The klauss experiments part 3

Chapter 1 - klauss next move

Klauss was very pleased so far. Based on what he saw through the hidden cameras he had placed all over Julie's apartment, he now knew that his semen produced consistent results. What's more, given the behavior that Julie displayed, Klauss now knew that for whatever reason, not only did masturbation seem to cause the weight gain, but the women afflicted with this peculiar condition (Julie in this case) seemed to be almost slaves to the very desire to do so. Whatever Klauss had done to her, it driven her sex drive through the roof; now he just needed to know why.
The answer to this was simple. Julie was understandably concerned about the state she now found herself in and had therefore made an appointment with her doctor to find out why this was happening (Klauss patted himself on the back for remembering to bug her phone). All Klauss needed to do was insert himself as her doctor and use the opportunity to take the samples he would need to find his answers; a foreseen obstacle, and one that Klauss could overcome easily.
Power and money went a long way in this particular experiment, it turned out. All Klauss needed to do was coerce Julie's regular physician to take a day or two off (something he managed by sending a few thousand dollars the good doctor's way)and then arrange for himself to examine the lovely young lady (a large donation to the hospital took care of that). Finally, Klauss couldn't have Julie recognize him. He didn't need her questioning why the head of the company she worked for felt the need to examine her medically nor did he wish to take the chance of bringing any sort of memories she might have of the previous night back to light. A disguise was needed. Again, no big concern. A little Hollywood makeup went a long way. And after only a few hours preparation, Klauss now looked thirty years older with a bushy salt-and-pepper beard thrown in for good measure. By three o' clock that afternoon, Dr. Klauss was ready for his patient.
When Klauss entered the room where Julie was waiting for him, he took a moment to admire his handy work. Seeing it on video was one thing, in person it was quite another. Julie had not found much in the way of clothes, since now most anything she owned wouldn't make it past either her much larger hips or enhanced bosom. The best she had been able to manage was what once must have been a baggy sundress but was now barely within the realm of public decency. Her breasts threatened to bulge completely out of the low and very stretched neck line. Klauss found himself more than slightly aroused at the amount of cleavage he spied. The hem of the dress, which Klauss could imagine reaching down to just below the knee on the thinner Julie now barely reached mid-thigh and her burgeoning butt threatened to spill out given just the right amount of movement.
Julie looked a bit confused when she saw Klauss enter the room. "Where's Dr. Wright? I was told he was available today."
Klauss smiled warmly. "Oh, nothing to worry about. Dr. Wright had a bit of an emergency this afternoon and he asked me to fill in for him. I'm Dr. Kynes, nice to meet you." Klauss reached out to shake her hand, and Julie nervously shook it. He could tell she didn't want someone other than her regular doctor seeing her like this, but given her situation, she didn't have much of a choice.
"So what seems to be the problem today?"
Julie fidgeted for a moment, obviously uncomfortable with what she would have to tell him. "Well, I'm not really sure."
Klauss feared she might not confide in him after all. He needed to coax her into telling him and letting him examine her. "Hmm, according to your medical records, it seems you've gained quite a bit of weight since your last checkup. Might it have anything to do with that."
The dam broke and Julie's words seemed to flow out in a torrent. "Yes, but it's not what you think. I didn't weight this much yesterday. And I don't mean I've only gained a few pounds since then, I gained all of it. I mean just today, I gained 64 pounds; just today."
"Slow down, Julie. Start from the beginning, tell me what happened."
Julie told Klauss the entire story. How she woke up feeling odd, like she was hungover or something. Then how she had felt intensely aroused and then how she had pleasured herself and produced the results he was looking at now.
Klauss stood there for a moment with his hand on his chin, pretending to consider what Julie had just told him. He knew where this had to end, but he didn't want to stir any unneeded suspicion from Julie; he couldn't appear too eager to move on with this.
"So, you're absolutely sure that this weight did not accumulate until today?"
"Yes. Yesterday morning any of my clothes could have fit me, but today nothing. Not even this dress fits me, but it was the only thing I had that would cover me well enough. I'm not making this up." Tears started to form at the sides of Julie's eyes. She looked like she was on the verge of completely losing it. "Is there anything you can do to help me? Has anything like this happened to someone before?"
Klauss took another dramatic pause. "I'll be honest, Julie I haven't heard of anything like this before. But I am going to look into it." Klauss gave her best smile. "Don't worry, I'm going to find a way to make this stop." Klauss went over to a drawer and picked an empty syringe out of it. "I'm going to take a few samples from you, Julie. Just a little blood and some swabs of vaginal tissue. Is this alright?"
Julie blushed. "Ok, but why the vaginal tissue?"
"Well, you said that masturbation causes the weight gain. I'll need to see if there's anything unusual that's going on down there."
Klauss took the blood sample that he needed and stuck it in a sample box. Then he told Julie to take off her underwear and lye back on the table. He then grabbed a large cotton swab and stuck it in Julie's vagina. It was amazing, just that little bit of stimulation seemed to make Julie nearly orgasmic and if Klauss' eyes weren't playing tricks on him, he was sure he could see her grow just the tiniest bit right in front of him (seven or ten pounds at least).
When he took the swab out, Julie desperately cried out, "No, don't stop."
Klauss did his best to ignore her and put the swab in a sealed sample bag. When he turned around, Klauss was shocked at what he saw. Julie was now in the midst of pleasuring herself. It was amazing; it seemed as though even the slightest stimulation would render Julie lustful beyond all common scruples. Klauss didn't attempt to stop her, he just watched as Julie rubbed herself vigorously and moaned and grew. Seeing the growth in person was quite a thing. Klauss watched as Julie's sundress lost the battle to contain her ever-growing body. He could hear ripping sounds as her breasts pushed their way out of the neckline, the nipples slowly but persistently making themselves present to the rest of the world. As her thighs and butt grew, the hem of the dress made its way closer and closer to her waist, which was doing its best job to split the dress' seams. The sound of ripping fabric was soon overpowered by Julie's orgasmic screams and Klauss began to worry that some concerned doctor would decide to come crashing into the room at any minute.
The larger Julie became, the more furiously she rubbed herself, and the more intense her cries of pleasure became. Finally, her she arched her back and gave out a final piercing scream as she climaxed. The spray of her ejaculation hit the wall across form her with tremendous force and then splashed onto the ground. By the time she was finished, Julie's dress had become a set of tattered rags the did nothing to cover her larger body.
Klauss took it all in. Her breasts must have made their way up to F cups at least. Her upper arms were hanging with fat that now seemed to making its way down her elbows. Her belly now stuck out much further, and Klauss guessed that when she stood, it would form an apron that could easily cover her pubic mound. Her thighs now touched from the tops to midway down to the knees. And Klauss could only imagine what her ass would look like when she was standing.
Julie began to come to her senses. She sat up looking a bit confused, then took at look at her further changed body. "Oh my god," she wailed. She cupped her now double-chinned face into her hands and sobbed openly.
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