Enslaved interview

chapter 1 - interview introduction

"Now ladies and gentlemen we will be hearing from one of the first slaves to benefit from Motivational Technology's recent breakthroughs in behavior modification. Slave Sarah's owners have kindly made her available for this interview, and instructed her to answer questions candidly and honestly. Sarah, first, why don't you tell us a little about how you came to be a slave?"

The camera pans to me seated in the chair opposite Hannah, the host of the morning talk-show. "Thank you for asking, Ma'am." I manage to stammer, conscious of the honor of being interviewed by the well-dressed young woman. I notice the way her clothes show off her toned form, in stark contrast to my own naked, plump body. I can't help but feel intimidated by her easy confidence as she addresses me.

The fact that I'm naked doesn't concern me, I'm quite used to my well rounded body being on display, but I'm not used to sitting in a chair. I don't quite know how to position myself, my thick thighs and rounded belly feel awkward in the unfamiliar posture. In my normal 'resting' position I would be kneeling with my legs spread wide to expose my plump pussy, my chest presented forward with my heavy breasts lifted, and my head slightly bowed. In my chair those signals of submission are not possible, so I try to adopt a what I think is a respectful and deferential posture, sitting up straight with my legs slightly apart. Nevertheless, my mind still obsesses about whether it is inappropriate for me to allow my fleshy thighs to touch and obscure my vulva from view.

I'm brought back into the moment by the realization that Hannah is still waiting for my answer. "I was enslaved about two years ago Ma'am. Six months before the most recent breakthroughs by Motivational Technology. I'm quite ashamed when I remember my life before that, I know I was not very good at managing my affairs as a free woman because I fell into a large amount of debt. In the end I was so irresponsible that my freedom had to be auctioned by a bankruptcy judge so that I could do my best to make amends to the company I owed money to. Mr and Mrs Carter bought me to help around their house and farm, and I have been with them since."

"And what was it like Sarah - your first experience of bonded labor?"

"To be honest Ma'am it's all a bit of a fog. I know I was not satisfactory though because I was categorized as a grade D slave - that means I was non-compliant and resistant to my owners. As a result Mr Carter was forced to use shackles and drugs to obtain any use from me at all. I even had to be hobbled to prevent me from running away. I was only useful for basic manual work around the farm."

Hannah nods sympathetically. "Sarah, can you say more about that for people who may not have experience managing reluctant slaves?"

"Yes Ma'am." I manage. "Shackles are ankle or wrist restraints. They can be used to restrict the range of use of the hands or arms, so that a slave can do limited work without being allowed full freedom. Hobbling is when they are used on a slave's ankles to stop her from running or kicking. Mr Carter also had to dull my higher cognitive functions chemically - I was aware of what was happening to me, but only as a stream of sensations, just like I imagine an animal is. I felt pain and pleasure when I was punished or rewarded, and the primitive parts of my brain tried to obtain pleasure and avoid pain, but I didn't really understand what was going on, and I certainly couldn't think about my situation or make plans. The tools for managing slave behavior then were quite crude compared to today."

Hannah grimaces, and I recognize the sense of uncomfortable pity in her face as she tries not to imagine herself in my position. "It wasn't so bad Ma'am." I laugh. "The worst part was when the drugs would begin to wear off and I would start to understand and think about what was happening to me. Mr Carter would often use me for his pleasure in the evenings, and I think that he enjoyed taking me more when I was restrained physically but more conscious of what was happening. I wasn't as compliant as I should have been at that time. I'm ashamed to say I resisted his use of me when I wasn't sufficiently drugged."

I notice Hannah's uncomfortable gaze lingering for a moment on the voluptuous curves of my naked body before she moves the conversation on. "Ma'am?" I offer, nervous that I may be interrupted her, and waiting for her nod before I continue. "I know that some free women can be a little uncomfortable around naked slaves until they get used to it. I often find myself explaining that I am proud that my master wants to use or show off his slave's body, and happy that it gives him enjoyment. I'm not self-conscious - it's hard for a free person to understand, but my body is his property - it's not mine be inhibited about." I smile shyly, hoping I have not been too forward.

