Demise of a cheerleader (short)

Chapter 1 - demise of a cheerleader

Alyssa’s exposed belly wobbled from side to side, a paunch of creamy skin that folded over her skirt waistband, unconstrained by the busted buttons on either side of her shirt. The beautiful brunette belched and pushed the empty plate to the side of the table with all the others. A practical graveyard of dirty dishes at this point. Both hands rubbed the unyielding flesh of her gut as she closed her eyes and settled back in her seat.

Suzy could only stare transfixed by the sight before her. The former cheerleader was already quite fat, even after only a few months on the diet. The once captain of the squad had taken to the life of a spoiled pig quite well. She even seemed to be enjoying it now. Suzy watched as another sundae was brought to the table and set before Alyssa. A banana split with the works residing in a huge glass goblet. It looked like enough to feed 3 people.

“How much longer do I have to do this? Mnff…” She paused for only a moment before her mouth was once again plugged with fattening desert.

“The rules are quite clear, Alyssa. If you hope to keep your head title, you would need to gain fifty pounds in six months.” Suzy glanced down at the ledger she had been keeping. The small black book set precariously balanced at the edge of the table, pushed there by the ever encroaching tide of bowls and plates. “As of your last measurement, you still need to gain 23 pounds.”

Suzy nodded at Alyssa and with a playful chuckle placed a hand on her overfed gut. “It’s of the utmost importance you really push yourself.” She gave a feral grin and pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose.

Alyssa dropped the spoon into her ice cream and groaned. Eyes closed, she leaned back and quietly whimpered. She had watched her thin frame grow and expand into tight, jiggly obesity. Her pampered body absolutely ballooned. Her belly rounding out as she continued to pack more and more food away. Her appetite only growing in intensity as its owner did. By this point, she had her mouth full of something constantly, a total slave to her gluttony. Ten minutes later she had shoveled down the rest of the banana split. A ring of chocolate syrup encircled her red lips. A dollop of vanilla rested on her right breast. Alyssa didn’t seem to notice. She wavered in her seat, eyes glazed over, and mountainous glutted belly protruding over her poor overtaxed waistband.

“Suzy…please…Oh…” Alyssa breathed heavily and sat back in her wooden chair. The chair creaked loudly. Alyssa’s stomach protested, letting out a gurgle that was muffled by her own sheer fullness.

Suzy’s hand slinked down Alyssa’s belly. Her fingers gently brushing against Alyssa’s naval before coming to rest just below the lower curve of her fattened belly. Suzy traced over the smooth surface of the her belly, tugging and teasing the pale paunch, eliciting a quick gasp. A lazy smile slowly spread over Alyssa’s lips. “I’m getting rather fat, aren’t I?”

Fat? You’re a complete fucking hog. Suzy knew better than to answer. Not now. She continued to rub, slipping her hand beneath Alyssa’s belly. She found panties stretched tight to the point of bursting. She took a leftover cheesecake bite from the table and held it to Alyssa’s lips who took it into her mouth and swallowed, her tongue lolling open. Alyssa’s wobbling gut was tight and tinged with red near where it was covered by her shirt. Suzy undid the skirt clasp, letting the curve of her belly sag a little lower.

Alyssa sighed and gently burped. “After this meal, how much longer do you think I’ll have?”

Oh, considering your panties are about to explode off your fat ass and I’m going to keep shoving food into your pig face until you can’t fit through the door…

“At this rate, not long and you’ll be there and be back on the team. They’ll have no choice, but to accept you back.” Suzy smiled as she gave Alysa’s belly a slight pat. She brought another cheesecake bite to Alyssa’s mouth and watched her take it in.

That’s it… Keep eating… Make sure there’s no more room in there.

“Exactly. Then that bitch Christie will pay…” Alyssa hiccuped and her gut jerked in her lap causing her to grimace.

“Shh, don’t you worry about that now. Let’s just get you fed.” Another cheesecake bite between her perfect lips.

Yes. Keep eating, I’m going to get this whole fucking meal in you. More…

Alyssa gasped when she felt the cool wood of the table edge dig into her engorged tummy. Having slowly worked her way through nearly 4 plates of food and several deserts she felt absolutely glutted. She looked it too. She looked very pregnant and she couldn’t help but smile. Alyssa’s breathing was shallow. Her huge belly rising and falling in rhythm, so full it almost creaked from the pressure, but Alyssa hardly seemed to mind. She moaned as Suzy brought another cheesecake bite to her waiting mouth. She let out a contented sigh, and took a bite.

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I had planned to take this idea further, but hit a bit of a wall. Suzy's thoughts were written in italics, but they don't transfer over to FF. If you like this story, please let me know in the comments below. All opinions welcome. Check out my other stories if enjoyed this one. Thank you!
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Lots of folks asked for more on this one. So I decided to develop it out a bit more. Check out Demise of a Cheerleader (long). I'm building up to this scene with the characters and then going beyond it. It'll be fun!
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