Decadent end

chapter 1: sam

Decadent Delights is a new, exclusive cafe, with the most delicious treats you'd ever taste. After being shown the wonders by his best friend Max, Sam undergoes massive changes that won't be easy to change back. Massive weight gain, male, feeding, stuffing, may have dark themes, bisexual/gay themes. May be slow.

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Hey guys! This is my first gainer story! Sort of a spur of the moment thing so I don't have too many plans. If you guys have requests just tell me either by messaging or commenting under the story. Most of the story will be from Sam's perspective but PoV will change for some chapters so for ease I've named the chapters with the character's name whose PoV it is. Hope you all enjoy! Critiques are welcome! Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, I did my best haha.

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---------------- Chapter 1: Sam

Max was late. Again. This happened every time! Max would set a time to meet, make a huge deal about being on time and then show up an hour late!

A gust of wind blew through Sam's skinny body, even though he'd borrowed one of his sister's jackets and gloves he was still freezing. He could live with Max spacing, after all they'd been friends so long now he was more than used to it, but it was so freezing he couldn't feel his fingers. It was dusk! What if someone tried to mug him! He was too busy shivering to be able to fight back, and his fingers were so numb he wouldn't be able to call for help.

He groaned and clicked his phone awake to check the time, the bright white symbols showed 8:52pm. Another eight minutes and Max would officially be an hour late... To a meeting HE'D arranged! Sam growled and stuffed his phone back in his baggy jeans pocket, flicking his dark sandy hair out of his eyes to blow on his frozen hands. Rubbing them together he glanced around, if I get frostbite cause of this bastard I'm suing, he thought grumpily.

The bus stop was deserted and the only source of light in an otherwise shrouded street. The trees were few enough that Sam could see for miles either side of him. It was a residential area and some of the houses buzzed with TVs and conversation but it still felt dead, quiet... Almost haunted. Don't drug dealers and rapists hang out at bus stops? Another shiver shook Sam but this time it wasn't because of the cold.

He was just about to give up and head home when he caught sight of a hunched figure he'd recognise anywhere coming towards him. At least it wasn't anyone dangerous. Well, no one immediately dangerous anyway.

This was always the way it went down though, if Sam was even a second late by some miracle Max would be on time and scold him for being late. If Sam was on time Max would take an agonising delay to get there. Sam would be ready to leave and Max, as if on cue, would suddenly show up out of nowhere.

Knowing this, Sam tried to cheat the system once but somehow the cosmic forces involved knew the difference between Sam actually wanting to leave and just pretending.

Sam glared at the boy as he strolled up in a thick hoodie and scarf acting as if he'd arrived right on time.

"Come on Sam, what chu waiting for? You don't want all those greedy fatsos to get the good stuff." Max tugged on Sam's thin jacket to indicate that he should follow. Sam almost protested, about to scold the heavier boy for being so late, but he'd already tried that in the past and it never ended the way he'd have liked. So, instead, he just followed Max.

Max had promised Sam that the trouble was well worth it. The night cafe known as Decadent Delights was as exclusive as a night club but it was supposedly an extremely cosy place you never wanted to leave. The pastries and bread and sweets were all free but you couldn't get in unless a registered customer invited you and you had to pay entry fees. Once you were inside though all bets were off. The cafe claimed to have an endless supply of food during opening hours, which went from 8pm to 8am, and once the entry fee was paid you could eat as much as you could handle, more if you wanted. This was not the first time Max had gone, he'd forked out the subscription fee to become a registered member so he could invite Sam along to what was now his favourite eatery.

Max was one of those friends you're friends with because you can't remember how to not be friends with them. Sam and Max had been best friends since third grade and now as a senior in college that basically meant they'd known each other a lifetime. Maybe that was why Sam was surprised when he looked at Max rubbing his belly and rambling on about how hungry he was and how much he'd been craving Delights all day. The belly was undoubtedly bigger.

Max had never been a twig like Sam but he'd had a flat belly throughout high school. In freshman year of college he gained about ten pounds but he hadn't gained anything the following year. Was that belly just from this year? Sam estimated about 20lbs had found their way to his now much doughier middle and were fighting for room in his tight pants and small shirt. Pants that were digging into Max's sides, making him look even plumper, and a shirt that was small enough it rode up a little while he walked. It wasn't much, 30lbs wasn't the end of the world, but Sam had a feeling Max didn't even notice.

If Sam had made the connection between the Decadent Delights and his best friend's growing appetite and equally expanding waistline, he might have been able to avoid the eventual outcome. But he didn't.

Next time - Some major stuffings are gonna take place! Stay tuned!
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