I give you my body

chapter 1

"Honey, I'm home," my wife called out arriving home from a long day of work.

My wife Lori is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and she owns my heart and I still cannot believe that such a wonderful woman chose me over all the other men. As a matter of fact our friends are always commenting on how we are like two peas in a pod and that they can tell how in love we are. After three years of marriage our affection for each other has only grown and deepened.

"I hope you have an awesome dinner prepared, I'm famished!"

"Of course my dear, I've prepared your favorite meal" I told her.

"Tell me all about what you have prepared, I want the details" she said as she walked into the kitchen placing her purse on the counter.

"Well, as an appetizer I made your favorite spinach artichoke dip served with homemade sour dough rolls. For the main course filet mignon that is smothered with my homemade butter that you love so much along with sautéed mushrooms. To go along with the filet, lobster with homemade garlic lemon butter. A big salad with homemade Gorgonzola cheese dressing. A loaded baked potato with sour cream, butter, chives, cheese, and bacon bits. Asparagus smothered with creamy homemade Hollandaise sauce. And to wash it all down a bottle of your favorite red wine."

As each item rolled off my tongue I could see her excitement build. She closed her eyes and it was as if she was actually tasting every food item as I named it. After I finished describing her dinner she asked, "and for dessert, what did you make me for dessert my love?"

"I made you cherry cheesecake, homemade caramel sauce, and whipped cream."

She walked over to me and gave me a passionate kiss then whispered in my ear, "and for my mid-night snack, what did you make me for my mid-night snack?"

Holding her tight in my arms, I whispered back, "I made you homemade vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and picked up some of that heavy cream you like to wash it down."

She looked up at me smiled and told me she was going to change into her eating clothes. She disappeared down the hall into our bedroom to change into her eating clothes which consisted of nothing more than her bra and panties for she wanted nothing to interfere or confine her consumption of her meal. Not to mention that she liked showing off how her tummy became fuller and bloated with each bite she ate.

You see, my wife loves all aspects of food and she savors what I call the food process. She enjoys shopping for food, the preparation and cooking of food, presentation of food, and last but not least the eating of food. But, the thing she likes most about food is how much it turns me on to watch her eat all the food I made for her. In fact, she likes it when I do nothing but watch her eat all of the yummy food I've prepared for her. So I typically eat my meal before or after she eats.

"Okay honey, I'm back. Let's get this amazing feast into me," she said as she walked back into the kitchen, the chair groaned as she settled onto it.

As she picked up her knife and fork she told me, "I want you to watch me eat all of this amazing food you made me. It looks and smells so good, I can't wait until it is inside of me so you can start making me more."

As she was cutting into her filet she maintained constant eye contact with me. She whispered, "You like to watch me eat, don't you baby. It turns you on watching each and every bite I take, doesn't it. You like how all the food you cook for me causes my body to grow. You know what honey, I'm really starting to enjoy getting heavier, rounder, and softer."

My wife had not reached SSBBW status and, at least in my opinion, she was more like a midsize BBW (around 310lbs) and she had long ago given into the fact that her obsession with food would cause her to gain weight. There was no way she could out exercise all of the food she consumed. But, she was right, I loved each and every pound my food put on her body. I watch her grow heavier and heavier with each passing day, week, month, and year. Her slow expansion is remarkable.

I continued to watch her eat and she thoroughly enjoyed each and every bite. "My love, you see what your food has done to me? Do you see how my body has grown? Do you see how big and heavy I have become? Look at how round my tummy has become. Do you see how my breasts now rest on top of my belly when I sit down. Look at how soft I'm becoming as I get bigger. And do you realize it is because of all the food you make and I eat for you? My dear, I give you my body so that you can love it and do with it as you please." She told me as she leaned backed rubbing her big, round, soft, and stuffed belly. She loves torturing me.

She finally finished her meal and moved to dessert. She cut a huge slice of cherry cheesecake, poured caramel sauce all over it, and covered all of it with whipped cream. She poured herself a large glass of heavy whipping cream to wash it down with and commenced eating.

After she finished eating dessert, she leaned back in her chair and picked up the remaining caramel sauce. With her right hand she cupped her right breast and poured the caramel sauce all over it. She then started to lick the sauce off of her breast all the while staring me right in the eye. "I can see you want to join me, come here my love and help me clean up this mess." I wish I had made more caramel sauce!
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First1here 8 years
Jazzman - that's a great idea. I'll flashblack to right before they were married and describe how she went through the process to determine how she discovered she is a foodie.
Jazzman 8 years
Nice story with a Sweet romantic side. Will you "flashback ".3 years ago was she a 135 lb gym girl?Or was she a 185 lbs 5'4" couch potato?.
Inquiring minds want to know. smiley