Just once more part 3

Chapter 1 - lester revealed

Sara's drive home was long and humiliating. She could feel her clothes growing tighter with every block she passed. But that wasn't what was at the forefront of her mind. All she could think about right now was what Lester had to do with all this. She was gaining weight way faster than any human being should be able to and Vanessa, who seemed to know what was going on, said that Sara's new boyfriend was somehow the cause, or that he had something to do with it. No, Lester wasn't the cause. Vanessa had said that she was doing this to Sara somehow. This was all so confusing. Sara didn't know enough to even try and guess what might be happening to her. All she could do was get home and hopefully find something to wear that might have a chance of fitting her. She had considered going to straight to Lester's place, but she didn't want him seeing her like she was now. She didn't want the bum down the street seeing her how she was now. She looked like a parody of her former self. Sitting down in her car didn't do anything to improve her situation. Sitting had caused her pants to slide halfway down her widened ass and Sara didn't think god himself would be able to get them back up again. Her once reasonable panties were now being swallowed by her deepening ass crack. That was the most emberassing wardrobe malfunction of the evening but certainly not the only one. The first thing Sara did when she was safely in the confines of her car was cease to confine her ever-burgeoning breasts. Her b cup bra was no longer adequate to keep them contained and it was starting to pinch and make her breasts sore. It was very relieving to have that thing off. Then there was her shirt. Sara's belly had grown to a point that made pulling the hem of her shirt all the way down simply not an option. It now hung just below her navel when she was standing and now that she was sitting, and her paunch had bunched up her bellybutton was fully on display along with her growing love handles. Sara's upper arms were also testing how far her sleeves would stretch. So it was no question to Sara that getting new clothes first was a priority.
When she got home, Sara rushed for the door, hoping that none of her neighbors would catch her. She was lucky in that much at least. No one did, or at least if they did, she was blissfully unaware of them. On her way to her bedroom, Sara stripped every bit of clothing off of herself, relieved to be out of the confining clothes, but also self conscious in her nakedness. She could feel herself jiggling with every step and although she dreaded it, Sara knew she had to take a look at herself in the mirror and worse, weigh herself. She had to take stock of the damage. Sara decided that she didn't look as bad with her too-small clothes off, but being naked wasn't much of an improvement. Whatever tone Sara had had was completely gone and covered in a good layer of flab. She was noticeably fatter than when she had seen herself that morning. Her belly stuck out more. Not enough to droop yet, but certainly on its way. Her breasts were at least Ds now. Sara turned around and took a look at her ass. It was pocked with cellulite and wider than she had ever seen it. Sara could already tell she would be developing as a bottom-heavy lady and that was saying something considering the rest of her had filled out quite well. Sara gave her butt a light, experimental slap. It jiggled way too much for her liking. Her thighs were just as bad. They had to be nearing twice their original size. Sara was also horrified to see that her face was rounding out. Not as bad as she would have though. Her cheeks were rounder and less defied and she had the barest hint of a double chin forming. However subtle her facial changes, though Sara found those the hardest to accept. It was like she was staring at a different person now. She looked down at her belly, almost certain that the mirror was playing a trick on her and that she would see her own flat stomach and perfect thighs when she looked down. Sara could barely even see her toes.
She suppressed tears as well as she could and did the last thing she knew she needed to before she could get dressed. Sara tentatively stepped onto her scale and waited for the digital readout to give her the bad news. 167. Sara had put on another twelve pounds since she had last looked at her scale. Her eyes lingered on the number for a little longer then she forced herself to step of the scale and begin her search for any article of clothing that might fit her. Most of what she found in her closet she knew wouldn't stand a chance in hell of covering her or even make its way all the way up her widening butt. Finally, she came across an old summer dress her aunt had given her some time ago. Sara never wore it since it was two sizes too large and had always meant to take it to goodwill sometime. She thanked god for procrastination pulled it off the rack. Sara didn't bother with underwear. Nothing she wore would stand a chance of fitting her. All she could do was hope the dress wouldn't become too revealing as the night went on. Sara pulled it on and was dismayed but also relieved to see that it fit almost perfectly. It was a little snug now, but much better than her old clothes were.
