The klauss experiments part 4

Chapter 1 - julies desperation

What Julie saw on the scale was the final blow. She would be a fat woman for the rest of her life, she knew it now. There was no controlling herself, no stopping the inevitable. She would keep masturbating and growing. Soon she wouldn't even be able to walk anymore; hell the way she was going, it was very likely she would reach immobility by tomorrow.
Julie walked in a daze to her fridge and opened it. She wasn't really hungry, but she needed to take her mind off of what was happening. Looking in her fridge only depressed her further. There was almost nothing in it, she couldn't even eat her problems away. Julie shuffled her way to her bedroom and collapsed on the bed. She was already starting to feel horny again. Were her little intervals getting shorter? Would there come a time when the only thing on her mind would be sex? God why was this happening to her?
Julie tried again to resist it. Her vagina almost seemed to be calling out to her, begging her to touch it. Julie wanted to so bad, but she knew what would happen. She could actually picture herself masturbating and growing until she filled the bed and then overflowing it. Maybe she should just let it happen. There was no fighting it. Soon what little control she was grasping would slip and she'd be flicking the bean harder than ever.
No. Julie wouldn't let it happen; she wouldn't go down without a fight. She hold onto herself a little longer. Long enough to make a phone call. Dr. Kynes had given her his personal number and told her call him if she needed anything. That's exactly what she intended to do. He could help her, she knew it. Julie heaved herself out of bed and found her purse. She fished around until she found Kynes' card and her cell phone. She could feel her vag pulsing more and more, demanding to be pleasured. Julie could hold on a little more, though. She would call Dr. Kynes and ask him to come over and help her; she had an idea to save herself, but she needed help. Just a little longer.
It was hard to dial the number while her pussy continued to distract her, but somehow she managed to do it. Three rings sounded before Kynes picked up, but to Julie it felt like an eternity.
"Dr. Kynes, it's Julie," she said, barely making her voice sound normal. "I have an emergency, can you come over here right now?"
Kynes said that he would and Julie told him where she lived. When the phone call was done, Julie hadn't even hung up the phone before dropping it to the floor. Then she joined it there, collapsing as she had done earlier. Still naked, Julie didn't need to fumble her way past any obscuring clothes. Her hand found their destination and went to work. Julie moaned and purred as she worked herself, now completely oblivious to any feeling of expansion that came with her added pounds.
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