The klauss experiments

Chapter 1 - an experiment designed

Raymond Klauss was an odd man. He was eccentric, yes, but there so many more odd things about him that mere eccentricities hardly bared thinking about. The man was unique in a way only he -- or so he thought for now -- was capable of being.
Klauss' body chemistry was probably the most unique on the planet. His body produced rare and unheard of proteins and enzymes like Beethoven produced symphonies. Most if not all of them were beneficial to Klauss. There were proteins that slowed his body's aging or kept his metabolism healthy and even one (Klauss' favorite) that stimulated his brain to genius-level intellect.
Klauss put his one-of-a-kind body to work as soon as he graduated med school. Harvesting and culturing chemicals from his own body and then turning them into pharmaceuticals turned out to be a wildly successful business venture. People lined up outside of pharmacies to get the new Klauss drugs; drugs that would make them smarter, stronger, more energized and all without any apparent side effects.
Of course Klauss' competitors always wondered how he did it. They all thought he had access to some kind of secret stash of special plants or animals which produced these miracle medicines. But Klauss -- always a shrewd business man -- played things very close to the vest. He never let it slip that his wealth of products came from his own body and everyone who knew Klaus attributed his perpetually youthful looks and vivacity to personal indulgence in his own wares.
Yes, Klauss' body seemed to give him everything a man could want -- he seemed to have a protein for everything after all -- but there was one aspect of himself he never tried to market, but which always remained a morbid curiosity to him.
He still remembered the first time he discovered it. Ironically, that seemed to be a week of firsts for Klauss. He was seventeen and in that week he had his first kiss, his first sexual conquest of a woman, and his first discovery of what his semen was capable of doing to that woman.
He could recall the incident as though he were still living it. The seduction of the girl (Liz was her name) was quite easy. Another nifty little trick of his was the production of a very potent pheromone, which made him literally irresistible to women (it made for quite the popular cologne these days). Because of it, Klauss had always been popular with girls, but had never decided to pursue any of them. But Liz seemed to be exactly his type. She was smart, nerdy, and while no one would ever have called her super model material, she was certainly one of the cutest girls at Klauss' high school. Shoulder-length blonde hair, a round, freckled face with a cute little pixie's nose. She was short, but slender and wore her frame confidently. And to top it all off, she had the cutest set of large wire framed glasses. Klauss decided this girl had to be his first.
Their date went wonderfully and by the end of it, Liz had been exposed to enough of Klauss' pheromone to make her absolutely lecherous. She almost attacked him once they got into the bedroom, tearing both their clothes off in a whirlwind of flying fabric.
Klauss was glad his parents were out of town that month because Liz made every orgasmic moan under the sun that night.
Klauss did reasonably well for his first time. Ten minutes wasn't too bad at all considering how wildly Liz was gyrating on top of him. That orgasm was still the one he remembered most fondly. What seemed odd, though was Liz's reaction to it. She had just been brought to a crashing orgasm herself, but when Klauss' semen entered her, it seemed as though she was just getting started.
Liz's hips began to buck; soon her whole body was in a spasm. Klauss became worried; she wasn't moaning anymore, and here eyelids were fluttering. She looked more like someone having a seizure than an orgasm. Klauss pulled out of her and layed her on the bed as gently as he could. Still, she writhed on the bed. Klauss didn't know what to do. He scrambled out of bed and went for the phone, but before he could, Liz's spasms seemed to stop. They slowed to minor twitches and jerks. Soon, she looked as though she were just sleeping -- even her breathing seemed regular.
Klauss took a tentative step closer to her and put his fingers on her wrist. Her pulse was still a little elevated, but nothing to be concerned about. Still, he decided he would watch her all night to make sure she didn't have another fit. Throughout the night, Liz would squirm and moan on occasion. She would rub her thighs together and make a face like she had an itch down there that was impossible to scratch. Finally morning came and with it, Liz finally woke up. Klauss asked her if she was alright and she told him she was, although she didn't know exactly why she was there or why she was naked for that matter. She did have a headache she said and it seemed as though all memory of the night before had been completely wiped from her mind. Liz left Klauss' house that morning deciding that her and Klauss had been partying and drinking all night -- hence her hangover-like symptoms that morning -- and Klauss was glad to let her leave thinking as much. What happened last night had scared the hell out of him and he wanted to put as much distance between him and it as possible if he could.
