Village life chapter one

Chapter 1 - the village chapter one part 1

Lisa awoke with a start, gasping with fright as she looked around at her surroundings, not recognising them at all. The last thing she could remember was stumbling through the forest alone, there had been an accident a few days earlier that had left her alone and stranded. The small jet on which she had been travelling home suffered mechanical failure and had come down some miles behind her, after regaining consciousness and discovering the pilot dead she had gathered as many of her belongings as she could before beginning her hike in search of help. Clearly in shock from her ordeal she had walked countless miles in a dazed and confused state, with no knowledge of where she was or what direction she was travelling she kept going and going. The last 3 nights had been spent in fits of tears and shaking, for fear of what fate would await her the next, whether she would be found or her aimless wander was to continue.

Placing a hand on her stomach and clenching her eyes closed her body curled as her stomach rumbled. She was seriously hungry, after 3 days out in the wilderness with endless walking had taken its toll, she hadn't eaten in a long time, but she struggled past it, putting her hunger to the back of her mind for now. Looking around the room she could see little, the room was dimly lit, the door was closed and what little light there was shone through a thick pair of drawn curtains. Sitting upright she pushed herself from the plush bed, as head rush set in she fell back to her place on the bed, placing a hand to her head in some imaginary attempt to stop it from turning. Once again she stood up and maintained her balance, she started making her way over to the door with a dull ache and a slight limp in her right leg. Walking past a large mirror she caught a glimpse of herself, though there wasn't much light in the room she could make out her own reflection, she was no longer wearing the same clothes she remembered, someone had obviously changed her. Her slim figure was hidden beneath a large, white t-shirt.

Peering down the neck of the shirt at herself she saw that she was still wearing her underwear, which indicated her Lisa that she hadn't been violated or taken advantage of in any way. Pulling the loose material tight behind her, her figure became visible, her comfortable 36C breasts stood out further than the rest of her body. Her stomach was tight yet soft to the touch, yielding slightly under her finger tips carrying just the right amount of weight at 127 pounds for her to appear soft and inviting, she had always been happy with her figure and natural slenderness. Her ass was round was plush and round, standing out behind her slightly, but just the right amount to balance her figure nicely. Approaching the mirror she looked her face over, gently framed by her dark hair, a deep brown, but verging on back, it hug just below her jaw line in what had been a cute yet edgy cut, but was now instead a dishevelled mess due to her days in the forest and the crash. Her pale skin told more of a story of her ordeal, sporting several cuts and bruises which were clearly going through healing. Her lip that had been badly swollen was almost back to normal, licking her lips she tasted something unusual, a kind of ointment or lotion, her tongue tingled with the sensation of eucalyptus or some other mint based product. Whatever had been applied to her injuries was sure making short work of making her better.

Arriving at the door she tried the handle, and to her relief it turned, making her sigh deeply. "Well at least I'm not trapped, so that's something". Creaking open the door slowly she peered out through the gap at a sunlight filled room, five people, two women and three men were seated around a table, talking.

"I don't know who she is, there wasn't any I.D on her. Lord knows how far the poor thing's walked, or even for how long."

"But where did she come from?"

"Why ask me?? But she's here with us now. She's lucky Bridget and David found her." One of the two women, Lisa guessed her to be around 60, turned and looked at the door behind Lisa had been sleeping. When she realised she'd been spotted spying on the five she gasped with shock and slammed the door.

"It's alright, dear, you can come out, there's nothing to be afraid of."

With a deep breath Lisa once again opened the door and emerged. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spy."

"I'm Florence, but everyone calls me Flow, and there's no reason to apologise, it's totally understandable. Are you okay? In any pain?" Flow asked as she approached Lisa with an outstretched hand, "Come sit with us, deary."

"I'm Lisa, and thanks, I'm ok... I think, I just don't know." Taking Flow's hand, Lisa was guided to a cushioned chair and she lowered herself into it, still unsure of her surroundings or the company she now found herself with. "Where am I?"

"You're safe, some of our people found you unconscious out in the forest and brought you here, you've been out cold for over a day. How long were you out there, what happened."

