The girl next door

Chapter 1

Vicki lay there in here double bed, alone, sad and thinking about her life. Her last two relationships ended so badly, really knocking her confidence and making her generally miserable about everything. This was her 3rd day she had phoned in sick to work, it didn't matter too much, she worked from home most of the time, just replying to emails and doing admin work, but she couldn't even be bothered to get out of bed and go switch on her computer.

Vicki couldn't even remember the last time she had eaten anything, and she new she needed a shower, her long dark hair all matted and untidy from being in bed so long. She was beginning to feel as if nothing was going to lift her out of this hole she felt in.

Vicki awoke just after lunch time after falling asleep again, to the sound of someone knocking on her door, she tried to ignore it, but who ever it was just kept knocking, it was getting more more persistent now and the knocking was giving her a headache, she dragged herself out of bed and had a look out of her window.

Standing there was her neighbour Mark, he was a handsome 6ft guy, with soft blue eyes and baby blond hair he wore spiked up with gel. He looked gorgeous stood there, with his little vest top on showing off his defined muscles in his arms.

Vicki had no idea why Mark was knocking on her door, and she had no intention of going to find out, not looking the way she looked anyway, she felt really 'blurgh' at the moment, and was in no mood for entertaining cute neighbours.

She crawled back into bed, pulled the covers over her head and fell back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Mark stood outside looking up to Vicki's window wondering why she wasn't answering her door. He was worried about her, he knew she had just had a bad time with her last boyfriend, and that she hadn't gone anyway for the last week, he just wanted to make sure she was OK and to see if he needed anything. He left after knocking for awhile and went home.

Mark had known Vicki since she moved into her apartment 3 years ago, they had become good friends and often went out on the town together, there had never been any sexual connection between them, which is probably why the friendship worked so well. Vicki had noticed that all Marks girlfriends were all really fat, and by really fat she was sure they were all over at least 400lbs, and they all seemed to get fatter the longer the relationship lasted, Vicki had never mentioned this, she just felt it was something she shouldn't And it was true, Mark wasn't attracted to Vicki, her petite 100lbs figure was nothing at all what he wanted in his women, he liked his girlfriends to have curves and rolls of fat everywhere. He loved feeding them too, just to see if he could make them even bigger! Unfortunately his girlfriends all seemed to end up being really boring and he other than the fact the sex was good he found he had nothing in common with them.

So Mark went home and tried to think up a way of letting his friend Vicki know he was there for her when she was ready to face the world again, he decided to cook for her. He made a large bowl of tasty lasagne with a rich cheese topping and went back round.
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Gary1627 13 years
Brilliant, would be lovely if this happened to more loving couples
Rustydog7 14 years
Great story.
Chub41ub 14 years
very nicely done- so sweet & sexy ^_^ keep writin, hun!