A lesson to be learned

Chapter 1 - a lesson to be learned 1

Filing into the lecture hall the students were all atwitter with discussions of their Summer break, swapping anecdotes and horror stories of various escapades over the vacation as they meandered down the shallow steps of the spacious room. Gradually portions of the mumbling mass fell silent as they reached the bottom of the stairs as their eyes were drawn to the sight before them. A peachy, heart shaped posterior reached out to their eyes as its owner extended herself across the desk rifling through papers and folders, collecting her lesson plan and various photocopies her students would require to follow the lesson. Both guys and girls alike in the crowd fell silent, the image of Miss Sunny Andrews' tight, toned tush seemed far more important or interesting than what they were discussing, at least to some, while others rolled their eyes and shook their heads at how predictable many of their cohorts were and their complete lack of an attention span when in faced with such a sight.

Noting the sudden drop in noise level Miss Andrew's turned to face her students with a quizzical look on her face, as her tight, red pencil skirt restrained derriere turned from the mess' sight their eyes travelled upwards, their journey bringing them over her trim waist and flat stomach hidden under a crisp white shirt, and traversing her moderate bust that many onlookers estimated to be within D cup range, with the faintest hint of cleavage visible through the top two open buttons on her shirt. While some eyes lingered at her face others continued their climb to her face, adorned by pale skin, plump red lips, evergreen eyes and adorable button nose, all framed by long, sweeping locks of auburn hair. Many compared her likeness to that of a certain forestry-fond femme fatale of the Batman universe, and like that character she oozed sensuality and seduction while still maintaining a casual, bouncy demeanour. Sunny was many things to many different people, the envy of many girls on campus, dream girl or fantasy to many guys (and many girls too), role model, friend, lecturer, the list goes on, but to only one person was Sunny the focus of bitterness and hate, and the crowd of gawking students masked the glaring eyes of this person.

A bitter sneer spread across Kimberly Reynar's face as Sunny's formed a warming smile, 'Bitch, I almost failed last year because of her low grades, I had to spend so much of the Summer making up the work, urgh. I'll ***ing show her, teach her to fail me...' A silent storm brewed within Kimberly's mind as everyone else's hearts melted under the warm glow of her smile.

"Well what're you all waiting for, an invitation? Take a seat", Sunny called out with a light chortle, obvious happy to see so many familiar faces in her class again she strived to maintain a friendly yet respectable attitude. As the students filed into the seating rows they began buzzing with casual conversation again before Sunny requested silence, with all eyes on her she looked around and greeted her students. "Welcome back to so many of you, and to others just welcome, I'm Sunny and I'll be leading this Analysis of Modern Media course for the duration of the year. So if you'd like to look through the booklets that're being passed around now you can quickly acquaint yourselves with some of the material we went through last year, and then I'll give you a brief introduction to what we'll be covering this year."
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