Yes sir, i'm fat and happy now!

Chapter 1

Sammie was sat at her table staring at the clock, she really didn't want to be stuck in college this afternoon, the sun was shining outside and all she could think about was getting home, taking off her school uniform and going for a swim in her parents pool. She wasn't paying any attention to the teacher Mr Andrews, he was rambling on about something to do with Pavlov or Freud, and Sammie really couldn't be doing with any psychological theories today!

Sammie was usually a good student, she was conscientious and hard working, the teachers at her college all liked her, and she was popular with the other students too! Her recent 19th birthday party had been attended by over 200 people! She had felt beautiful, with her slim body and shapely legs and breasts, all shown off in a stunning prom style dress from Monsoon. It had been a present from her parents and had cost a fortune! Sammie had admired herself in the mirror that night and had even thought to herself that she might keep that special dress for the graduation ball later in the year, she loved how it fitted so smoothly over her body.

Anyway, this particular afternoon Sammie really wasn't in the mood, she was having a 'fat' day, Fat!! She wasn't even 140lbs! But every now and again she woke up like lots of teenage girls and decided she was Fat, she had put her college uniform on, buttoned up the blouse and put on her skirt and looked at herself in the mirror and pulled a face, 'urgh' she thought, I really look terrible today.

In fact Sammie rarely looked 'terrible', she had long strawberry blond hair, bright blue eyes and the cutest smile, She always looked nice in her clothes, she could wear anything and make it look good, yet Sammie wasn't vain, she really didn't see herself as being overly stunning, she had always been lucky with guys and had previously always had a good boyfriends that treated her right, but it wasn't just the peers in her college that had noticed how gorgeous Sammie was.

Her teacher Mr Andrews had always had a soft spot her, he had noticed her walk into his room last year when she had changed her major to Early Childhood Studies and was going to have to cram so much Psychology into a couple of years, Mr Andrews noticed how small but beautifully formed her breasts were, but most of all he noticed the quiet glances she gave him in class. Mr Andrews was a brilliant teacher, everyone worked hard for him, and he was always so inspiring to his pupils, until Hughie that is.

Hughie was Sammie's new boyfriend, but he was different to the others, he was so vain himself, and so selfish, he expected everything to be perfect, and that everything was always about him, Sammie started to have more and more 'fat' days, as Hughie was continually telling her she should lose weight and get thinner then she would be more pretty, Hughie didn't ever give her compliments, he just consistently put her down. Mr Andrews had noticed this, he had noticed how quieter Sammie seemed now, and Mr Andrews wasn't happy about this.
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Tjpbeatles 13 years
awesome story. this one is very similar to one of my fav fantasies