The wife grows a belly

chapter 1

Mike, having exciting news, ran through the house looking for his wife "Cindy! Where are you? I got it, I fricking got it!"

"In the back honey."

Mike entered the backroom, or as he preferred to call it, their media room grinning ear to ear. As usual, Cindy was stuffing herself with candy, heavy cream, cookies, and pizza.
"I got the promotion! Officially, I'm now the Director of Corporate Improvement! Meaning that not only do I get a huge pay raise, but I will also receive residual revenue for all of our engineering products my group improves!"

Cindy realized what this meant, she could now quit her retail job and focus on the lifestyle she and Mike want. Cindy and Mike met about 2 years ago on a feeder/feedee/gainer website and it didn't take long for them to fall in love and get married. Cindy loved to eat, the only problem was she was a manager at a large box retailer. Meaning she was always on her feet, walking from one problem to the next. In other words, she was constantly "exercising" and burning calories. It really frustrated her because no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't gain the weight she wanted.
Now, she could sit around all day, stuff herself and grow! Through her tears "Mike, I love you so much. You've worked very hard for this and I can assure you I'll make you proud."

"Sweetie, I have no doubt! I watch you eat, eat, and eat with no real measurable reward. I cannot explain how excited I am to now be able to provide you the lifestyle we both want."

"Thanks baby. So tell me, what's in the box you're hiding behind your back?"

"Oh this, well I took the liberty and stopped at a mattress and plus size women's clothing store and bought you a surprise and a few outfits" he said handing her the box. She tore into it and the first thing she found was a receipt for an adjustable bed. She wrinkled her eyebrows looked at Mike with a "what the hell is this" expression. "So, that's the centerpiece of our bedroom remodel. I want you comfortable while you stuff yourself. And, I'm going to install a bedside refrigerator that will be within your reach. Also, I'm wall mounting that 75" curved TV you've been drooling over every time we walk into the electronics store. And, I bought one of those rolling table type things that hospitals use so you can put all of your food on it while you eat."

"But honey, I don't need all of those things, I'm perfectly comfortable right here."

"I know, but I'm thinking down the road. How comfortable will you be once you add 200lbs to your body? Remember what you told me, 500lbs is your goal weight and, on the fetish websites, we've both seen how difficult it can be moving a body that weighs over 400lbs."

"You think of everything. You're so good to me, I'm going to become your fat dream wife."

Cindy continued going through the box and started pulling out clothing. There were dresses ranging from size 14 to 34. The 14 size dresses didn't scare her but when she pulled out the 28 thru 34 sizes, she looked a little concerned. "Wow, I guess I never really thought about what size clothing I'd be wearing once I hit the higher weights but, these are beautiful."

The doorbell rang and Mike went to answer it, it was the hospital supply, electronics, and mattress stores. They delivered the rolling table, adjustable bed, refrigerator, and 75" curved TV all to the bedroom. Mike got busy, he installed the TV, positioned the bed for a perfect view of the TV, made sure the refrigerator was in easy reach and the rolling table perfectly fit over the bed. "Honey, come take a look, your room is ready."

Cindy ran up the stairs (she wondered how much longer she will be able to do that) and into their bedroom. "Oh wow Mike, this is awesome! Other than having to shower and use the restroom I have no reason to get out of bed. This is perfect!"

She crawled on the bed and toyed around with several adjustments. She stopped at an upright position "Mike look, how do you think I'll look when my belly sticks out this far?" She placed her hands a few inches out from her almost flat belly. "You'll look amazing!"

"Ok, but how do you think I'll look when my belly stick out this far?" She placed her hands halfway down her thighs. "Sweetheart, go big. You'll look amazing at any size, but what I look forward to is seeing how fantastic you'll look when your belly sticks out this far" Mike said placing his hand a little past her knees. Smiling Cindy said, "Oh my god, a girl can dream. But, if I grow my belly that big you'll have to get me a scooter because I don't think I'll be able to walk."

"Consider it done."

Mike also installed a digital lock on the front door so he can tell who and when folks came and went. What he did was arrange home delivery for all of Cindy's favorite restaurants and she didn't even have to get out of bed. Mike had programmed her smartphone, with her favorite meals from the restaurants, with specific codes that notified the restaurants of her order. The delivery folks had their own entry code and instructions to take the food up to their bedroom. Additionally, Mike had a grocery list of the most fattening foods he could find and setup their grocery store for daily deliveries with the same instructions for delivering to the bedroom. Mike showed her how to use her smartphone for ordering food. She said "Let's test drive this baby" as she entered the code for ordering spaghetti from her favorite Italian restaurant. Sure enough, 30 minutes later, the delivery boy placed the order right on the hospital table hovering over the bed. Cindy crawled in bed, "Feed it to me baby. I want to start getting fat for you." Mike was excited for the future.

Six months later Cindy had gained from 150lbs to 200lbs. That's not bad considering it took her two years to go from her wedding day weight of 125lbs to 150lbs. She was excited, but wanted to gain more weight faster. To our delight, the bulk of her gain went to her belly. We were both addicted to big bellies and when we watched SSBBW porn we always watched the clips that had the SSBBW's belly having to be moved or held up so the man can get to her. It was just so damn sexy!

"Honey, I thought you were going to concoct something that will help me gain faster? Gaining almost 10lbs a month is good, but I want more. I want a belly that pushes my legs apart and I can rest my hands on it."

"I did, just a second and I'll get it for you" Mike said.

He wheeled a covered cart into the bedroom "My dear, here is what I've invented for you" he said and snatched the cover off exposing some sort of machine.

"What the hell is that?"

"This is a refrigerated automated feeder. Don't think I haven't noticed how you like extra fattening milk shakes. This device will hold 3 gallons of yummy, calorie laden milk shakes. With this tube in your mouth all you have to do is swallow. The machine will match how much and fast you swallow. And, unlike funnel feeding, it will be more comfortable for you. I'll fill it for you every day before I go to work."

"Damn, that's awesome! I can't wait to try it, fill it up! At 200lbs it's still really easy for me to get around. But, with this thing, I bet I can go overboard and really grow my belly!"

Mike came prepared, he filled the machine with 3 gallons of super rich and fattening milk shake. Cindy greedily took the tube in her mouth and started the process of emptying the feeding machine of its fattening contents.

One year later "Honey I'm home."

"Up in the bedroom. Bring some milkshake with you, the machine needs a refill."

I grab another 3 gallons of milkshake and head up the stairs. I walk in and my 360lb wife is propped up in the bed, her naked massive belly spilling between her legs. She has pizza boxes, fried chicken containers, and candy wrappers scattered across the bed, I kiss her and her belly. "I just finished stuffing a pizza, fried chicken, and finished off a half gallon of the milkshake. I wanted to make sure my belly was stuffed full of goodies so I can show it off to you." I knew she'd been on an all-day eating and stuffing binge. And you could clearly see the aftermath in her swollen belly.

She poured baby oil over her tummy and rubbing it in commenced to torture me. Looking me in the eye "Oh my god, I'm sooo fat. Look at me babe, look at what you've done to me. Do you see how big and fat you've made me grow." Rubbing, squishing, and lifting her belly she continued to taunt me. "You take such good care of me, but do you think I'm fat enough? Isn't my tummy big and round enough for you?"
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QuebecFA 7 years
This is one of the most wro if stories that I have ever read! I hope there will be a Chapter III! :-)