A tragic loss, a beautiful gain

Chapter 1 - an exposition

Hey there, I guess I have to share the story of how I met my future wife and how our relationship changed the both of us.

At the time I want to start my recollection of the events I was a student of the University Leipzig in Germany. It was fall and the end of the second semester. I had accomodated myself well in the past year. Always having had a great interest in medicine and the natural sciences sorounding that field of inquiry it had been surprisingly easy to take hold in my new life as a college student. Money wasn´t a big issue for me because I had scholarship and also gave private tutoring lessons as I had always been very good at school.
I would have given my looks a 7 or 8 out of 10. I have dark brown hair, am 6ft tall, dark well-formed eye brows and a slim but muscular build.
Although all of those factors seem very positive, I kind of felt.. lonely. I had split up with my former girlfriend some months ago and was quite a bit more careful about opening up emotionally as a result. Also I had an apartment for myself. Good for studying and being productive otherwise. Bad for meeting new people and enjoying the time you are spending.
Without losing any more words: I had a very focused life, centering around the university as a hub for all my activities.
The study of medicine is structured rather like a class, at least more so compared to other study subjects. Because of that you got to learn all your fellow students, at least by their appearences.
The most beautiful girl in my class (which was basically everyone studying medicine there) was an asian girl, named Sue. She had black hair, an incredibly symmetric and beautiful face and also a very appealing figure. Decently sized breasts, I would have guessed a small C cup and a nice ass. Otherwise she seemed lean but not incredibly athletic. She was a product of excellent genetics, not necessarily super healthy habits. Not that I would have thought about that. The only thing that I could do was to watch my jar drop. She was almost too attractive to fall for her. It was like a little girl being in love with a famous singer; just not the same league. I didn´t waste any thoughts about asking her on a date or anything like that. The only thing I could assume was that she was already taken and wouldn´t be interested anyways. Bad luck on my part, I guess.
The first two semesters we didn´t have a lot of contact. Maybe we exchanged some glances or asked a question related to subject matters for example whilst dissecting a corpse. (Standart practice in studying medicine).
At the start of the third semester something happend that changed our relationship forever...

/Disclaimer: That´s my first story so friendly advice is appreciated. Also English insn´t my mother tongue and therefore you don´t have to be too critical on grammar or certain word choices but if you want then you can be regardless :D.
Story starts slowly but I intend to pick up the pace in the next chapter. Till´ then

See ya!
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Theswordsman 6 years
Maybe she can catch him looking up tips for fattening her and gets aroused by the idea.
Fbuucgk 6 years
Classic schmosby but good story!
Theswordsman 6 years
I like how the relationship is progressing