Village life chapter two

Chapter 1 - village life chapter two

A month had passed since Lisa's arrival in the village, and in that time she had settled in well, she was welcomed by everyone, and they were all so happy to meet her, however certain things she heard from various citizens confused her, phrases like "thank the god you're here" and "your coming here must be fate", she was certainly surprised by how happy everyone was at her arrival, she was really feeling at home. In the weeks following her arrival there had of course been a desire to leave, go back to her old life, her family, everything, but as the weeks went on such a desire seemed less and less important to her, she felt at home in the village and Flow and many others treated her like family. She had taken to helping Flow out in the diner as a waitress, Lisa had insisted she do something to contribute after what Flow and everyone else had done for her, and of course Flow was happy for the help.

This morning Lisa was stood in front of the full-length mirror in her room, her eyes gliding over her body, she couldn't deny that she had gained a bit of weight, appearing softer in numerous areas of her body, the large breakfast she had consumed less than an hour ago before the diner's opening didn't help. Her face looked a tiny bit softer, and her breasts were definitely larger, she estimated in the D cup range, her bras had begun feeling tight and they were definitely more sensitive. Shrugging off the thought she saw her ass seemed a tad fleshier, it stood out a little more now and her underwear was definitely tighter, pinching into the flesh of her thighs and butt, this prompted her to shift her gaze to her belly.

What had started out as an attempt to replenish herself and heal from her days long wander through the forest had turned into something of a habit as the month had gone on. Lisa had found herself going to bed a lot fuller with Flow's incredible cooking than she had actually intended, as well as from lunch and snacks during the day, but she always found it impossible to refuse another slice of this, or another dollop of that. Over the course of the month this rhythm had obviously caught up and stayed with her, depositing 13 fresh pounds on her slender frame, bringing her to a healthy 140 pounds. "Shit", she whispered as she ran a hand over her tummy, "shit, shit, shit". It was undeniable, it was bigger, rounder, it stood out further, almost level with her breasts, placing her hands on her lower back she pushed it out, making it grow and round out, standing further than before. Throwing her head back she looked at the ceiling and sighed almost with despair, "Crap... Hopefully Flow hasn't noticed."

After dressing in a tight black vest and the same cargo pants from a month ago, which were now held closed by an elastic air back over the button, she donned a red apron, Flow had given her for work, to cover the her open trousers. Wrapping the tassels around her belly she walked out the door to start work, where she was greeted by Flow's warm smile, "Ready to get to work?"

"Sure am", Lisa answered with a smile trying not to think about her bulging tummy under her apron.

"Great stuff, well don't push yourself too hard, ok?"

'What does she mean by that? Does she know?' Lisa thought as she heard Flow's words, "I'll be careful, don't worry", she winked.

The work day started calm and easy, all smiles and small talk, catching up on current events over slices of pie, fried breakfasts and various beverages, all the while everyone was always pleased to see Lisa approaching their table with plates in hand. Although Lisa just couldn't shake the feeling that their eyes were focussing on more than just the dishes in her hands and the smile on her face, she couldn't help but feel like their eyes were scanning her body, her curves, do they know, can they notice? She pondered as she laid two heavily loaded plates with eggs, sausages and bacon down in front of Agatha and Bert.

The diner had finally closed for lunch, giving Lisa and Flow time to eat, clean up a little and refresh themselves. Lisa was currently finishing off another heavily loaded plate, a large double cheese burger, with fries and onion rings, a meal she had grown to love over the past month, always managing a second serving of fries and finishing it all off with a slice or two of deep German chocolate fudge cake.

Flow settled herself beside her and cast Lisa an appreciative look, "You certainly worked up an appetite this morning, huh?"

"Yeah, it was busy alright, but I guess that's how I like it, it helps me feel like I'm paying you back for everything you've done for me since coming here", Lisa responded as she placed the final bite of her fires into her mouth and swallowed. She sat back in her chair with her hands pressed to her full stomach with a content and satisfied look on her face, then feeling self-conscious of her slightly expanded self she sat forwards again, which she found to be very uncomfortable in her full state.

