Christy's last free day

Chapter 1 - christy

Christy sat back and groaned. Way overdone it. But it was getting to be that way at every meal, wasn't it? She closed her eyes, ran her tongue over her lips, and tasted the sweetness of the cheesecake. In her now. All of it. She placed a hand on the side of her belly and rubbed. Slow circles. She dreaded this part. Opening her eyes, she glanced down. Initially, even stuffed full, she would never of been able to see her gorged gut past her hooters. Today, however, was different. She didn't even need to push them out of the way. Her belly extended to a point just beyond her tits. A monument to her gluttony. Oh god, she had really overdone it. She grimaced as her belly let out a low rumble. She could still fix this. Totally doable. Both hands were now beneath the table rubbing her taut belly. A new diet. Some gym visits. A dose of will power and dedication. All possible and she would be back to her old self. Her smaller toned self.

"How is my piglet doing?" Daniel seated himself beside her. He was as cute as ever. His brown hair swished to the side and a gleaming smile on his face. He placed a tray containing some ice cream on the table next to him.

"No...more. So full." Christy let out another burp as she pushed her chair back from the table and wiggled forward to get up. Daniel rose and kissed her on the forehead before crouching and examine her bulging pot.

"My. my. Piggy did eat tonight didn't she?"

"I'm not a piggy." Christy said.

Daniel laughed. "Look at you! Your belly is almost touching your thighs! I bet I could get it there with a few more meals. You are just gorgeous." He slowly ran his hand along the underside of her tummy. "So full. Not much give in there at all, is there?" He pushed the straining skin above her belly button causing Christy to groan and then burp. "No, I'd say not. You really ate your fill. I suppose that makes sense, since you're starting the new diet tomorrow."

Christy wasn't amused. "Yes I am. I can't keep going like this." Using one hand to push on the table, she leveraged her self up from the table. Her belly grumbled at the sudden movement and Christy felt it fall forward a bit as it adjusted to its new size. So much food. It had been nonstop. "I'm going to get back in shape. Back to my former self if possible. I'm going to try and hit the gym tomorrow." Christy would never admit it, but she knew it wasn't going to work. It had been too long and she was so used to the wonderful food and the constant sweets. A cinnamon roll here, a brownie there, cookies, ice cream, they had all found a home in her packed gut. Just like the ice cream on the table behind Daniel now. She wanted it. Here she was, absolutely stuffed to the gills and still wanting it. What was wrong with her?

Daniel saw Christy's gaze lingered on the gallon container behind him. "Still hungry? I must of been mistaken. Maybe you DO have a bit more room in here." Both his hands caressed her gut. Teasing her. Lifting her belly just a bit and watching it expand and fall. "Go ahead. You finished up everything else, might as well help yourself the the last of the ice cream. I'll just have to throw it out otherwise."

Christy stared at him and then at the gallon of rocky road. No! No! You've had more then enough. Enough to feed five people. You DO NOT need a gallon of ice cream. She watched as a drop of condensation ran down the side of the container. It would just go to waste. No! And I do start my diet tomorrow. This is the last day I can splurge. Oh my God. What have I turned into? What has he done to me? Her brown eyes stared transfixed as Daniel opened the gallon and scooped out a massive spoonful. She stood frozen as he brought it to her lips.

"Room for just a bit more. Not quite done at the trough huh?" She took it in her mouth. There never was a choice. She closed her eyes and swirled it on her tongue. It was heavenly. Bite after bite he fed her. "What a good piggy. But you better be careful though. Those nasty jeans look like they are a bit tight and I'd hate for you to ruin them."

They were her biggest size and Daniel was right. This morning when she had put them on she could barely fit her fattened ass in them and now they felt glued on. Between her ass and glutted belly her pants were being stretched to the limit. How the button managed to hang on she didn't know. But she was thankful. Somehow in her mind, as long as she could still fit in these jeans, she was still not too far gone. She could still turn back from the brink. She was still manageable.

Another bite. Christy sat and rubbed her belly as Daniel fed her. He was enjoying himself. She could tell. He would sometimes circle her, rubbing her ass or along the inside of her thigh, before returning to place another bite on her tongue. "Halfway there. Mmm. I can tell its getting crowded in there. My pet piglet has really outdone herself tonight." He poked her belly and Christy burped. A few rivulets of ice cream rolled down from the corners of her mouth and pooled in her vast cleavage. Her shirt had slowly risen up through the course of the meal. Currently it sat just under her breasts. Her entire belly was out and each bite seemed to make it visibly grow. Oh God, please make it stop. It's too much. Daniel kissed her before shoving another spoonful of ice cream in.

