A deal to remember

Chapter 1 - a deal to remember

It was the fifth hot dog that did it. The first three went down pretty easily, but the fifth was causing Caroline belly to grumble a bit. It wasn't that she was full. No, it was that she was eating so quickly. Her cheeks bulged with food as one decked out dog after another found its way to her belly.

And it was certainly a belly now. There was no disguising it. It hung taunt and full over her shorts waistband. She really needed to stop this. She was binging, but everything was so good. Jenny wasn't helping things either.

"You want a burger, C? We just finished a fresh batch. More chips? Coke?" Jenny's blond hair framed her face perfectly. Her smile perfect. She placed the tray on the picnic table and walked over. Her hands encircled Caroline's waist and gently caressed her gurgling gut. She prodded right above the belly button. Her index finger sinking in just slightly. Caroline felt Jenny's hot breath on her neck. "Want to make sure my girl gets enough. You still have room in there." Jenny gave Caroline's belly a slight pat and set two hamburgers down on Caroline's plate before turning and walking away.

Caroline watched Jenny go mingle and sighed. She was in deep trouble. She should leave. Just stand up and walk right out of here. Maybe hit the gym, join a few fitness classes. She could have this under control in no time.

The second burger was almost as good as the first...

She had retired from the backyard to the house. Outside, she could hear the remaining guests finally leaving, not that it mattered. Once the door was shut behind her she had plopped on the couch and moaned. 6 hot dogs, two burgers, and some ice cream and Caroline felt like she was going to explode. Her globular gut expanded out beyond her unbuttoned pants and just barely grazed her thighs. This must be what it feels like to be pregnant. Stuffed full. She hiccuped softly and lightly massaged her belly.

Jenny was standing in front of her when she next opened her eyes. "Well, well I figured I'd find you here. The guests are all gone. And so is all the food. No thanks to my you, my little prized piggy." Jenny straddled Caroline's lap and kissed her. "Umph....please be careful...ohhh god. Too much. Way too much. I'm thinking this whole deal might of been a mistak....." Carline burped as she felt Jenny's fingers push in on her belly, prod it, feel how much give there was. A brief smile and then light slap to her belly was answered with a dull thump."Oh my...you really did go all out. Nice and packed in there." Caroline hiccuped as she watched Jenny lick her ruby red lips.

"Don't pretend you haven't been enjoying this. Eating whatever you like, all the pampering, you're like a kid in a candy shop. This has always been what you've wanted." Jenny slightly lifted Caroline's belly, hefting it gently before letting it drop. Caroline noticed that it didn't jiggle like usual. She was packed so full. "My, my, and from the looks of things this sweet little gut is about to be touching those pale, smooth thighs of yours. If only I had one more thing to cram in you I might be able to get it there today. Oh wait.... I do." From the side of the couch , Jenny brought out a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Caroline's favorite.

Caroline pushed herself up a bit off the couch. Her face practically touching Jenny's large breasts. "Jenny, no. No more. I'm already about to pop."

"Hush. I know my piglet's capacity and I know you have a tad more room in there. Besides, you can't resist chocolate chip. You've never been able too. Watch..." Plucking a cookie from the top of the pile, Jenny pushed Caroline back down and placed it right between her tits. "Let's see how long you last..."

The cookie was still warm. Soft and gooey. And as much as Caroline wanted to say otherwise, she wanted it. "No....No Jenny." She wrenched her eyes away from the cookie. "I'm getting really chunky. I think we might slow down a bit, ya know? I didn't realize how much you'd be....pampering me and...."

"Chunky!" Jenny laughed. She grabbed both flaps of Caroline's jeans and attempted to pull them together to zip up. Caroline grimaced and began to meekly struggle before giving in with a small burp. The jeans didn't come close to buttoning, much less zipping. Caroline's belly poured outward taunt and full into Jenny's hands. "Sweetie, you are far beyond chunky. I've been putting meals in front of you for nearly four months and you haven't declined a thing. Cake, cookies, and everything in between has found their way here." She patted Caroline's globular gut. "And all you did was ask was seconds, thirds, and sometimes fourths. Point is, deal or not, the only one to blame is yourself." Caroline opened her mouth as if to speak, paused, and with one hand slowly pushed the cookie off her tit and into her greedy mouth. Jenny grinned and set the plate on the couch next to her.

It took nearly an hour. Jenny slowly brought cookie after cookie to Caroline's waiting mouth. After the fifth cookie, Caroline's eyes glazed over. She would sporadically whimper and groan, but each time open her mouth willingly for the next treat. It was automatic. Stuffed so full, but presented with food, the urge to finish was overpowering.

