Just once more part 2

Chapter 1 - morning surprise

Sara woke up, her mind still whirling from the night before. Lester was usually pretty good in the sack, but last night was something Sara didn't even know was possible. Was it normal to orgasm that much in one night? Was it even humanly possible? She didn't care. She was still walking on clouds from what had happened last night. She barely found the strength to stand when she draped her legs over the bed. She wanted to stay in bed and snuggle with Lester a little this morning, but when she had turned to do so, she found he had already left for work. Too bad. All that was left for Sara to do was get ready for work. She shakily got to her feet, feeling a tad off-balance when she stood. She thought it was because of the night before, after all, she could almost still feel it between her legs. But it wasn't just that her legs felt shaky, she felt a little heavier. She was still too tried and dazed to think much about that, though. She needed to take a shower and she still had to get back home to change into some fresh clothes. It was when she crossed Lester's bathroom mirror on her way to the shower that she became concerned. At first she was startled; it looked as though a stranger had suddenly started to walk next to her. She turned around and gasped and her mouth hung open in horror as she realized she was staring at her own reflection.
What in god's name had happened to her? Sara's face looked puffy, her cheeks were turning into jowls and with her mouth hanging open the way it was, she could clearly make out the beginnings of a second chin. Her normally streamlined neck looked soft and was beginning to bulge with a thin layer of fat. Her shoulders were more round and her upper arms were now actually jiggly. Her breasts had gone up a cup size at least; there was no hope of any of her bras fitting her right now. And her belly - by god she actually had a belly. It wasn't just soft-looking anymore. Her belly was actually protruding, competing with her breasts for the most prominent feature on her torso. She now had pronounced love handles and her waist must have expanded a good four or five inches. Sara turned around, afraid to see the rest of the damage, but unable to stop herself from doing so. Her once cute and toned butt was now a flabby mess. Where it once proudly announced itself from her thighs, it now lazily rested on them, the skin was now unable to keep the weight of it from succumbing to gravity. She saw the first pocks of cellulite on its once smooth surface. Her thighs weren't much better. Once lithe and maybe even a little too skinny, they now spread out and touched to her mid-thigh. They too were riddled with cellulite and seemed to be just as jiggly as the rest of her.
Sara experimentally poked and prodded herself, still unable to believe how soft she had become. She grabbed her newly formed belly, still not quite able to comprehend that she was able to do so with both hands and still have a little extra. Bewildered, Sara found Lester's scale and hesitantly stepped on it. She didn't want to see the numbers, but again, she felt she had to. 151 the digital readout said. How? Sara had weighed herself only yesterday. She was 117 then. Even with a slowing metabolism, it wasn't normal to gain 34 pounds in one night. What horrified her even more was that, having not stepped off the scale she saw the number jump to 152. She was gaining weight this very moment; god only knew how fast she was gaining right now.
Sara was sick or something. She had to see a doctor. This wasn't normal. This had to have some weird disease, hopefully something a doctor could treat. Sara gathered her wits and went for the phone. First thing she needed to do was call in sick. She couldn't imagine letting anyone see her like this, especially Vanessa.
Sara took a deep breath and dialed the number for the store. Vanessa answered. "Thank you for calling Vanity's Faire, how can I help you today?"
Sara did her best to fake a lost voice. "Vanessa, it's me, Sara. Look I'm not feeling so hot today. I need to take the day off."
Vanessa's charming telephone voice was immediately shirked. "You'll have to work through it. I've had three people call in today already. I can't let another one go."
"Look I'm really sick. Can't you find someone to cover for me?"
Vanessa's tone invited no arguing. "You'll be here on time today or you won't be coming back here again." Vanessa didn't wait for a response. All Sara heard after that was the click and drone of a disconnected line.
Damn that bitch. What was Sara supposed to do now? She couldn't lose this job, but something was seriously wrong with her. She might have jumped up another pound already, who knew how fast this thing was working? In the end, Sara decided she would stop by work and just tell Vanessa what was really going on. Maybe if she saw the severity of Sara's problem she might have second thoughts about giving her the day off.
Sara pulled her clothes on as best she could. Her underwear was uncomfortable, but the least of her worries. There was no way she'd get the bra to fit, so she simply opted not to wear it. She was able to bring her panties up to her waist without too much trouble, but her now wider ass crack seemed hell bent on devouring the hapless piece of underwear. Her once reasonable, but sexy underwear was now venturing into thong territory. Her pants presented the biggest problem. Sara just barely managed to pull them all the way up to her waist. Buttoning them up was next to impossible. Sara had heard of fat girls having to lay down and try to use gravity to help in putting the renegade pants on and she was loath to resort to same tactic. She was only glad no one was there to see the pitiful display. Sara sucked in her gut for all she was worth and finally, just barely was able to button the pants. Zipping them up just wasn't going to happen, though.
Finally, Sara put on her shirt. Not incredibly difficult, but she could no longer pull the thing all the way down. Even though she was still sucking in her belly as well as she could, it still poked out from the bottom. This was humiliating, but Sara had little choice. She now no longer had time to stop by her place and see if she had something else that might fit better. Getting this first set of clothes on had already taken too long. All Sara could do was make her way to work and hope against hope that Vanessa might have enough of a heart to let her get this fixed.
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