Village life chapter five

Chapter 1 - village life chapter five part 1

Entering her sixth month Lisa was the constant talk of the village, all the residents fawned over her, bringing her edible treats and gifts, pampering her to her heart's content. The diner had never seen as much business as it had in the months since Lisa turned up in the village, her blossoming figure encouraged everyone to hit the diner at least once a week, and Lisa herself was revelling in the attention. She couldn't ignore it anymore, she felt like a star to these people, all they wanted was for her to be happy and healthy, and while she believed her excitement and pride over her pregnancy was somehow contagious, their true motivations were less about her being happy and healthy and more about being chubby and full.

Now weighing in at a hefty 188 lbs she was quite the sight, with a pronounced waddle she still worked at the diner although at a much slower pace than she used to, spending the periods between serving orders to tables sat on her cushioned ass, which now took up most of the seats of the diner's chairs. At this point her face appeared quite cherub like, with a definite double chin peeking through and her cheeks rounding out gently with considerably less defined cheek bones, it was undeniable that she was irresistibly cute, she seemed to have acquired that classic pregnant woman glow.

Her belly hung so far over the waistbands of her various trousers it now touched her lap, pooling over like a heavy water balloon when she sat. Thanks to Agatha's special lotion her skin was blemish and stretch mark free, stretching with ease to accommodate the increasing size of her meals and her foetal cargo. Her hands were almost constantly caressing or rubbing it, she just couldn't resist touching her growing bump, or even other parts of her rapidly expanding figure, the feel of her practically velvety soft skin was irresistible. She certainly couldn't blame the customers and other village residents who wanted to touch her so often, although it often seemed less like they wanted to feel the baby move and more that they just wanted to feel HER, patting, stroking, pressing and poking her here and there, not just her belly either, on a few occasions they had even poked and lightly nipped her upper arms and waist. While this seemed odd to Lisa she put it out of her mind and focussed on the good things.

Lisa's weight gain had in fact reached the point that there was now a slight loose layer of fat that hung just below her belly, covering the waistbands of her underwear and pants. Its gentle jiggle was separate from that of the rest of her body, without Lisa's notice it shook and bobbed whenever she got dressed or moved suddenly. Flow had noticed it once during a routine exam, taking delight in its development. Her belly had also plumped up to the point that the faintest of crease lines was visible, travelling right to left across her belly passing through her unpopped belly button. When she bent over her tummy took on an almost overstuffed pillow-like appearance as the crease became deeper and more apparent. Suffice it to say she was fattening up fast.

While Lisa had of course noticed only a slight increase in her appetite for food, she couldn't deny her appetite for possibly the one thing she hadn't had a sniff of since arriving in the village: sex. Her hormones had been amped up to eleven by her pregnancy and she often found herself experiencing hot flashes and desires for flesh on flesh, thrusting and grinding. When turning in for the night, or even for her mid morning and mid afternoon naps and breaks, Lisa would always begin by fingering and playing with herself desperately, trying to expel the pent-up sexual frustration in secret, although Flow knew everything that happened under her roof. During several of their examinations Flow had even encouraged such behaviour as it was a perfectly expected and healthy side of pregnancy, however as always the devious diner owner had alternative motives for encouraging Lisa's masterbatathons. Knowing full well it would only serve to increase her sexual appetite, and without a more satisfying outlet, Lisa would inevitably take out her sexual frustration on food, and so over the weeks as her pregnancy progressed her figured blossomed.

Lisa's waist had all but vanished by this point, having been replaced by smooth, soft fat curving outwards and bulging even further when she sat, causing some serious muffin top action to take place. Her round, chubby thighs now rubbed together all the time, which did nothing to quell the tingles that were developing between them on a regular basis now.

Lisa couldn't ignore how much her tattoos had morphed with her growing figure, being pulled this way and that as her skin stretched, the rose that ran up her side barely resembled a rose anymore, more like a large, unidentifiable red blob, while Lisa of course missed its original appearance she took its distortion as a sign of how far into her pregnancy she was. As for her "Geeks have the Best Sex" tattoo, Lisa couldn't even see it anymore, let alone identify it, it had vanished from view long ago over the hump of her growing bump, but she couldn't help feeling rather proud of the state of the musical score across her breasts. She'd always wanted larger tits, and now she certainly had them, they were huge compared to how they were 6 months ago and they had indeed become one of her main points of interest during her private moments. Much like her belly, her nipples were large and sensitive, rubbing or pinching them alone ignited a furnace between her legs.

At this moment Lisa was in a rather uncomfortable situation, both physically and figuratively. Sitting with her back propped up again the counter and her soft, pliable ass on the soft carpeted floor, Lisa was sitting in near darkness in the pantry of the diner. Lisa's pale skin was bathed in the florescent light shining from the open fridge which was sitting next to her, partially raided of the numerous sweet, fatty desserts that had laid within before Lisa went to bed. When Lisa's snack attacks had become more and more of a regular occurrence, Flow had asked several friends to cook up some devilishly delicious treats to store in the spare fridge with which Lisa could sate her cravings. Within hours the fridge had been stocked with cakes, mousses, gateaux, brownies, a multitude of treats for Lisa to stuff herself with when the opportunity struck. During the daylight hours Flow insisted Lisa was free to pick at the contents within at her leisure, but always making sure it remained well stocked when she went to bed, anticipating Lisa's late night binges. On several occasions Flow had heard Lisa munching her way through the fridge's contents, but she always made sure to remain out of sight, and when a full and satisfied Lisa would rise and shuffle back off to bed, Flow would inspect the damage, noting what had been touched and left, what to restock and if there was any items in particular Lisa made a special effort to consume. Over a matter of weeks Flow had assessed that Lisa's main focus was deep, thick, chocolate items, and especially ice cream.

And so there Lisa sat, back leaning against the wall of the pantry with her chubby thighs spread as wide as they would go, attempting to relieve some of the pressure put on her rather stuffed belly. The pantry was only a small room, wide enough for a large fridge freezer on the back wall, and for a number of shelves that lines and scaled the walls on either side, filled with grains, flours, vegetables, a wide variety of the items Flow employed at the diner. Her purple tank top was bunched up above her bulging stomach, her large, heavy breasts hanging loose underneath with her nipples clearly definable through the stretched fabric. Her considerable belly hung far over the waistband on her boxers obscuring a great deal of the material from view. Despite being rather pregnant and quite stuffed, the small layer of loose fat still hung a touch lower than the rest of her gut, skirting around her waistband, which grasped her form tightly, digging into her soft flesh more than it should have.
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Plumplilbird... 10 years
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