Skinny leslie

chapter 1 - the trip to mexico

Finally! After 6 months of waiting the damn serum had arrived. But, this is an extra special serum for it is formulated to match your body's chemistry, hormones, and structure. Standing there looking at the box, Leslie thought to herself, now I can finally become the woman I've always wanted to be.

Leslie was your average 26 year old Midwest farm girl and is the younger of her 2 older sisters. But, her older sisters were all tall and very voluptuous. Growing up she remembered all the boys that were constantly in and out of their house and she watched her sisters go on date after date. On Saturday nights she'd sneak to the barn and listen to the sex sounds as her sisters took care of their current boyfriends. Oh well, she used to think, maybe next year my body will develop and I'll look like my sisters.

Well, next year never came and Leslie remained the same skinny flat-as-a-board sister (she didn't even need to wear a bra) that never had a date all through high school and very infrequently during college. She wasn't an ugly girl, 5'8", 105lbs, shiny blonde hair, blue eyes, and a great smile. It's just that she had absolutely no figure! Oftentimes, she was confused for a boy and was always carded when she tried to buy alcohol or go into a bar.

About two years ago she decided to take matters into her own hands, after all what did she have to lose. She figured that if Mother Nature wasn't going to give her the body of her dreams she'd at least try to eat herself out of her skinny situation. She went to the grocery store and bought all of the most fattening stuff she could find. Her shopping cart was filled with ice cream, steak, ribs, whole milk, heavy cream, and so on and so forth.

She set out stuffing herself every single day, filling her gut to capacity and beyond. And after six months of eating and stuffing herself, there was no change to her weight or figure. She was still skinny and flat-as-a-board and extremely frustrated. Ultimately she went to a metabolic lab and discovered that she had the metabolism of a cheetah! It didn't and wouldn't matter how much she ate, she would never be able to gain weight for her body would just burn off the calories. By now, Leslie had become obsessed with gaining weight. She watched all of her sisters get married, have babies, and get fatter and heavier every time she saw them. She wanted that and was immensely jealous of her sisters!

She poured through medical journal after medical journal trying to find a way to slow her metabolism and had no luck finding the magic bullet that would allow her to gain weight. She had developed a feedee/gainer fetish along the way for she liked to eat and fantasized about ballooning to massive proportions. She also liked to look at pictures and videos of women that had gone from thin to fat and she would day dream that one day she would be able to post her gaining journey on the internet.

One day, while perusing her favorite feedee/gainer website, she saw an ad that guaranteed weight gain. According to the ad, there is a lab in Mexico that completely analyzes every aspect of your body. They study your muscular structure, metabolism, genetic makeup, hormone levels, and match that with your gaining goals. The testimonials and before and after pictures were impressive. One lady had a similar story, no matter what she did, she couldn't gain weight and she wanted to be heavy, really heavy. Her before picture, taken in a bikini, showed a rail thin woman with no figure. The after picture was amazing, wearing a much larger bikini, the woman had grown to enormous proportions. Her double chinned face was beaming and you could tell that her round bulging belly and massive bosom was exactly what she wanted.

At any rate, Leslie made the trip to Mexico and signed up for "The Works". She spent the first day being poked and prodded by the medical staff. They took urine samples, blood, and tissue samples throughout the day. They fed her different types of foods and would resample her urine, blood, and tissue at 30, 60, and 120 minutes after she ate. They explained they wanted to determine how her body reacted after she ate for it would help match her serum to how her body processed food.

During the first couple of days Leslie had befriended one of the nurses, Lolita. Leslie kept asking Lolita if this was real for it seemed too good to be true. Lolita told Leslie about her story and come to find out Lolita had the very same situation, skinny as a rail with no figure. But, standing in front of Leslie was a 250lb voluptuous woman with a remarkable bosom that peaked through a tight nurse's uniform.

But Leslie still wasn't convinced and Lolita told her, "I'll you what, I met the man of my dreams about 6 months ago. I could tell that he loved my body and he confess that he wouldn't mind if I gained weight. I was curious and I asked him to describe what his perfect woman would look like; and he told me. Of course I was a little shocked, but I told him that I could make that happen. He was excited, and I told him that I needed a ring on my finger before I ballooned to become his fantasy girl. Tomorrow is my wedding day and tonight I'm going to take enough serum to make my body swell to the proportions of his perfect woman. So, during our honeymoon, over the next couple of weeks, we will be enjoying my expanding body. All of this to say, stay here and keep going through the evaluation process and when I return, you can see for yourself and then make the purchasing decision."

Leslie remained at the clinic, continually being poked and prodded by the doctors and nurses. And then at the end of the two weeks Lolita walked through the door. Leslie couldn't believe her eyes! Lolita's body had swelled into veritable sex goddess status. Her nurse's uniform was struggling to contain her new body. Her bosom was full and heavy with at least 13 inches of cleavage peeking through. Lolita noticed Leslie staring at her chest so she bent over, prominently displaying her huge breasts and allowing Leslie to take in the full magnitude of how big and heavy her bosom had become. "So what do you think? I told you this worked. The serum worked perfectly! So you know, my husband's perfect woman has breasts at least twice the size of her head, a tiny waist, and really large hips, ass, and thighs. You are now looking at a 42MM-33-72, 360lb Lolita with 42" thighs. Each of my thighs are 12" bigger than my husband's waist." Leslie whipped out her checkbook and wrote a $35,000 check for "The Works" package.

Lolita assumed her duties as a nurse and started the daily poking and prodding of Leslie. There were several times where Lolita's breasts brushed up against Leslie and Leslie couldn't believe how soft they are. At one point Lolita (on purpose) leaned over Leslie to reach an instrument on the other side of the exam table, placing her entire bosom on Leslie. Lolita looked at Leslie, "They feel good, don't they? Just wait until you're able to suck on your own nipples, the feeling is amazing. I might even go bigger, my husband is already begging." Leslie was impressed by the weight and fullness of Lolita's breasts. She made a note to self, go big on the tits.

"The Works" serum package came with customization and what that meant is she could tell the lab exactly, with some limitations, how large she wanted her body to grow. Also "The Works" included a 3D visualization rendering for how her body would look after her maximum expansion. Leslie wanted a fat chubby face, huge tits, massive arms, a big round soft, squishy, and jiggly belly, wide hips, an immense ass, and tree trunk size thighs. In other words, she wanted it all!
Leslie couldn't believe the 3D image she saw rotating on the monitor. The rendering showed how Leslie would balloon, becoming so massive that she was now having second thoughts. The final image showed an enormous woman with a stupendous soft round belly that hung down to her knees and a bosom so immense that it sat on top of her belly and would jiggle and quiver with every step she took. The doctor told her that the simulation estimated her weight to be 590lbs. After she recovered from her shock she smiled and asked about refills. Of course the clinic would be more than happy to provide refills.

The good news, she could control how much weight she gained and she could stop taking the serum at any time without any adverse side effects. Using the serum was remarkably simple. Over a two week period a tablespoon of serum would yield an approximate gain of 25 proportional pounds. As a bonus, "The Works" package also included body part targeting serums. So if she wanted larger boobs, ass, etc. all she had to do was take a teaspoon to make those specific parts of her body grow a cup size or 10lbs over the same course of time.

She took the package to her bathroom and carefully opened it. The 16oz bottle contained the proportional growth serum and the other 10oz bottles contained the targeted body part serums. She read the instructions and they exactly matched what they told her at the clinic, 1tbsp per 25lbs and 1tsp for targeted body parts. She now had a decision to make, should she or shouldn't she mess with Mother Nature. She decided to taunt Mother Nature, but how much weight should she gain?
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