Future society - hedonism.

Chapter 1 - just a disclaimer

Hello, this is just a brief explanation and disclaimer to the story. If you just want to get into it please feel free to skip this and perhaps come back to it after you are done reading.

This story is piece of a another longer story which is based on a mod which is based on a game. (Complicated?)

The Game, is called "Freecities" which is a DARK futuristic Slave management game.

The Mod is called "Pregmod", which took over development after the original creator vanished without a word.

And the story is from me, just a anthology of sort that puts you in a view of an owner of certain Free Cities/

A feature of the game was the ability to set certain "themes" in the city you owned.

AKA A roman themed city, An Aztec Themed city, A Religious themed city, and of course a Hedonistic themed city that values excess of food, sex drugsa and any other earthly desire above all things.

The story I'm making takes the view point of an owner in an city that has fully embraced a certain Theme. But as the Hedonism chapter seems right at home here, I decided to post it.

If you are intrested in the game, here's a download link to the latest version
https://mega.nz/#!C8gTURwK!sigeAsFCltyN o_Hr5hkxF3N6MmyiFAQUWH5nkzMGyvc

And for more info look here
But you should really just start with the mod, Pregmod, which only adds to the game and has constant development.
https://mega.nz/#!FdhTxYxa!jvbEDvjs8jOZaKmwDie y1HTc9J-dvK8dhlqqZMCcPmQ

And if you want more info on the mod check . Be respectful, READ the FAQ, and lurk first.

If you are interested in this story and want to see more I have several other chapters, (one of which contains a lot of breast growth and milking if thats your thing.)

https://www.hentai-foundry.com/stor ies/user/WaxerRed/28364/Free-Cities-Future-Society -Tour

And lastly thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions questions, or want to see something added to the story please fell free to comment.
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Casual Gainer 5 years
Out of curiosity, could you please tell me where is the image in the thumbnail from?

Is it from this game or is it from a comic or something?
Karenjenk 5 years
I think if if was one page long it would be an advertisement. As it is now it's just an explanation.
Waxer 5 years
@vegaaa Sorry! I wasn't trying to advertise as much as I thought it wouldn't be respectful not to name the game that this is based from.