Growing lucy part two

Chapter 1 - growing lucy part two chapter 1

"Oh my god, I can't manage anymore, baby", Lucy looked at her plate as Rob began refilling it with another creamy, calorie rich serving of his pasta bake, then she looked at her distended belly.

"Oh come on, there's no point leaving that tiny amount in the dish. Waste not, want not, Lucy", Rob said with a an almost patronising tone. "Besides, you're eating for two."

Looking up at Rob as he firmly held the white terracotta baking dish, Lucy had a slightly strained look on her face as she rubbed her full tummy, "Two what, though? Lumberjacks or something? Seriously, Rob, I'm stuffed."

"It's not a lot, don't worry, you can manage it, just think of the baby", he said reassuringly as he placed his hand on top of Lucy's, now both pressed to her tight belly as he rubbed them from side to side. He couldn't stop himself from admiring Lucy's progress, or rather his own progress with Lucy, she was now approaching her eighteenth week and she had certainly plumped up in the last 6 weeks. He had decided to wait until the first trimester was behind them before he really set his plans in motion, although he had to admit to having helped her along during the first 3 months, but he had made sure to show some restraint. Lucy was now hovering around 172 lbs and looking almost every bit as chubby as she had done before she shed her weight, only now she looked considerably rounder as her pregnancy was really starting to show. Her round, cherub like cheeks and slight double chin were making a return visit, as well as her larger bust size of 36E. While it wasn't a great jump in those stats, Rob knew there were many more months to come, over which he was sure he'd see some leaps instead of jumps. Lucy was somewhat pleased by those developments, mainly due to the fact that she could put her old, larger bras to good use, but she had an inkling she'd be outgrowing them sooner than she'd want.

With both their hands on Lucy's rounding belly Rob felt slightly impressed with both himself and his highly desirable wife. He was impressed with the subtlety of his efforts to get Lucy to gain, he felt devious, naughty and very turned on at the knowledge that his unsuspecting wife was blowing up more than she expected as a result of his scheme. He was also rather impressed with how Lucy had taken to his efforts, with various sweet treats left around the house for her, his nudges for another helping, or even just his slightly less healthy cooking, she never questioned it. Rob surmised that the old Lucy, the one who never really worried about her figure or what she ate was flexing her muscles under Lucy's new, more health conscious personality. As he walked across the kitchen to put the large, now empty casserole dish in the sink he smiled and silently chuckled to himself. If his efforts had already had this effect so early on, what would it be like in another couple of months? Lucy's family had been so proud of her when she dropped her excess weight, all the rest of her family were relatively slim, so it always confused Rob as to why Lucy was so naturally prone to weight gain out of the lot of them, she was really the only one. The large breasts in particular had always made him scratch his head, he'd met several generations of Lucy's family, and they were all considerably less endowed in that department. Rob couldn't imagine what Lucy's family would say the next time they saw her.

Returning to the table, Rob sat down and looked at Lucy's plate, the contents of which had quickly begun to vanish. He had noticed that despite her protests and moans about her eating and increasing size, when food was placed in front of her, and when she did eventually cave, which she always did, she eat it up with no problems. As Lucy sat back in her chair with a deep sigh of relief she placed her hands on her tummy and rubbed them up and down with a moan that sounded ALMOST pleased. Pinching the ends of her small, burnt orange t shirt she attempted to pull it down over the exposed flesh of her abdomen, during her dinner it had slowly begun to slide up, showing more and more of her filling expanse to her slight displeasure. Internally, Lucy was having a bit of a hard time reconciling different parts of her mind on the subject of her pregnancy. Most of, if not all of her was loving being actually pregnant, knowing that she and Rob had created this little life growing inside of her, but she was having a few worries about the pregnancy's effects on her body. Despite Rob's frequent assurances that she was still desirable to him, she couldn't help feeling a pang of worry whenever she caught her reflection in the mirror. She couldn't ignore that she had gained weight, and that she was PERHAPS eating a little more than before she fell pregnant, but Rob's nigh constant friskiness around her was a great sign, although she was a little worried about becoming comfortable with being a bigger girl again. Sure, Rob was all over her now, but what about in another four months, or heck, even two? What about when she would be so big that she wouldn't even be able to get up from the sofa without help?

Lucy's heart rate picked up as these thought went though her mind, but there was still that faint voice in the back of her mind that told her to relax, she couldn't deny that when she had been heavier she did actually get some pleasure out of feeling full and heavy, the way her flesh would move and jiggle when Rob would thrust into her during sex or even during a naughty spank. With her hands pressed to her belly, rubbing it, she purred quietly and closed her eyes. When she opened them again she saw Rob's hands outstretched to her. She looked up at his smiling face.

"Come on, let's go sit on the sofa and relax a while, you look like you could use a nap", he winked. As he pulled her up he let Lucy walk ahead of him, admiring how her ass had filled out a little, how her light grey jogging bottoms looked tighter around her cheeks and how the soft flesh of her back seemed to bulge out under the pressure of the tightening waistband. Unable to resist he gave her a sharp spank that made her skip a few steps and giggle. When they reached the sofa in the living room Rob settled himself first, in a semi-lain position with his arms held open, "Come here, preggo, let me be your pillow", he said with a chuckle. Not saying a word Lucy took her cue and laid down backwards, leaning against him with her head resting on his toned chest, and Rob closed his arms around his softening wife, placing both hands on her full belly. He set to rubbing, poking, nipping and massaging her gut as he breathed deeply in Lucy's ear. The feel of her skin, growing bump and stuffed stomach made his aroused, his penis began growing under his trousers as his massage continued.

Feeling Rob's gradually erecting dick moving down the back of her chubby thigh, Lucy smiled and chuckled with her eyes closed, and with a slightly drowsy voice said, "I can feel that, you know. What's got into you?"

Rob kissed her ear, "Oh just the sight and feel of my pregnant angel, that's all", and with that one hand slid under her small shirt and starting climbing to her large, braless breasts.

Reacting quickly Lucy smacked his hand through the fabric of her shirt, "Uh-uh, I know what's got into you, so I'll tell you what's got into me: Too much damn pasta and cream. "Preggo" needs to sleep, so we'll play when I wake up, so-", Lucy put her hand up her shirt and grasped Rob's wrist and dragged it back down to her full belly, "-until then, you keep rubbing. Mmmmmmm..."

Rob smiled and obeyed, resuming his tender touching.

Through a long yawn, drifting off to sleep her last words were, "Mmmmmm... at this rate you're gonna make me so fah....", but her last word trailed off.

Knowing what that last special word would have been, Rob kissed Lucy gently on the cheek and smiled, "You have no idea, hun, no idea at all". After a gentle pat to her protruding bump he resumed his massage, fondling and groping Lucy's growing curves while she slept soundly and listening to the gurgles and groans her full tummy emitted as she digested her large, fatty meal.
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