Just once more part 4

Chapter 1 - another day at work

Sara was concerned about how she was going to dress herself to go outside. She had tried putting on the sundress from the night before. It was by far the largest piece of clothing she owned and now it looked painted on her, the hem just barely keeping her decent. Already she could tell the dress wouldn't make it half way through the day. She had had to pull down over her widened ass several times now and she could tell she was still adding pounds and with them girth. What's more, her weight gain seemed to be faster now than it was yesterday. Vanessa knew what Sara had done last night, and the quickened weight gain was proof of her anger. No, the dress wouldn't do, but what else was there? Sara jumped when she heard Lester's phone ring. He was nowhere to be found and Sara felt a little odd about picking up his phone. If he really was Lust, then god only knew who might be on the other end if she picked it up? As it turned out, it was Lester. The answering machine picked up the call and Lester's voice echoed through the house.
"Hey, sweetcheeks, it's your man calling. I'm sorry I wasn't there to greet you when you woke up but I had some business to take care of this morning" (Sara didn't even want to think about what kinds of business occupied Lester at the moment) "Anyway I just wanted to call to tell you that I left a little surprise in the living room. It's nothing you need to concerned about. Just go out there and I promise you'll be happy with what you see. Talk to you later, sexpot." Lester's voice was gone and Sara heard the phone click as he hung it up.
What the hell was he up to now? Sara didn't want to know what kind of surprise Lester had waiting for her outside, but figured she didn't have much to lose by checking it out. Sara walked into the living room, her dress riding up her widening ass as she did and found a box set on the sofa. She opened it and sighed heavily with relief when she saw what it was. Lester had had the forethought to provide her with a larger dress.
Sara gratefully peeled the one she was wearing off and put on Lester's gift. The dress fit perfectly, it was even a little roomy and most important of all was able to cover down to her knees. She took a quick look at herself in the mirror. Sara still looked fat, but the dress was flattering, particularly in the chest area and she had to admit it made her look pretty. She was actually a little disappointed to remember that it would likely grow snugger by the time she made it to work. Sara could swear that thought had made her belly expand just a bit more.
She didn't have time to waste with the mirror, though. She needed to get back to the store to tell Vanessa that she was willing to let her win this twisted game.
When she got there, Sara could already feel her new dress getting tighter. Everything on her was growing, but her ass was growing the fastest and she could feel the dress being pulled higher and higher by it as she walked. She hoped the poor thing would last the day at least. Sara again made a B line for Vanessa's office. The thought of anyone seeing her like that in public was more than she could take right now. She quickly opened the door and slammed it shut behind her. Vanessa barely even acknowledged her.
"What do you want?"
"You win. I'm done with this. Just tell me what I need to do to make this stop."
"You had your chance to make this stop yesterday, but you didn't take it. All you had to do was walk out that door and you wouldn't be finding yourself in the position you're in. But no, you had to be a slutty little sow last night didn't you? Well, I thought you should look like what you are: a big, fat pig. A cow who can't control her urges to save her life or her figure."
"I tried to stop myself..."
"Oh yes, I saw how hard you tried. You practically begged the man for it. You writhed on him like a pig wallowing in its own shit. So tell me, why should I be inclined to help a disgusting girl like you?"
Sara was near tears. In all her life she had never thought of herself as disgusting, but all she had to do was look down to feel that way now. The more Vanessa berated her, the more Sara could feel her added weight pulling down on her. She was just standing still and she could swear parts on her jiggling anyway. She felt like a fat, disgusting slob and she wanted desperately for this to be over.
"I'm sorry," she gasped through her sobs. "It just felt so good. You can't know how good he makes it. I couldn't help myself. Please, just tell me what I need to do to end this."
Vanessa smiled. "Oh alright. I guess I can be benevolent just this once. But this is the last chance you're getting. And don't be fooled into thinking that just because I'm deciding to be nice that I'm going to make this easy on you. You damaged my pride last night, Ms. Piggy and that was a big mistake. You're going to work your shift today like you did yesterday. But today we're having what you might call a little publicity stunt." Sara did not like at all where this was going. "Today I'm going to be promoting our new line of lingerie in the best possible way there is: every girl in this shop is going to be modeling a piece and that includes you."
"What?" Sara could only gasp the word in disbelief. Could this woman really be that cruel?
"That's right. All day today, every girl in the shop will be sporting the new line and I've hand-picked the one I want you to wear."
"You can't be serious. I don't think anything in this store would even still fit me. Do you want me to end up naked in front of the whole store?"
Vanessa made a disgusted face. "Not even I want to see that. Seeing you in skimpy underwear all day is going to be bad enough. No, I took the liberty of ordering a bigger set for you. It'll fit you now and I'm sure it will be tighter than hell by the end of the day - ten hours again today, sweety - but it should hold you."
Sara didn't like the way Vanessa had said "should." Still, all she could do was hang her head in defeat. "Fine. Whatever. Let's get this over with."
"That's not all, though." Vanessa stood up and placed her hands firmly on her desk for emphasis. "Now listen very carefully to this part, because it's the most important. You're going to have the most humiliating day of your life today. You're going to gain much more weight throughout the day than you did yesterday and every pound will be on display where anyone who cares to look will see. You will gain this weight and if I'm feeling generous I might take it off when all this is over, but don't count on that. After last night, the best you can hope for right now is that I simply stop your gaining. But absolutely none of this will come to pass if you do one thing after you're finished with work. If you let Lester put one hand on you tonight, I swear you'll be bed ridden by tomorrow. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"
Sara meekly nodded. The thought of being too fat to move frightened her badly and if past events were any indicator, Sara had no doubt that this horrible woman could make that a reality.
"Just give me the lingerie so I can get this over with. I promise I won't even see Lester tonight. I just want this to stop."
"Good girl." Vanessa sat down and opened a drawer in her desk. She pulled out a large, frilly bra and a sexy pair of panties, or at least it would have been sexy if it wasn't so obviously intended for someone of Sara's size. Sara was hoping that Vanessa would be pulling out more than that - something that might cover her belly a bit at least - but was disappointed.
"That's what I'm wearing?" Sara asked shocked. "I'll explode out of it by the end of the day."
"Do I detect ingratitude? Keep running that fat mouth of yours and switch these panties out for a thong." Vanessa threw the garments at Sara.
"I'm sorry. They're fine. I'll get changed right now."
"Do it in a changing room. The less I have to see of your disgusting body, the better."
Sara changed into the bra and panties and her worries about them lasting the day only worsened. They were tight, possibly tighter than they were supposed to be. Already Sara could feel her ass trying to swallow the back of the panties and her bra (E cup) was starting to cut into her breasts. If the underwear did survive her growing form, it would be very uncomfortable. Sara took one more depressing look at herself in the changing room mirror before she left. She could already that she had gained weight since the last time she weighed herself. Her belly apron was fast making its way to her thighs. By the end of the day it would look like she wasn't wearing bottoms at all from the front, she was sure. Her breasts looked like they were trying to escape the confining bra and Sara was dreading the inevitable nip slips that would happen throughout the day. Sara didn't want to look at her growing ass, but she could feel the fabric of the panties desperately trying to hold it in. A little more than half of her butt cheeks were poking out of the revealing underwear. The damn thing would look like a thong at the end of the day.
Sara took a deep breath and steeled herself the day ahead.
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