Under the stars part 2

Chapter 1

It was the day of the big party, Aimee was wearing a dress chosen for her by her Donia, it felt very snug around her now 300lbs body, Donia smiled in admiration as Aimee stood there looking at herself in the mirror.

Aimee could see the reflection of a fat, but cute girl smiling back at her, her breasts were trying to escape out of the dress, and her belly was actually quite uncomfortable, it felt constricted in the dress, Aimee hadnt worn many clothes the last few weeks, it felt strange being covered up. She had got used to her new bigger body, she had liked feeling her soft rolls of fat and playing with her squishy belly!

Donia was happy with how far Aimee had come, she was beginning to relax and let Donia feed her without any restraint needed, Aimee still wasnt sure why this had happened to her, but she knew that Donia loved her, and that feeling of being looked after made Aimee feel so special. Anyway Aimee thought, im not THAT big, there are plenty of people out there much fatter than me, and I bet Donia wont bother to force me to eat so much after my party......

On the way to the party Aimee started feeling nervous, she began to think of her friends and what they might say when they see how fat she looked, gaining 100lbs in a month is certainly going to get them talking, she felt herself getting hot and her breathing became more rapid, she really thought she was going to faint.... but Donia sensed this and produced a bar of chocolate “you must be hungry Aimee, have something to eat, it will make you feel better”, Aimee just ate it up and sat quietly for the rest of the journey.

Everyone was already there, there seemed to be hundreds of cars in the car park, Aimee got out of the car a little shakily and walked to the front door slowly, Donia linked arms with her, gave her a reassuring smile and opened the door. A room full of people shouted “SURPRISE” but then just kind of went silent, staring at this fat girl with a huge belly that had walked in, they looked at each other and questioned whether it was actually Aimee, but after a matter of seconds Donia had the microphone and had everyone joining in singing happy birthday. Donia was so happy, she had made Aimee into a beautiful 300lbs piggy, and this was her chance to show everyone how adorable Aimee was. Donia really did love her.

The rest of the night went more smoothly, no one mentioned her rapid weight gain to Aimee, but she could feel a few people staring at her, she also noticed quite a few of the men where she worked were giving her much more attention than they ever had in their lives! Aimee liked this, although Donia didnt! There was a buffet laid out on a large table at the end of the room, and all night Donia kept appearing with platefuls for Aimee, who absent mindedly ate her why through everything that was given to her, by half way into the party Aimees dress was beginning to stretch so much around her expanding belly she really wondered if the seams would give way.

By the end of the evening everyone was drunk, happy and went home to get ready for work the next morning, Aimee began to wonder what was going to happen to her, Donia came over after everyone had gone and suddenly without warning ripped off Aimees dress (which didnt take much, the seams had started to give way) Donia rubbed Aimees belly and kept saying to her “what a good little piggy”. Donia fondled Aimees full buffet belly with such passion she folded in the fat, and squeezed it in her hands, the whole time complimenting Aimee on being so good. Aimee felt so turned on by this that she wanted to show Donia her appreciation, Aimee dared to move her hand up donias skirt, she felt how warm Donias pussy was, she really wanted Donia to be happy with her so she slid up her finger and teased her with her thumb, after what only seemed like seconds Donia came, Aimee felt her juices on her hand, and Aimee thought she had done good......
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Weddingday 13 years
make another one like this one please
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i wish i was Aimee
Palndrm 14 years
wow, very nice and arousing, especially since it probably comes from your deepest desires