The party

Chapter 1

Don't you just find yourself getting so frustrated in life..... Imogen certainly did, all she wanted was to meet a guy who could satisfy her fantasies! Surely it cant be that hard, can it!

She had spent too long just thinking about what she wanted in life..... rather than actually doing anything about it, and today, Imogen decided enough was enough!!!

She had gone to bed with her usual packet of cookies, munched her way through most of them while rubbing her chubby belly..... She had spent all night dreaming of her knight in shining armour to coming and rescue her from this life, and she had awoken as normal to feel unsatisfied and frustrated with everything and everyone around her.

The previous day Imogen had got herself dressed into a plain boring black suit and she had driven her plain boring black car to the office where she spent the day doing her plain boring work.... But not today...

Today Imogen got dressed in her tightest clothes, a pair of size 14 jeans and little cute shirt... that was kind of tight over her ample 36D breasts and on leaving her apartment she called the office and told them she was sick. Well, to be fair she was sick – sick of her life!

Imogen had always been the good girl in her world, she had worked hard at school, worked hard in college, and even managed to gain a business degree. She had always listened to her parents and been there for her friends, she always put everyone else first. She was always thinking about others, including what other people thought of her – and that had a big influence on the controls she had put on her own life.

You see, Imogen had always been on the 'chubby' side, but she never let herself get too big, she knew her place in the environment around her, and didn't really like to stand out from the crowd. She worked hard on her will power to stop herself eating sometimes, as the occasional compulsion to stuff herself took over.

Imogen liked her belly, she liked it feeling full, she loved the feeling over her jeans straining around her if she ate too much.... but she had never let herself go really mad with food, she had set her own limitations, and even on days where she thought about breaking them, her conscience always appeared whispering in her ear that she shouldn't eat that, she would get too fat.

Yet with all this going on in Imogens life.... she had one strong desire, to be loved by a man, who loved her for being her, and who loved her for her size, and even dare she think this... would love her to be bigger, and would actually make her fat, so fat that no one would ever just see her as plain boring Imogen.
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Fatgaining 12 years
Would love to read more.. very good story very hot and sexy
FeedHerFat 12 years
Great Job, I think that would be a lot of guys fantasies here lol
Sparkle 12 years
haha - glad you are enjoying it lol!!!