"Only three bites left and you'll be all done." One. Christy sat down. It was too much. Her entire belly ached. The skin stretched completely taunt. Her belly grumbled loudly and she grit her teeth. Two. Another bite, and her belly pushed out a millimeter further. Swallowing was now nearly impossible. She was so full. Her eyes glazed over and every breath came seemed to hurt. There was a loud pop and crash as her pants button exploded off her jeans and ricocheted off the kitchen floor. Christy whimpered as she watched her belly expand to its former size and beyond. It looked like Daniel wouldn't need another meal, she could feel her colossal, fattened belly resting on her thighs. Three. One last swallow. There. Her gut loudly rumbled.

"There we go. All done. Finally full?" Daniel kissed her once again on the forehead and ran a single finger along the outer curve of her gut. "Such a good piggy."

Christy could only close her eyes and breath. She shifted her weight and heard the chair creak beneath her. She knew now there would be no new diet or gym. She couldn't even move from this chair. Christy heard the clink of a plate being placed on the table. More? She couldn't hold more. She belched and felt Daniel's hands take hers.

Daniel gently lifted her to her feet and shoved the chair aside. His left hand began to once again trace her glutted belly while his right wound around her neck and rested there. She knew instantly by the look is in his blue eyes. The slow prodding and caressing of her taut spherical gut. He was making absolutely sure she was packed full. In one fluid motion he whipped her around using his right hand to force her head down and bent her over the kitchen table. She found a single plate with a large slice of chocolate cake waiting there.

Both of Christy's hands shot out to balance herself as she felt him spread her legs. Unable to help herself, she hiccuped as she felt her belly give in to gravity and drop forwards. It hung suspended just before the edge of the table, stuffed solid. Christy gave a slight whimper as she heard the zipper on her shorts grate down several notches. God, she was so big. Full to bursting. She hiccuped again and for the first time really noticed how wet she was. She wanted him. Badly. They had intertwined food and sex for so long that the two were completely inseparable at this point.

"Look at you!" He released her hair and pulled her shorts down a few inches. His hands began running along her hips forming a wedge that slowly worked her shorts off. Christy began to eat.

"I remember when we first started dating. You were so thin, but you've really grown since then, haven't you?" She groaned as she took another bite and felt him slide in deep. "All those cookies and brownies. All that cake and ice cream and not once did you say no. You just ate it right up. You can't say no, can you piggy?" Daniel slapped her again on the ass as his hands wrapped around and grabbed her hanging gut. The piece of cake was nearly finished now and Christy whimpered as she felt her gut now brushing the table as she fell into his rhythm. She had eaten so much. She couldn't keep this up. She had to stop. She moaned.

"And now here you are, fattened like a prize hog. MY hog. Squeal for me, piggy. Do it!"

"I'm not a, mmm, pig. I'm going to diet."

Daniel squeezed her round gut and laughed. "Let it go Christy. I've stuffed you so full and you just keep eating. Your gut busted your pants and your ass barely fits between the armrests. Face it sweetie. You're stuffed so full now, but I know by morning you'll be hungry again. Your only going to get bigger. Oink for me!"

Christy tried to argue, but the words caught in her throat and the only thing that emerged was a low burp followed by a guttural moan. "Oh God, I'm fucking huge! Uh! You've got to stop feeding me and tempting (burp) me. I can't stop. Uhhhhhh!"

Daniel's pace was increasing quickly. His dick filling what little room was left in her. How was she so turned on? How did this happen? For so long she had been deathly afraid of gaining weight and now....
He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Her mouth was ringed with chocolate. A small dollop still resided on her nose. The plate was licked clean. He thrusted hard and Christy grunted as her belly and breasts shook in response.
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Fatchance 4 years
Great story so far ... please keep it going!
Justenjoy 4 years
This is amazing! Please keep going
Beeboz 4 years

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. I love your work. I hadn't planned on returning to these two, but if enough people are interested I'll be happy to continue their tale.
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Good lord!

So erotically charged, and your writing is excellent.

I envy your talent. I would love to see more of this couple. Perhaps in another story someday?
Beeboz 4 years
Thank you everyone! I'm glad people are enjoying it.
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Great erotic writing. Very well done.
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nicely done!
please continue with Christy giving in again, and again until she just surrenders!