Becoming mia

Chapter 1 - miya gets the part

My heart was beating fast as I tried to contain my nerves and excitement. I was second in line to audition for a big feature film with my name stuck to my shirt. All the other girls in the room looked like me, medium height, brown hair, thin and pretty. I wondered if they wanted someone really pretty because some of those girls could have been models and I was sure that if that was the case I wouldn't get the part. I had moved to L.A two years prior to pursue a career in acting and countless auditions had my spirit depleting. I knew I was talented but truthfully there was just too many people at every audition I went to. I was feeling pretty desperate and going to at least four auditions each week. I knew nothing about this role only the vague script they had given to read through.

Suddenly a high pitched, quirky voice called out my name, silencing my spiraling thoughts. I calmed my mind like I had practised countless times and focused on my first line and que. The audition room was plain, the walls were painted a mint green and there was a table where three people sat in a line. I positioned myself before them and introduced myself, "Hey guys, I'm Miya. How's it going?"
"Hi Miya, I'm Robert the executive producer, this is Celeste the director and john the casting executive. Do you know anything about the picture?" The man on the left replied, gesturing to the others by his side. I was immediately excited by the prospect of working with a female director. It would be a rare opportunity and probably would mean a better experience working. I'd done enough short films with film school bro's who just want to cast hot girls for sex and to boss us around to know the industry is rampant with sexism. Plus the director was really like an older, dark, boss woman way.
"Not much, no." I replied honestly, a bit concerned I had the wrong answer.
"No worries, Miya. We have tried to keep details under wraps as we're looking for a fresh perspective to the role and someone who will bring themselves to it. What we can tell you before the read through is that it is a fairly high budget independent production, funded solely by the writer so the pay will be substantial. So let's start the read through, you'll be reading with Luke and then we'll ask a few questions after." Robert continued as he walked over to the door and let in a tall, toned but lanky guy, covered in tats. He approached me and shook my hand firmly but warmly and we began the act.
"What would you say if we got out of here?" He asked.
"Yeah I'm finished, let's go home." I replied.
"No I mean like, go someplace far away like travel. We could explore the world together. Try all the food, see all the sights or never leave the bedroom" He teased.
I looked at him defeated but then he prompted me to shift my gaze to be hopeful and a smile formed.
"Maybe we could. I'd miss my family but I'm sure they'd understand. I have to do something huge with my life."
"I have my inheritance to squander and you're the only person I'd think about sharing it with." We moved in closer before the director interrupted with, "A kiss won't be necessary."
I laughed unsure of whether her blunt tone was intentionally comedic. I'm pretty sure I saw the corner of her mouth slightly lift.
I looked to the panel who as usual weren't giving anything away, Luke smiled brightly, easing my nerves. I felt a very warm energy from him and it wasn't just the way we played the scene.
"Thank you, Miya. So Luke has been cast as Jimmy upon the writer's request. I like the way you played Mia. I enjoyed your naturalist approach. There is a big question we have to ask before moving on. The role would require you to gain a substantial amount of weight throughout the plot. We will hire Hollywood's best fitness trainers to help you get back to your figure after..." Robert said before Celeste added, "If you want to that is." And John, the casting executive chuckled briefly, a hint of minor discomfort in his tone. "Is this something you would be comfortable with?" Robert continued.
My automatic response was always to agree to anything in an audition so I started, "Yes of course. Anything for the character." That was before I even really thought about it, but as soon as I said it their faces lit up like they were used to rejection on that front.
"Er, exactly how much weight though might I ask?" I added.
"Well, up to around 400 pounds" Robert replied and my heart sank. I couldn't believe I had unknowingly just agreed to become a huge blob, I would never do it, I would have to back out. But I really needed my first major role, even if it was me becoming morbidly obese. At least Hollywood would know I'm dedicated. But it would be so embarrassing, what would my friends and family back home say when they saw it. That would be so embarrassing. They had however said that they'd hire the best people to help me become trim and toned again.
"Is this okay?" Robert asked nervously.
I took a deep breath in and said, "Yeah, I can do that."
Everyone started beaming and let me know that it was the last day of auditions so I'd be contacted within 24 hours about the role. This gave me great hope, they seemed impressed with me, especially my willingness to gain weight for the role. I shook their hands, was handed some paperwork then thanked them and left, seeing the nervous, pretty girls waiting after me and thinking about how they're about to be asked to gain 400 pounds. ‘Or maybe they only asked people they liked’, I wondered.

