Just once more (finale)

Chapter 1 - a night of vengence and bliss

Sara tried to get up off the floor. Lester's promises, his touch could not be resisted. Sara had to know what divine pleasures he had to offer. There was only one problem: Sara couldn't get to her feet. She looked down and could actually see herself expanding, gaining pound upon pound faster than she ever had before. She must have gained another 50 pounds in a matter of minutes.
"Lay with him one more time and I swear to you this is just the start of it." Sara heard a familiar voice say from behind Lester.
How the hell had she gotten into the apartment? What was she doing here? It didn't matter. Lester was still holding her hand, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her, each new pulse promising so much more if she could only make it to the bed with him. Sara tried to stand again, only feel herself growing heavier. Her legs just couldn't lift her increasing weight.
"Lester, help. I can't get up," she said almost desperately. She was no longer concerned about immobility, but she needed Lester inside her now and she was helpless to make it happen.
"No worries, pretty lady. I've got this." Lester knelt down beside her and scooped her massive form into his arms. Sara expected him to struggle when he tried to stand, but he lifted her up like she weighed nothing at all. Lester flicked a shit-eating grin at Vanessa. "You can try to pin her down all you like, but we both know it's her decision. If she wants me, there's nothing you can do to stop her from having me."
Lester carried Sara at a steady stride to the bed. She must have weighed 400 pounds now, but Lester didn't falter one stride.
"Wait," Vanessa called frantically after them. "Sara don't do it. I'll take it off, all of it. Every pound you've gained I'll take back if you just say no."
Lester stopped and looked down at Sara. "What do you say, sexy? This is point I told you to wait for. She's offering to change you back. And in this game, she can't offer what she can't deliver. Just tell me no. Tell me to put you down and you'll be as thin as you were before we met. What do you say?"
Sara didn't say anything. She grabbed Lester by the back of the head and pulled him in for a long kiss. It was heaven. That kiss was better than any sex they had had so far. She could only imagine how she'd feel once they made it to the bed.
Lester resumed his stride and reached the bed. He gently lowered Sara into it and gave her one more long, heavenly kiss.
"Sara, stop. Don't do this. Don't you want to be beautiful again?"
"I feel more beautiful now than I ever have in my life." That was only thing Sara would say and it was a wonder she was able to say that. Lester had her so hopped up on pure sexual pleasure that she was almost completely beyond coherent thought.
"You're a pretty ungraceful loser, Van. Why don't you just step outside and save yourself a little dignity. You don't really want to watch my victory in action do you?"
Vanessa was fuming. "You filthy little man. How dare you mock me. And you, you loathsome sow! You may enjoy your night of pleasure now, but once he's won he'll be gone and you'll be left here, fat and alone."
With the word "fat" Sara could feel herself expanding in every direction, gaining what must have 100 pounds in in an instant. At the weight she was at right now, she knew it would be impossible to leave her bed without help.
"This is the last time I'll offer it. Say no now and you will be thin again. Let his filthy cock enter you even for one thrust and you'll spend the rest of your life as a bed-ridden cow."
Lester was already naked and on top of her. Sara wrapped her thick arms around him and pulled him closer in. His dick was inside of her immediately, sealing her fate.
"No!" Vanity screamed. "Fine, you enjoy life as a freak and a cripple."
Sara could no longer hear a word that Vanity was saying. The moment Lust's pulsing rod had entered her, it was like she had been taken to another world. A world where the air was like pleasure incarnate. It filled her lungs and coursed through her blood. It saturated her skin, making every cell vibrate with divine electricity. She could feel herself growing, every part of her expanding with added flesh and pounds and even this was pure bliss. With every new inch, every new fold, every new roll, there was more of her to feel this pleasure. The more weight she gained, the more she was able to feel. Lester had promised to make her a living goddess. She didn't know if that was the truth, but she felt as close to what he promised as she thought any human being could.
Five minutes after Lust had started and Sara was probably in the lower 800s already. She couldn't care less. All that mattered now was the feeling. And god, it only kept getting better.
It lasted for hours. The bed had collapsed half way through; Sara had become too heavy for even it's sturdy oak legs to support. But all good things must come to an end and so did Sara's bliss end and she was made to face the reality of the decision she had made. She was almost unrecognizable as a human figure. She looked more like a fatty lump of flesh. Her massive tits spread out to either side of her and pinned her arms down. Her nipples touched the ground on either side of the bed. Her colossal belly covered her legs down to her toes. Her ass and thighs were spilling over the bed, not quite capable of touching the ground, but certainly almost there. She must have weighed a great deal more than 1000 pounds by now. Her head was still spinning form the inhuman pleasure she had been feeling just moments ago, but she could grasp that fact very well. Her life was forever changed. She'd likely never walk again, or if she did it would take her years to get to that point. This much weight was not lost easily and there was absolutely no way she could exercise it off.
"I guess by now you're probably second-guessing the choice you made."
Sara thought again of the pleasure she had felt at Lust's hand. The memory of it was fresh in her mind, it had not diminished one bit. She knew she'd probably never feel it again in her lifetime, but she had that once. She had felt something no other person on earth had and she began to realize that she was only able to feel that because of her size. Had she not grown so big, the pleasure she felt wouldn't have been nearly as intense.
Sara drew a dazed smile and looked Lust in the eye. "I wouldn't change a moment of it."
Lust smiled and caressed her pillow-like cheek. "That's my girl."
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