The soft embrace of the velvet cushioning of the chair around her sore body put her enough at ease to open up and explain, thus sharing her ordeal with her audience.

"You poor thing, you've been through quite the trauma, but don't worry, you're safe here, we'll look after you." Flow slowly pushed a piping hot cup of tea towards Lisa, "drink up, it'll help."

Lisa's stomach released a very audible grumble, causing her to double over and moan.

"Oh my, you must be absolutely famished. We've tried feeding you a little since we found you, you woke up in a dazed state a few times, but we could only get you to accept water, so it's no wonder you're so damn hungry. I'll be right be right back with a nice sandwich, you're not vegetarian are you?"

"Oh no, but honestly even if I was I think I'd eat about anything at this point. I'm easy, anything would be great. Thank you so much", Lisa's eyes welled up with tears, overwhelmed with such unexpected kindness from a perfect stranger.

"Oh hush, dear, it's nothing. Where are my manners, I haven't even introduced the other people here." Flow indicated to the four other individuals seated at the table, each raising their hand in greeting to Lisa as they heard their names. "Here we have Agatha, Bert, Benjamin and Richard. Myself included we are considered the village elders, we delegate, manage and coordinate the goings on of our happy little settlement you now find yourself very welcome in."

"And where would that be exactly?" Lisa asked.

"I'm afraid I can't really answer that, dear, you see we live almost completely independently from the rest of the world. We do our own farming, animal rearing, etc, but there are items that we do have to seek out from outside sources. Once a month we send a party to one of the big towns to fetch luxuries and essentials we ourselves can't fabricate. We have very strict rules about who comes and goes, we have our own customs and practices and we like our privacy. Now I'm afraid anymore questions will have to wait until after you've had something to eat." Flow turned and disappeared behind a large, swinging wooden door, leaving Lisa alone with the 6 other members of Flow's group.

A few short minutes later Flow emerged from what Lisa assumed was the kitchen, holding plate with a late, full looking sandwich on it, she placed it on the table in front of Lisa, "Eat up, it's chicken, salami, mayonnaise and lettuce.

The sandwich was huge, but Lisa wasted no time in attacking it, her hunger overtaking any sense of decorum she might have shown under other circumstances, it was delicious and she couldn't help herself. After gobbling down half her eyes looked round at the five elders, all looking at her with gentle smiles, with an air of embarrassment Lisa put down the sandwich, "I'm so sorry, I must have looked like a total pig-".

"-Don't be ridiculous, after days without eating you have nothing to be sorry about, you go nuts and eat, seriously", Flow responded with an almost grandma like sense of glee at the discovery that a child enjoys her cooking to her pleasant surprise.

Lisa resumed her eating, snaffling down large mouthfuls, barely stopping to breath, until a few short minutes later the plate was empty and she let loose a small burp. Rubbing her hands over her slightly satisfied stomach, "Thanks so much, I needed that", and to her surprise, from the side Flow slid a in front of her, on which sat what looked like over a third of an apple and raspberry pie, topped with a large blob of double cream.

"Dessert, dear, you deserve it after what you've been through".

Lisa's eyes once again welled up with tears, unable to speak as she was overcome, Agatha came round her Lisa's side and placed a warm arm around her shoulders, "It's ok now, you're safe now and we're going to take good care of you, fix you right up and get you healthy. Now dry those tears and tuck-in", she said, handing Lisa a shiny metal spoon.

Without a word or further encouragement Lisa went at the pie, devouring it quicker than she thought possible, upon approaching the last few bites another large slice was slid onto her plate from one direction, "this one's chocolate and cherries", Agatha said, while on Lisa's other side a large glass filled with milk was placed on the table.

"To wash it down with", Bert said with a smile and a wink, all the while Flow stood back from the table observing her friends wait on their guest. A few minutes later Lisa's eyes went wide as yet another large slice of pie was placed onto her plate, "That one's pear and almonds, I hope you like it."
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There're a bunch of other chapter already posted, hope you enjoy.
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Terrific story writing, the pace is perfect and the tension just right. I get the feeling this could be an epic story so don't stop.
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Thanks everyone for the kind words, don't worry, there are time shifts, so it definitely gets better.
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I think I cna see where this is going already