The production

Chapter 1

It seemed like so much effort sometimes Scott thought as he finished another set of curls before setting them back on the floor. He had just finished a play and was thinking about a notice he had read in the entertainment section of the newspaper earlier. "Wanted portly actor to play a 28 year old scientist in off Broadway play." He just couldn't get it out of his head. The idea of actually gaining on purpose for a part. They didn't want his chiseled abs they wanted what amounted to a fat actor. Just once he would not have to watch what he ate. He wouldn't have to do crunches or visit the gym at all for months...heaven just heaven. Standing he went over to his full length mirror and turning sideways ran his hand over his very flat stomach and wondered what it would be like. Puffing his cheeks out and leaning back a bit he looked into the mirror again. Laughing to himself he decided what the hell why not he had played all those pretty boy roles in the past. Why not go for something that would be a fun challenge? Putting a shirt on he left his apartment and headed down to the store.

Scott got down to grocery store and grabbing a cart walked right past all the healthy things he normally bought and straight over to the chips and cookies isle. Looking around himself he saw so many bright packages and boxes and felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Grabbing a package of chocolate chips cookies he looked at the happy little elf on the side and thought I'm ready to join you in the happiness pal and tossed it in the cart. There were so many kinds of sweet treats so many choices. Fudge or Carmel? With or without nuts? Hmmm you know he thought I think I can do even better. After grabbing a few bags of chips he left the isle and instead made a bee line to the bakery department instead.

Now this was the place. Cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins, donuts, pies and every other type of carb he could want. Cream pie seemed like the place to start Boston cream and key lime. Apple was the next to join his cart making a mental note he intended to get some ice cream to top it. A dozen donuts and a loaf of French bread and he was ready to try a different spot.

Heading over to the pasta isle he grabbed boxes of spaghetti off the shelves and even a package of gnocchi. Bottles of Alfredo and marinara to top it. Now it's time to head over to the freezers.

Opening door after door the icy blast cooled his face and he made sure to first grab the ice cream to go with his apple pie forget vanilla..Carmel was even better. Then it was time to get things that could be deep fried later. After getting fresh parm to put on his pasta and other cheeses to melt on all sorts of things he decided ok that's about enough for today. Going through the checkout line the cashier behind the counter seemed to get bigger eyes as she rang through the pile of junk food on her counter. Scott wondered if the girl was going to say anything. Normally it was grains and fruits and veggies lean cuts of beef or chicken. The girl behind the counter made no comment but he could tell she was thinking,'wow buddy you eat all this you're going to get fat." Smiling to himself Scott was truly enjoying her reaction. She had no idea just how "normal" this was about to become to him.

Once Scott got back to his apartment and he had everything put away he decided well no time like the present to get started on his new project besides he hadn't had lunch before he left and he was actually quite hungry by now anyway.

What to start with? He had spent so many years denying himself for his craft knowing that if he had that extra slice or dessert he was going to have to run the extra couple of miles to work it right back off. Well fine life was short he decided let's start with dessert first!

The pies that he had just placed in his fridge were calling his name anyway. Taking out the Boston cream pie he figured why bother with a plate and instead reaching into a drawer pulled out a fork and went to sit on his couch. Flipping on the TV he watched a bit of afternoon news as he took his first bite. Oh my god was this good! By the fourth bite he had gotten over the new utopia enough to pay attention to what was going on the screen in front of himself then almost choked on the next bite as the entertainment portion of the program had started and there "she" was. Ali...of all the people to have to be there. Suddenly his pie didn't taste as good to him anymore. Ali with her long legs, dark hair and full beautiful lips smiling at the photogs surrounding her. Perfect little willow figure with a tight little ass showcased in that little nothing slip of a dress she was wearing. Her green eyes sparkled and teased as she lifted her head just slightly. Not that she needed to the girl was a walking, talking male fantasy not an extra ounce of fat would dare to find a home on those perfect hips
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Bbman30 3 years
Can we see Ali and Gemma return to fatten up someone else?
The Donut King 7 years
Amazing story!
Fredi 10 years
a Wonderful Story
FrecherTyp 11 years
ah hehe such an evil good story ^^
BeSoft 12 years
Wonderful story n great ending! Thanks so much for posting!