Above and below

chapter 1

In the deepest part of the ocean lies an underwater cave, that leads to an tunnel full of twist and turns, before coming too a very large opening where castle of coral and jewels was built and the building was very big.

Around the castle were much smaller "homes" built of coral and rock and seaweed. And swimming around these multiple structures were dozens apon dozens of mer-people. Men, women and children who from the waist and up, look like humans but from the waist down that have the tails to many different sea creatures that humans have or haven't seen before.

Near the edge of the cave opening that leads to the hidden underwater city was where two mermen were floating as they waited for all those of age to arrive for their lesson.

One of the males was much older looking: he has long black that was starting to turn grey hair and a beard that reaches his waist, he has the tail of a tiger shark, tan skin, very muscler, green eyes and a crown made of coral on his head. From the top of his tail to the top of his head, he 7 feet and 4 inches tall. His name is King Longfish. Ruller of the underwater city: Malarkey

And next to him is one of his best warriors: Axe. He has long orange hair that reaches his mid-back, he upper torso is protected by armor and he has a deep shade of red fish tail, he has purple eyes and slim yet muscler figure and a spear in his left hand and a shield on his right arm.

The pair was waiting for the mermaids and mermens to finish saying their goodbyes to family members before they go to learn of the human world. And after that they will be looking for their soulmates as they go.

One of the merman who will be going, doesn't have any family to say to goodbye to. His parents were warriors who died when he was young, and he is a only child. He has short silver hair, pale tan skin, a powerful and muscler figure with a six pack, he has deep electric blue eyes, and a deep vibrate purple and yellow mix fish tail, from the top of his tail to the top of his head he is 6 feet and 8 inches tall.
His name is Yoshi Sowrdback and he is with 21 other mer-people who have come of age to find their soulmates. And once they find their soulmates, it's there choice to leave the pod to stay with their soulmates or to return back to the pod.
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