Able to face the public eye as well as she could for the moment, Sara left her apartment and headed straight to Lester's. When she arrived, she didn't even bother to knock. Sara charged into the living room and shouted for Lester to come out.
Lester obligingly stepped out of his room and walked straight up to Sara seemingly unfazed by the obvious changes that had occurred.
"What's with the screaming, sweetpea?"
"Don't sweetpea me, Lester. I want to know what you know."
Lester put on a puzzled face. "Know about what, babe?"
Sara grabbed her paunch through her dress and gave it a dramatic shake. "About this! It sure as hell wasn't here last night and I was told you knew why it's here now."
"And who told you that?" Lester was now wearing a knowing grin that Sara was sure would soon drive her insane.
"I think you know who. That's another thing. How does my boss know who you are?"
"Aw, Vanessa. Playing your hand this quickly are you? Well, I suppose you wouldn't want me to play up my advantage too much now would you?"
Sara shoved Lester in the chest. "What the hell are you talking about? Tell me. What's happening to me."
Lester sighed, still wearing that damnable smile on his face.
"I guess I have no choice. You might not believe what I'm about to tell you, and that's really your choice, but all I can do is point out the current predicament you find yourself in and hope the strangeness of it is enough to convince you. To answer your question: yes, Vanessa and I know each other. However we know each other by somewhat different names; names I think you're familiar with. Hers is Vanity and mine, well I think you can fill in the blank."
Sara stared at him disbelieving for a moment she answered what she knew he was insinuating but wasn't sure she believed it herself. "Lust."
"Bingo. And these aren't just code names, sweetheart. We're the honest to god articles. Living embodiements of two deadly sins; well sins as that high and mighty man in the sky likes to call them. I prefer to think of them as indulgences."
Sara couldn't believe any of this, but if there was a chance she could find any grain of truth about what was happening to her, then she might as well play devil's advocate. "Ok, so what if you are? What does this have to with me?"
"Well, my dear you have the misfortune of being caught in the crossfire of a little wager Vanity and I have going. You see, she seems to think that a person cares more about what they look like and how others perceive them than what they feel like. I begged to differ of course. I think as long as the basic needs of sexual fulfillment are being met, then a person can overlook how they look. After all the only point in looking good is to gratify that sexual fulfillment. Am I right? So why care if the rest of the world says you're ugly if that one special someone thinks you're beautiful and can give you what you're really looking for? Am I right? You agree don't you?"
"No. I don't understand any of this. What does this have to with what's happening to me?"
"I digress. My apologies. Like I said: Vanity and I made a bet and you will be the one who proves one of us right. The rules are simple. I give you the best sex you've ever had. Vanity allows you to indulge in this sex for just long enough to get a liking for it. Then she strikes. The more you indulge in your lust, the more your vanity will be tested. In this case, Vanity decided to pack on the pounds. In other words, the more you have sex with me, the fatter you're going to get. I've added my own little twist, though."
"What?" Sara asked, dreading the answer.
"You may have been enjoying yourself with me so far, but you ain't had nothing yet. Now that Vanity's playing her hand, it's time for me to do the same." Lester stepped closer to Sara and put a finger on her shoulder. He slowly dragged it down and every second of it was pure, exalted electricity coursing its way past Sara's nerve endings, playing a symphony of pleasure on its way to that special place between her thighs. He moved in closer and whispered into her ear. "I can promise you greater pleasure than any mortal woman has ever known. You'll get fatter, yes, but I'll always find you beautiful and I'll always make sure you stay satisfied." Lester was now caressing her her waist and moving his way to Sara's juicy rear. He squeezed her right cheek gently, but firmly and Sara gasped, almost cumming right there from the sheer pleasure. She was almost there, on the cusp of release when Lester took his hand away and took two steps back. Sara could feel her vagina throbbing, begging for more.

Continued in next chapter...
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Boomer 11 years
I can't wait to see how Sara play it with Vanessa. Does she seek her revenge or does she simply let her win, as you have written?