"Thank you Sarah - that's very helpful. I have a lot more questions for you about that, but first I'd like to hear about your first experiences with Motivational Technology products."

"I remember it very clearly Ma'am - the day started differently than usual. Mr Carter woke me and cuffed my hands behind my back. I was naked, of course, and I remember being surprised that he didn't hobble me and didn't administer any chemical controls. My mind was clearer than it had been in a long time. I'm sorry to say that I disgraced myself with disrespectful questions and requests." I lower my eyes in shame at the memory. "I even insulted Mr Carter."

"Then what?" Hannah prompts.

"Mr Carter took me to the shed, and secured me to the training frame. I'd experienced it before, so I wasn't surprised, but I was very afraid. I thought I was going to be punished - that's what Mr Carter had used the frame for before. At that stage I didn't appreciate the importance of punishment for correcting a disobedient slave."

"Could you describe the frame and its use for members of our audience who are not familiar with slave punishment and training techniques?"

"Of course Ma'am - I'm sorry!" I say. "It is a rectangle about seven feet long and five feet wide with a metal grid a little like a bed frame. It's easy to secure a slave to it in almost any position using cuffs or ties. That day the frame was flat on the ground, and Mr Carter secured me tightly on my back with my arms above my head, my legs spread wide apart, and my knees bent. I remember vividly how vulnerable and frightened I felt. I was used to being naked and exposed, but my mind wasn't chemically blunted at all that morning, and I was terrified."

"Mr Carter didn't explain what was going on?" Hannah asks.

"No, but that wasn't unusual - he didn't often talk to me beyond giving direct commands. I knew something different was going to happen to me, and I was frightened because I thought it was going to be pain training." I shift in my chair, remembering the experience vividly, even though it feels strangely distant, like it belongs to a different life.

"Pain training?" Hannah prompts, flinching slightly as she says the words.

"Yes Ma'am. The frame is often used to hold an uncooperative slave who needs correction in place while punishment is applied. In the past Mr Carter had used a punishment electrode in my vagina and then tried to correct my behavior by electric shock treatment. There are a range of ways to administer pain to the slave using vaginal, breast, and oral electrodes combined with the metal frame itself and hand held probes. I can tell you that they are all extremely effective at producing high levels of discomfort. Until I experienced it myself I had no idea that it was possible to make someone feel that amount of pain." I notice Hannah's frown, and, sensitive to her feelings, decide to move on to less distressing elements.

"I remember the way he approached me between my widely splayed legs. He had something in his hands. I strained to see what it was but I couldn't move my head. I couldn't struggle or resist at all. I remember him smiling at me as I grimaced at the sensation of his hand on my pussy. It felt cold, and I could feel that it was slick with some kind of lubricant as he separated my labia and probed my most intimate parts with his fingers. I tried to struggle, but I really couldn't move, I could only spasm uselessly on the frame. Then I felt a light pressure at the entrance to my vagina as something pushed past my folds, and it was done - the device was inside me."

"What was it?" Hannah asks.

"I didn't know, but I know now that its called a Vaginal Motivator. It's kind of a 'C' shape, with two bulbs, each a bit bigger than a man's thumb. One goes inside my vagina, resting against my 'G' spot, and the other sits outside, separating the lips of my vulva and pressing lightly on my clitoris. I remember being surprised that it didn't feel very big. Sometimes Mr Carter had enjoyed stretching me with large toys, but this felt strangely natural and comfortable, the two halves held themselves gently but firmly in place like a clam-shell. After it was inserted Mr Carter administered a drug to me, but it wasn't the usual one. I could still think clearly, and I was very aware of what was going on. I know now that the drug helped to enhance my sexual responsiveness, and helped my brain prioritize my desire for sexual stimulation over all other sensations."

"Did you feel different?"
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