That weekend went on normal enough for Klauss. He didn't see Liz again, which he thought was odd considering girls usually like to maintain a relationship with guys they may or may not have had sex with. Klauss even tried calling her, but she wouldn't answer her phone. Klauss chalked it up her being embarrassed about waking up next to him and not knowing why. He let it go at that until he got to school the following Monday.
Liz was suspiciously absent. Klauss spent the entire day wondering if something had happened to her. Even then, Klauss knew about his peculiar body and while he had no complaints about how it worked for him, he didn't know what the things his body produced might do to other people if they were exposed to them. After school, Klauss decided he had to go check up on Liz. He couldn't stand not knowing if he had done something to her.
Klauss went straight to Liz's house after class let out. He knocked maybe a little too urgently on her door. After what seemed like hours the door finally opened a crack. All Klauss could see was a dark slit between the door and frame and an eye peeking through it.
"Go away Klauss. I'm not feeling good." Klauss recognized Liz's voice and his worries were assuaged in the least to hear what she had told him.
"What's wrong, Liz? How are you not feeling well?"
"I don't want to talk about it, Klauss; please just go away." She sounded scared and was that embarrassment he heard in her voice too? Maybe she was afraid whatever he had done to her was catching. Jesus, what had happened to her?
"Liz I need to see you. Please let me in for just a moment."
Liz shut the door and Klauss could hear her walking away. Damn it, what had he done to her?
Klauss ran around the house, hoping to find a window he could maybe get a look at her through. All of them had the blinds drawn except one; it was hidden behind a large bush. It was uncomfortable, but Klauss was able to squeeze his way between the bush and the window. He peeked through. The room was dark, but he was starting to make out what was inside it. It looked like a bedroom and not the master. Maybe it was Liz's. As luck would have it, the door opened and someone walked in. At first Klauss thought it might be Liz, but the person who walked through the door couldn't have been her. This girl had to be at least a hundred pounds heavier. She turned around in a slow, lumbering waddle and closed the door. She turned again and Klauss saw her face. It looked like Liz, but still the difference was too big. No one could gain that much weight in two days, but Klauss knew for a fact that Liz didn't have a sister. Her mom wasn't that big, so who else could it be? Was it possible that Klauss semen had done this to her?
Klauss kept watching her, unable to look away. He felt he had to observe her further to know for sure if this was really Liz. The evidence seemed to be pointing in that direction, though. For one, the clothes this girl was wearing certainly didn't fit her and they looked like they might have been baggy on the Liz Klauss knew. He even thought he recognized the outfit.
Klauss watched as Liz fell into her bed, looking as though she was glad to finally get off her feet. Almost as soon as she had, he saw her rub her thighs together, just as she had done the night they had had sex. He watched as her hand struggled to get between the fabric of her over-burdened pants and her much larger belly. Having no luck with that, Liz struggled to pull her pants completely off; she looked desperate to have them off in fact. When they were finally around her ankles, Klauss stared in amazement as Liz went to town on herself. The girl rubbed at her vagina furiously and her hips bucked as her hand went to work. At first Klauss was too shocked at what he was seeing to notice what else was going on, but his sharp eye noticed it eventually. Liz was getting bigger. Klauss watched awe-struck as Liz inflated like a balloon and the more intense her masturbation became the bigger she seemed to get.
Her shirt began to slip up her belly as it grew bigger and bigger. Her thighs were widening and Klauss thought he could almost see the cellulite dimples forming.Her arms stretched the sleeves of her shirt further and further out until it looked like she was only wearing a sports bra instead of the baggiest shirt she owned.
Liz screamed as her orgasm seemed to shake her entire body. Every bit of her jiggled with the movement. When she was finished, Liz passed out, but Klauss couldn't pull himself away from the window. He was too shocked at what his semen had done to this girl. He couldn't yet make sense of all of it, but he decided he would.
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What weird, but wonderful story. This has to be completed, as I've never read anything like this before.
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