A lesson to be learned 5

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Chapter 1 - a lesson to be learned 5 preg wg

Kim laid in Sunny's bed silently, her gaze fixed on the back of Sunny's head as she listened to the rhythmic sounds of her breathing coupled with the light beat of her pulse under Kim's fingertips. It was morning, another morning after having spent another night with Sunny, one of many over the past few months. Nearly nine months had passed since Kimberly had hexed Sunny to swell up into a round, ravenous and pregnant bimbo, and what an eventful nine months it had been. As her eyes glided over Sunny's sleeping, swollen form she couldn't believe the turn both their lives had taken, the months following the hex Sunny had chubbed up considerably while her IQ dummed down, and her behaviour and work attire became more and more inappropriate. All this culminated in the termination of her employment as a lecturer after both she and Kimberly were found by the college dean in a somewhat compromising position, but not before Sunny had dropped the bombshell that she was in fact expecting twins. At the time Kim was relieved it was only Sunny who had lost her job, Kim couldn't imagine what would have happened if she had been kicked out of college too, but it was clear to her now that all the time they had spent together over the months had taken as much a toll on her feelings for Sunny as they had on Sunny's figure, both had swollen and grown hungry for more.

As her mind cycled through the several months since she and Sunny had initially "hooked up", Kim had to admit that she had noticed a surprising shift in Sunny's behaviour. Yes, her eating habits had continued down the unladylike route, but it seemed as though her original sharp wit and acumen had begun returning. More and more Kim had found herself engaging in intelligent conversation with her curvaceous lover and even finding herself on the receiving end of an intellectual beat-down. Kim smiled at the thought as her eyes glided over Sunny's abundant curves, it was true that Sunny's bimbo-esque demeanour had begun to grate on Kim's nerves, so to have Sunny returning to her former self was something of a relief. A pang of mild dread set in as Kim placed her hands on her own naked stomach, she couldn't deny having undergone some slight changes over the past month or so. As she had started to notice Sunny's rise in intellect Kim had begun panicking over the possibility of Sunny putting the puzzling pieces of her pregnancy together, what if she worked out that Kim was to blame? And not just for the pregnancy, but her drop in IQ, the loss of her svelte, alluring figure, and even the loss of her job at the college and current employment situation? The pressure had been building in Kim for some weeks now, and as a result she had begun to return to old habits, memories of her teen years came flooding back of when her figure was slightly less under her control. The pressures of school and family life had sent her into a cycle of stress binging, and Kim could feel the evidence of that same tendency rearing its pesky head under her fingertips. Living with Sunny hadn't helped either, what with abundant quantities of rich, unhealthy treats around the apartment all the time, as well as Sunny's eating habits rubbing off slightly on Kim too. More and more it seemed as if Kim was unable to say no to her nagging appetite.

With a cold sweat trickling over her, Kim extended a hand and laid it on her inflated lover's side, sinking her fingers into the soft flesh of Sunny's dwindling waistline, pudgy hips and swollen belly, while her other hand rested on her own flesh, her fingertips probing and stroking. Kim froze with fear, silently shaking her head at the realisation of just how similar her own flesh felt to Sunny's, it was silky smooth, yet far softer and... doughy, than she was comfortable with. "This can't be right, I'm still asleep, I have to be", she said with muted voice, then looking down at herself her eyes went wide at what she saw. Indeed there was more to her body than there had been not too long ago, a round belly curved out gently from her torso obscuring her view of her neatly kept pubic hair as it rested against the mattress under a pair of breasts she barely recognised as her own. Having never gone beyond a high B cup, the pair she was staring at now had to be at least with the regions of a D cup. Kim's breath caught in her throat as she felt slumbering Sunny stir and moan.

Rolling over, all of Sunny's grandeur came into view, her bulging mountains and slops rising high as her body revolved round to face Kim with moans and groans of exertion, accompanied by the bed's creaks and cracks as its heaviest occupant changed position. A plump wobble resonated across Sunny's body, as well as an audible slosh and gurgle from her huge baby bump as it hit the mattress, "Mmm, that's better, I can see you now", Sunny said in her soft, sultry voice as her long, red locks laid languidly across her eyes. Sweeping her fringe from her vision, Sunny smiled and flashed her pearly whites, "Morning, you", she said in half whisper.

With a drowsy smile Kim replied, "Morning. Slept well?", she asked as she laid her hands on Sunny's warm body.

"Mhmm, very, you know I always sleep well on a full belly", Sunny said as she laid her own hands on Kim. "What about you?"

"A slightly less full belly, but yeah, I slept well", Kim answered trying not to cringe as she felt Sunny's fingers explore her chubbier waist.

With a brief chortle Sunny lightly patted her own vast tummy, "Hehe, I'd be a little surprised if you had a fuller belly than me these days." As if on cue Kim's belly gave out an unmistakable rumble of hunger, causing Kim to turn a very sharp shade of red, but Sunny just smiled and gently rubbed Kim's grumbling tummy before locking eyes with Kim and grinning widely. "Speaking of: You'll never guess what I found in this musty old book in your cupboard a few days after you moved in."

Kim gulped as Sunny's continued rubbing her belly.
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