By the light of the moon part 2

Chapter 1 - the gypsys house

When Kim opened her eyes in the morning, she was expecting to find herself in her own house and on her own bed. She did not expect the first thing she saw would be the face a young, dark skinned woman staring expectantly back down at her. Kim was not surprised by the hunger gnawing away at her stomach, though; that sensation was becoming all too familiar.
"You're finally up," the dark skinned woman said with a subdued accent - was it Italian? "You made quite the mess you know. I had quite the time cleaning while you were sleeping on my floor. You'll forgive me for not moving you elsewhere, but as I'm sure you're aware, you're a bit heavy."
"Where am I," Kim asked, barely able to force the words out. God she was so weak; she felt like she would die if she didn't get some food fast.
"You're in my kitchen; where else? This is where you finally passed out. If I had eaten as much as you probably did last night, I think I'd need to sleep it off too."
"What are you talking about?"
"Figures that you wouldn't remember. You were like a wild animal when you barged in here last night. I swear, I'd heard the stories, but I never saw it in person until you showed up."
"Saw what? What happened last night."
The woman smiled and held out her hand to help Kim up. Kim got to her feet and barely made it to a chair that the mystery woman guided her to. Why did her body feel so heavy?
The woman took a seat across from Kim and looked as though she was getting comfortable.
"I guess I should start from the beginning. I'm assuming you were attacked recently, yes? Probably by a very large, very wild person, am I right?"
"Yes. How did you know?"
"You've been cursed, sweetie. Cursed by the Ingordigia."
"The what?"
"It means the gluttony. And now you are cursed to an everlasting hunger. You will feel compelled to eat all the time until you become to fat to walk and even after that."
"This is ridiculous. Curses aren't real."
"Oh? Then why did you eat all the food in my house and all the other houses you broke into last night? Let me guess; you've been feeling hungry all the time and you've been gaining weight like crazy, yes? I'll bet you've only been getting hungrier and hungrier right up until last night; the night of the full moon. You're starving right now, even though you ate more in one night than five people could in a week. I can see it all over you. You are Ingordigia."
Kim tried to object, but so far everything this woman had told her rang true. Of course, Kim had no memory of the night before, but she did remember experiencing the most intense hunger of her life just before blacking out. And now she was in this stranger's kitchen. How had she ended up there in the first place? Was it possible that Kim had done everything this woman was telling her she had?
Kim shook head, trying not to believe. She looked away from Kim and down to her lap and almost screamed when she saw herself. The clothes she had been wearing night were tight before, but now they were barely even decent. Kim's breasts had grown at least a cup size and had popped several of the buttons off her blouse. Her belly now spread onto her lap and had forced her blouse to ride up, revealing the pale, doughy flesh. The button on her pants had snapped off and her zipper had undone itself completely. Kim had not been aware of it before, but now she could feel her panties digging into her expanded waist and riding up her now huge ass. Her thighs had grown quite large as well and Kim could see the seams of her pants torn and frayed in some spots. If Kim had to guess, she would have said she had put on another twenty pounds in the span of a single evening.
The dark skinned woman must have noticed the shock on Kim's face. "I'm guessing you might believe me now, yes?"
Kim looked back up in shock, her jaw hanging. It bobbed up and down for a moment as she tried to find the right words. All she got out was "How?"
A wicked smile spread on the mystery woman's face as she prepared to tell Kim the story.
"It is said that one day Gluttony was bored with just watching those who indulged in his sins willfully. He wanted someone he could seduce; someone he could enslave. He found a beautiful woman, the daughter of a nobleman and disguised himself as a young nobleman to gain her favor. When Gluttony came calling on her, the bella was instantly enamored. She wanted this man to be her own, but he said he would not have her. He said he needed proof of her love; that he would need her to give up something precious to her to prove her love for him. When the bella asked what he wished for her give up, Gluttony told her 'your beauty.' The bella hesitated, but only for a moment. 'how?' was her only question. Gluttony told her that he wanted her eat any and all food she laid her eyes upon and to do so until she became fat. Not just fat, but gigantic, so much that wouldn't be able to walk anymore. The bella loved her man so much, she did not even question his offer. She started to eat almost immediately after. For a year she ate and in that year the bella became the fattest woman in all the land. She was no longer able to walk and needed servants to do even the simplest tasks, not the least of which was continuing to stuff her face. It was when she reached this point, but Gluttony revealed himself to the bella and left her forlorn and fat forever without love. But the bella had gypsy blood in her and though she could do nothing Gluttony, she could make sure she did not suffer alone. On a full-moon night, the bella placed a curse on herself and all those who lived within her house. As the moon does wax and wane, so shall the hunger of those under the curse. And now, on the night of the full moon, those who suffer from the curse of the Ingordigia will go into a feeding frenzy and feast upon all that which they lay eyes on. Be you not the one who stands between the Ingordigia and their food, for if you are, you will be bitten and forced to suffer their curse yourself."

Sorry if this seems a little incomplete. I'm going to have to finish the rest later.
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