Small breaths

Chapter 1 - small breaths

She was pregnant. Extremely pregnant. Glowing.

Pampered with sweets. Spoiled rotten with calories. Anything she desired on a plate. Her appetite had only grown and, as such, so had her belly. Perfectly round, it now dominated her frame.

One set of maternity pants left that fits and even now they struggle to contain her. A rubber band loops through each buttonhole in hopes of keeping her pants up. The elastic band stretched tight leaving a small indention on the underside of her belly as it bulges and hangs over her collapsed waistband.

She adored being pregnant. Enjoyed all the attention, not only from me, but from the family as well. She loved all the gifts and affection. Everyone was so excited and she was so easily caught up in all the enthusiasm. Most of all though, she LOVED not having to worry about watching what she ate. Where as before she would limit herself when it came to food out of fear of getting fat, now she was able to indulge and, in fact, was prodded to by my family and me. She was very much eating for two (sometimes three). All of which only made her belly balloon bigger.

By the time she was in her eighth month, she looked ready to pop. Her globular gut bulged outwards. Belly button forced shallower and shallower by her increasing girth.

Lounging on the couch, her clothes strain to contain her while she gorges on a piece of cheesecake brought home as a surprise. She always had a sweet tooth. A craving that had turned into nearly half an entire cheesecake by the time she was done. Way past full now, she sits back on the couch and sighs.

Small breaths…

In and out…


Anything more and she fears she might pop like an overfilled balloon. She had way overdone it. Couldn’t help herself anymore. All the food constantly put in front of her face. Try this, taste that......

She did…all of it.

How could she not? Everyone practically cheering her on for the “health of the baby”. She sighs before taking JUST one more bite of cheesecake. A little something to fill in the cracks. The bite is smooth and creamy on her tongue. She sighs, eyes closed. So good. An angry grumble emanates from her belly. Way too much. She groans and tries to take a deep breath. Each hand rubbing the corpulent sides of her fecund girth. An action that causes her to slightly relax, spreading her legs, allowing her gut to exert far too much pressure on the one thing holding it back. A brief pause and she feels a slight stretching on the underside of her tummy as it expands forwards. A tension that grows, heightens, and finally busts.

She yelps as she feels the rubber band snap, both flaps of her maternity jeans flying apart as her belly swells outward. Now free from constraint, it expands outwards filling her lap and then some. All she can do is whimper and let out a small burp.

Her packed gut now rests on her creamy thighs, no longer able to sit perkily above it. The slight crease it once donned is long gone, replaced with a smooth continuous surface as the skin has stretched to keep up with her hefty appetite. So much so that tiny stretch marks have begun to form on the underside of her gut. Persistent signs of all the cakes, brownies, and cookies that have been stuffed in there. All the meals that have come and gone.

Small breaths…

Another low groan emanates from her belly as it settles from the sudden movement. I place a hand on the apex and press down, gently at first, but a bit harder as my hand meets resistance. Another audible moan from her. Barely any give.....stuffed full.

I begin to trace. A single finger starting from the top and moving down the vast curve of her gut. I stop at her belly button, slowly circling it as I lift her gorged girth slightly and let it drop. She groans. Long and low. Heavy breathing. Both hands rubbing her own curves.

“You sure enjoyed yourself tonight. You full, piglet? Any more room in there?”

I gently poke her gut right above her belly button and another soft burp makes it way out of her. Normally a deep innie, her belly button is now sitting flush with your belly. “One more meal like this and you’re going to pop.” I caress the sides of her huge belly. Up and down. Listening.

Small breaths…

“Too much food....” the words come out soft, punctuated by her breathlessness. Her eyes have glazed over. A dollop of chocolate still resides near the corner of her lips and I watch as her tongue curls out and scoops it in. So much and still a bit more.

“But you still have half a cheesecake left. You don’t want this to go bad, do you? I’m sure there’s a little more room in here.” I gently pat one side of her belly and hear the muted thumps. Her tummy doesn’t move or even wobble. She really is full to bursting, but I know I can squeeze a little more in her. Force a little more in that greedy gut.

I smile as I spoon off a bite and hold it to her lips. “Come on, you’ve never said no to cheesecake.”

She whimpers, opening her mouth to accept it, but drawing back as another low groan comes from her huge stuffed bump. Her hands continue to rub small circles . “Can’t full. Really overdid it. “

“Shhh...I know you can do it. Still some room in there. Be a good piggy.” I practically shove the cheesecake in her mouth and watch as she closes her eyes to savor it. She swallows and sighs. Her engorged belly giving another low gurgle as it expands ever so slightly forward. More cheesecake. Followed by yet more.

Small breaths…

By the last spoonful, I can tell she’s hit the wall. Simply no more room in her. She wiggles her ass trying to find a comfortable position. I can hear the seams of her tight panties ripping. She whimpers as she squirms in place, her hands massaging her curves and stretched skin. So stuffed now I doubt she could get up if she wanted too. Nearly nine pounds of food rests in her gut.

It doesn’t take long before she falls asleep. Belly button sticking out proudly at the apex of her belly. Her girth rising and falling as she breaths in and out.

Small breaths…

-------------------------------- -----

This is just a single shot scene that came out while I was brainstorming. If you enjoyed it, please let me know with a comment or like or both! Feel free to check out my other work too. Appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
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Juicy 4 years
This is beautifully written. If you haven’t read built4com4t’s writing, he has written some similar pieces, though usually with a male feedee. But a similar style...

Congrats, really well done.