I went home and thought about the audition. It was the first time I had received any hint of positive affirmation in an audition. The prospect of entering Hollywood, even with an extra 400 pounds, was so alluring. I was nervous though. I would be so gross, it would totally ruin my life outside of work. I wouldn't be able to leave my house I'd be so ashamed. And I probably wouldn't fit through the door anyway! I read the paperwork they gave me which included a recent draft of the script. I read through it and immediately saw the potential. It involved a love triangle, travel and culture. It was very detailed and well written. It could make me a star if people could see past all the fat I'd be hidden in. Almost immediately after finishing the script I received an email reading, "To Miya. We would like to offer you the part of Mia and congratulate you on your fabulous audition. The pay for the role will be $100,000. Please await further information regarding read through, fittings and filming dates."
I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe all my work over two years had finally paid off. The risk I took moving to L.A and all the money I had spent getting there. I immediately called my family but I couldn't bring myself to mention the catch. They'd find out eventually.

Two months later.

We were on set our second week of filming almost daily and Celeste worked fast. She said Luke and I were just naturally perfect but she was also a fantastic director. Luke and I were building up a friendship as our characters continued their romance. We would talk often in between takes. I also felt like I was getting somewhere with Celeste. She was so hard to read but she really intrigued me and I was eager to please her on and off camera..for professional reasons. I had to admit I was attracted to her but she had shown no interest in me aside from my performances. After a long take, she asked to see me in my dressing room. My makeup was being fixed as she spoke. "So Miya, it is now time for you to start gaining weight. I realise it is a significant amount of weight to gain but the quicker the better as we only have the studio for a limited time before we shoot on location. As we've discussed scenes 17 through to 21 will require you to be 165 pounds, which you will need to reach as soon as possible so we can continue shooting."
"No worries. It'll be nice to eat whatever for a while and put my exercise regime to rest." I replied.
"Yes, I think many women dream of being able to. You could think of yourself as lucky then."
"Yeah, I guess I could." I replied with a positive tone.
On my way out I passed Luke, "They want me to start gaining the weight now."
"Oh? Should we pass by McDonald's before I drop you home?"
"Oh yeah, sure. I better get started. They have given me a credit card for food. It's a platinum card hahaha how much do they expect me to eat?!"
Luke laughed shyly and looked down. He was so cute, I loved a tattooed man. He was so tall and gentle and kind. We entered the drive through and I leaned towards the window to order before Luke gave me a look and began to order for me. I giggled until he didn't stop ordering. He ordered several meals and multiple sides.
"Is that all for you?" I asked and he just shook his head and broke into laughter. I playfully slapped him and rolled my eyes.
I started eating in the car and caught Luke stealing glances, probably disgusted at how much I could eat. When we got home I got out of the car with the rest of my food in hand.
"See ya. Thanks for the lift."
"No worries, hopefully the next time I see you you'll be nice and plump."
I playfully shrugged.
"Yeah hopefully or I'll lose the job."
I went inside and ate and ate. I actually didn't realise I could eat that much. I always loved food but obviously refrained from eating this kind of stuff so I didn't get fat. It was kind of nice to let loose. When I finished my belly ached and sat swollen in front of me like a little pregnant belly. I poked it and it was hard as a rock, it felt like it was about to burst. I thought I must have been the most full I had ever been. I continued eating like this over the next week, ordering in mostly. I didn't want to leave the house too much for fear of being judged and I didn't need to exercise anymore. I tried all of the foods I could never eat before and in high quantities.
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Sativah_sauce 4 years
I will try to publish chapters more frequently from now on. I have devised a thorough plan for how the story will pan out from here and I'm really excited for more feedback so keep it coming. Thanks for reading!
Widegirllover 4 years
I definitely think you should continue and introduce more struggles and humiliation......
Widegirllover 4 years
Well done. I would have loved to have heard more detail about the physical changes and Miya's expanding figure as wells as other's reactions. However, this was well written and thought out. Congrats!
Philoadeps 4 years
Excellent work! I hope you will continue it or publish another story: you have a good talent for it!
Tftter 4 years
extremely well written and engaging smiley
Tarquin 4 years
well-written, excellent story. Yes, she should become immobile. Looking forward to her horror-stricken response to it.
Sativah_sauce 4 years
Thank you so much, good to hear! Will do! smiley)
Karenjenk 4 years
I love this story. the characters are believeable and I like the premise of gaining for a job.
Take your time though? please? this is really really good.
Sativah_sauce 4 years
Let me know how you like the story and I'll write more chapters. Do you think Miya should become immobile?