Three cookies left and Caroline had reached her limit. Her packed belly audibly groaned. The skin stretched tight. She placed both hands on either side of pregnant looking gut and burped. For the first time in awhile she looked down and could see the crescent of her burgeoning belly over her large breasts. A small line of stretch marks were beginning to form on her right side. She traced one momentarily before sighing and letting her head fall back to the couch cushions. Another cookie. She had a hard time swallowing. So damn full. No more room in there. She forced it down and moaned.

"Shhhhh. Just a couple more and my piggie will be fat and happy." Jenny giggled. "God, Caroline your tits have gotten as big as mine." She lifted each melon and let them fall to rest on Caroline's bloated sphere. "I'm not sure if you're a piggie or a cow now." Jenny kissed her neck, trailing down and taking a stiff nipple in her mouth with a gentle suck. Another cookie in. Another whine and grunt following by a loud complaint from Caroline's belly. "Now, now, don't complain you. Your momma has just been giving you everything you want and look at you. You've just been getting bigger and bigger." Jenny kissed the apex of Caroline's belly. Lifting it slightly and watching it fall. Another cookie followed the others.

There was a loud rip followed by a grunt from Caroline. Jenny pulled back just in time to see Caroline's belly lower a couple of centimeters and come to rest on her smooth thighs. Perfectly round and topped with an almost outie belly button, her belly was a monument to gluttony.

"You naughty girl...". Jenny shoved the last cookie past Caroline's eager lips. Sweat had formed on her forehead. "Your fat gut just ripped those nice panties of yours. I told you I could probably get it to touch those gorgeous thighs of yours. OH.. you've really outdone yourself today. My God, still hungry, sow? Got any more room in there?" Jenny caressed Caroline's belly before giving it a slight prod with her left hand. A small belch came out of Caroline in response followed by a long moan.

"Ohhh, I think you've had enough. I did have another plate of cookies..." Looking down at Caroline, her pants down almost to her knees, glorious fattened belly rising in time with her shallow breathing, panties ripped and completely covered by her taunt girth as she tried to ease her discomfort with rubs and burps. Jenny was practically drooling. Another slight prod right above Caroline's belly button proved her right. There was no give. Caroline's skin was pulled taunt over her glutted belly. She was packed tight. Full and heavy. Jenny placed both hands on either side of it and gently rubbed as she pushed inward. Caroline moaned and belched.

"I think we've finally filled my piglet up, haven't we? Caroline's eyes were heavy lidded. Jenny knew a food coma wasn't far off. She nodded before letting out a small hiccup. "Had enough at the trough? Let's get my prize piglet up to bed."

Jenny removed Caroline's pants and watched her struggle to stand. It took her three attempts. Scooting her fat ass forward and pushing off with her arms proved to be only moderately successful. After the third attempt and failure Caroline collapsed backward and whimpered. "Jenny, help me, this couch is so deep and I can't get enough leverage"

"It's nothing to do with the couch, C." She grabbed Caroline's hands and pulled her up. Caroline wavered a moment before steadying herself, one hand on the wall and the other on her globular stomach. Standing, Caroline was a sight to behold. Her stuffed gut swelled outward past her already hefty hooters. A perfect pale dome topped with shallow belly button. Jenny clearly saw where Caroline's panties had ripped halfway down the side. They were hanging on for dear life, some of the stitching giving way even now as Caroline let go of her belly and it fell into place before her.

There was a slight grimace on Caroline's lips followed by a worried look. Gotta stop doing this to me Jenny. You know I can't control myself. Hic. Too much food. I can't stop." Caroline was beginning to hiccup now. Each slight jerk causing her breasts and belly to bounce.

"Shhhh. We have a deal, remember? 6 months. You only have two more. You might as well enjoy it." Caroline opened her mouth to speak, but Jenny gently put another warm cookie in. "There you go. Just something to fill in the cracks." Caroline had a difficult time, but swallowed. A few more rips could be heard from Caroline's panties. "My, my. We best get to bed before you pop those panties. Though it does save me the trouble of taking them off you, doesn't it?"

They made their upstairs
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Thank you Gothic! I appreciate you taking the time to read it smiley
Beeboz 3 years
Thank you! I'm glad everyone is still enjoying this story.
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@HockeyFan16 - No, this isn't the final chapter. I had to split the stuffing scene in two halves. We have about two maybe three more parts. I appreciate you reading my work!
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Not done! I've just been dealing with stuff. I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to leave a comment and ask though! smiley Have a good one!
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