A lesson to be learned 6: epilogue

Chapter 1 - a lesson to be learned 6 epilogue preg wg stuffing

*Crunch*...*Crunch*... "Mmm, can you *crunch*... pass me the Nutella, Sun? I can't -uurgh- I can't reach it", Kim pouted after a failed attempt to reach her favourite snack accompaniment.

"Hehe, can't reach it over THIS, you mean?", Sunny chortled as she poked an index finger into the side of Kimberly's large, round, gestating dome. Her smile grew ever wider at the realisation of how deep her finger sunk before meeting with the resistance of Kim's pregnancy under the chubby layer of fat she had cultivated, not single-handedly of course. Reaching over from off the sofa for Kimberly's rather large Nutella jar Sunny gasped in surprise. "Dammit...", she said in an irritated tone.

*Crunch*, "Whassup?", Kimberly asked through a mouthful of potato chips as one of her hands grasped the large jar as best she could from underneath while the other plunged a stack of three chips into the gooey, chocolate treat.

"I fell out of my damn nursing bra again and my nipples are still sensitive from the feeding. I can't believe I need to go up a size again, I thought tits were supposed to start shrinking a little this long after the birth, or at least stop swelling. It's been 8 months, surely they can't grow anymore, they're enormous", Sunny stressed as she sat back and readjusted herself into her inadequate undergarment.

*Crunch* "I suppose I'll have to drink them dry for my pre-sleep snack tonight... But really, Sun, you're complaining to ME about growing? Seriously?", Kim said with a slightly unsympathetic barb at the end while she continued to feed herself.

Turning her head she looked Kim over, it was true that Sunny had no right complain of further swelling as she appraised Kim's form. She was -for lack of a better word- enormous, all belly, boobs and other plump bulges that dominated her once slim and wiry physique. Kim's skin tight beige crop top was rumpled and bunched up at the top of her mammoth belly serving as little more than a sports bra, and a pretty bad one at that. Her belly rose high and spread wide in a tight sphere of fecund and fatty flesh, unmistakably pregnant but the evidence of her feeding frenzy was plain as day too. Small frays adorned the edges of Kim's tightening pyjama pants as widened and softened hips bulged past their confines, leading down to a slightly fleshier pair of thighs pinned under Kim's vast, hungry bump. Softer arms pressed against bulging tit flesh as she scooped globs of Nutella onto her chips and snaffled them down, a much gentler jawline and rounder cheeks worked quickly to crunch up her snack before swallowing. Sunny smiled at the sight, the changes Kim had gone through over the months were mind-blowing, her slightly Asian features compliment so well by the added weight, Sunny truly loved what she and Kim had made together.

Placing a hand tenderly on Kim's large belly Sunny leaned in and began planting a series of gentle, yet sensual kissed on she soft skin, "I'm sorry, angel, I guess I just got a little stressed, you're right, I can't really complain about swelling compared to you", she purred. "But let's face it-", she said as she took a small stack of chips from the bag and dipped them deep into the chocolate spread and lifted them to Kim's waiting lips, "- It's not like you're doing anything to slow your own growth, now is it?", she asked with a smile as Kim munched on the chocolate-drenched chips.

"Mmmm... I guess not, but it's not my fault", Km pitifully mumbled as she saw Sunny's gaze with a raised eyebrow, "Not ENTIRELY, anyway", she finished with a sheepish smirk as she reached for more chips.

"I won't deny there may have been quite a bit of revenge feeding in the early months that might've contributed, but I think it's safe to say most of this is your own handiwork", said as she playfully patted Kim's bulging belly. "And let's not forget who started this whole thing anyway."

"Technically you started it by failing me in your class", Kim shot back.

Sunny gave Kim a stern look, "Kim, I was doing my job and you deserved those grades. If you'd dedicated as much time to your studying and coursework as you have to eating these past few months you'd have been top of the class". Then her tone shifted to a softer, kinder one, "But then I suppose we wouldn't be here now, huh? I wouldn't have the twins, you wouldn't have these two on the way, and worst of all, I wouldn't have you", Sunny said as she kissed Kim on the lips.

"I guess you're kinda right, about all this and... well... THIS", Kim motioned to her mountainous middle. "I am getting pretty big."

"GETTING? Kim, you're huge... And I do mean huge. You're even bigger than I was at the end of my pregnancy, and I was pretty damn big, and I wasn't even getting fed like you have with me a bit", Sunny teased as she poked Kim's rounding sides.

"Hehehe, not entirely true, actually", Kim cheekily sniggered.

"What do you mean?", Sunny asked quizzically.

"Well how do you think you got that belly you're still carrying around? You still look about 5 months pregnant", Kim giggled as she poked Sunny's own paunch of a belly. "Of course I fed you, I was trying to feed you every time we hung out, hence all the weight you've been trying to shed", Kim said as she glared at Sunny's considerably slimmer figure enviously, "I see some of it's still hanging on though", she added as she spooned Nutella into her mouth with a smile.

"Yeah, I still occasionally get asked if I know if it's a boy or a girl, but whatever I've had to lose will be considerably less than what you'll be weighted down with after these two are born. I can't believe it, less than nine months ago you were, what, 120 pounds? And now look at you, over a hundred pound heavier, round, heavy, hungry, and massively pregnant. So darn chubby all over too, and you seem almost determined to get bigger before you give birth", Sunny grinned as she playfully pinched Kim's expanding waistline.

Kim paused "... I've already told you, I can't help it, I just - I just... Urgh, I just HAVE to eat", she said in a flustered tone, then she eyed Sunny's hand delve into the chip bag, "And you're not exactly helping, either", she said as she begrudgingly gobbled down the handful Sunny presented. "It's gonna take me forever to lose this weight after", Kim pouted as she rubbed her insatiable belly.

Nuzzling her face into Kim's melon sized breasts she giggled, "And who says I'm gonna let that happen, hmm?" Kim just gazed worriedly at the top of Sunny's head as she felt slim fingers sink into her fleshy sides and heard Sunny purr with delight.
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