Looking at her with concern Flow placed a hand on one of Lisa's which were now resting on the table, "Lisa, can we talk?"

Swallowing hard she looked at Flow, "Sure, what about?"

"Specifically you, Lisa. I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but since you arrived I've noticed you've... grown slightly...". Lisa swallowed hard again and felt a cold sweat setting in. "In particular your... belly. I have to ask, because I have kind of noticed the signs having been a midwife. How many months along are you?"

Lisa sat back again revealing her bulging belly, "I suppose it's kinda hard to hide now, huh? I'm just three months along now" she said, rubbing a hand over her protuberance. Her eyes began tearing up as she looked at Flow, tears began streaming down her cheek, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I was so scared..."

"What ever do you mean, Lisa?"

"You've been so good to me, everything that you've done, I just didn't want to be an even bigger burden being pregnant and all."

"Don't be ridiculous, you're not a burden at all, the fact that you're pregnant is wonderful news", getting out of her seat she gave Lisa a tight, reassuring hug. "You couldn't have very well kept it hidden for long anyway, now could you?"

With a light chuckle through her tears, she sniffed, "I suppose not, I have grown a little this past month, haven't I? I was afraid everyone thought I was just getting fat, but I honestly had no idea what I was going to do about it", she said looking at herself.

"Well it doesn't bare thinking about anymore, sweety, I know now and we'll all take good care of you", Flow told Lisa, giving her belly a light rub. "Now, how about a few slices of that chocolate cake you like so much for dessert, we're celebrating after all", Flow said with a glint in her eye, to which Lisa nodded, once again unable to turn down Flow's sweet, fattening confections.

That evening, under cover of darkness, the five village elders convened in the forest outside of the village. Lisa was tucked up in bed sleeping off a very heavy dinner of lasagne, followed by several large bowls of ice cream with brownie bits, a smile adorned her face as she slept soundly on a full stomach. Torchlight flickered in the dark as the five elders conversed, "I have great news, my friends. Over the past month I've noticed our new guest gently growing slightly, as I'm sure you've all noticed, it's been slow and subtle, but it's happened. Being so close to her I started to notice something else however."

"What is it, Flow?" Agatha asked.

"While Lisa has indeed been gaining weight, I've noticed another kind of growth happening, I'm happy to inform you that she's pregnant", Flow told the other four with a tone of sickly delight, to which the other four gasped and oooooed with pleasant surprise. "I noticed the signs nearly two weeks ago but held off on telling you before I could be sure. So today I confronted her about my suspicions and she came clean."

"This is great news", Benjamin added, "We've all noticed her gain, but with the influence of pregnancy included she'll start blowing up before we know it."

"I just can't believe our luck, to find her when we did, and she's pregnant as well", Bert added.

"Yes, our lord's blessings are certainly shining down on us. Lisa trusts me completely, and with her staying with me through her pregnancy I'll be able to keep an eye on her, and with my counsel and encouragements I have no doubt we'll start seeing great... developments in no time. She trusts my knowledge and experience as a midwife and will do as I instruct her. She's currently in her third month, so she'll be about eight and a half months along by the time of the festival, by which time she should be good and ready."

"Good work, Flow, we look forward to seeing how this progresses", Bert complimented her. "Now I think it's time we called it a night, so I'll bid you all adieu". With that the five figures walked back to the village in silence, extinguishing their torches a hundred yards from the village borders, went home and to bed.

Before going to bed however, Flow silently opened Lisa's bedroom door and approached her full, sleeping form. Gently rubbing hand over the exposed flesh of Lisa's waist a sly smile spread across her face, "You're going to be enormous by the time I'm done with you, just you wait." Lisa rolled onto her side in her sleep, moaning and rubbing a hand over her belly protectively, Flow knelt down, her face inches from the skin of Lisa's belly, "and you're going to help us fatten her up too", she said as if speaking to the life growing in Lisa's womb. Standing up she made her way to the door again, closed it without making a sound and made her way to bed.
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