasy world. That and I had developed a bad habit of comfort eating too. Even my friends had started to comment, in a caring way of course, but I couldn't hide my bulges any more, I must have gone up at least a dress size in the last few weeks, but was still squeezing into my size 12 dresses and jeans.

Sat in the pub with my large barcardi and coke, and onto my third packet of crisps I was feeling quite miserable thinking back to all the fun times my and my boyfriend had shared, the romantic walks in the countryside, the fun shopping trips and of course the sex, wow the sex was amazing. But I had to move on, I just didn't know how, and here I was drinking myself silly, and munching my way through all the junk food I could get my hands on.

My friends were trying to encourage me to slow down with the drinking, and all I remember is telling them to mind their own business and heading out of the pub. I don't think I planned to go home, I was just going out for some fresh air, and to calm down, but after that I'm not really sure what happened.

The next thing I recall is being pushed into a car, it was kind of a small and I think it was green, but I have no idea where I was taken, it was if I was drifting in and out of consciousness. I was awake enough to hear the guy talking to me at one point, strangely he had a soft voice, and was not at all how I imagined a kidnapper to sound, but it still scared me. And then after that my mind is blank. I woke up to the sound of the recycling truck outside collecting glass bottles.

It took me a few minutes to try and rationalise where I was and what had happened, and when I started thinking about it I felt very scared. I had no idea why I had been brought here, what that man wanted with me, or even if he was going to kill me. It was pretty dark in the basement, but when my eyes focused I had a good look round. I wasn't too sure what to make of everything I saw. There seemed to be some unusual objects on the shelves, and some strange things hanging from the ceiling. All this was making me panic and I started screaming...........
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Applepieinth... 7 years
I know it's been like 5 years but it'd be great if you'd write a bit more of this! I remember reading it when it first came out smiley
Hereiam 12 years
Is there another chapter?
Sparkle 12 years
sorry - its been a manic few days - i promise i will add more soon smiley
Sparkle 12 years
Yes I've got 2 more chapters to add.... Just haven't had chance to finish them :/ will get round to it later!!!
Sparkle 12 years
The only mistakes I can see are the ones Ff put it ie the ///// lines...... And that is a fault of Ff not mine!! I do actually use a grammar and spell check thing, so even that hasn't picked up on anything lol!! To be fair I was tired and a little drunk writing this so that may explain any mistakes :/
Badhansel 12 years
I've always loved your work Sparkle - this is no exception! And it gives me an idea...
Fatlilboy 12 years
OMG....Quite unlike Annie, I'm begging you....MORE PLEASE!!!
Sparkle 12 years
Just working on my next chapter now smiley
Bradypig 12 years
YAY!!! Just what I've been waiting for, a great start!!!
Sparkle 12 years
and this is not finishes haha!! I am tired and cant do any more, but will finish tomorrow!! it will have at least another 4 chapters im sure haha!!!
Sparkle 12 years
can i just say the \\\\\\\\ lines are not mine lol!!