As your feeder

Chapter 1 - As your feeder

As your feeder, I would exploit your gluttonous desires. I know how you think, and I know you’re “experimenting” with the feedee lifestyle and so far, you are enjoying stuffing and eating until you eventually fall into a food coma. Napping until your next feeding. You are so efficient at cramming food into your mouth and have discovered that eating and stuffing are second nature to you. But be sure to understand that once I get my hands on you, I will turn your experiment into a full-blown sugar, carbs, and gorging addiction.

As your feeder, I will keep your belly constantly swollen and tightly packed with fattening food, you will never have an empty tummy. And soon, you will adapt and obsess over the feeling and pain of having your overfed belly constantly full to the point of bursting. You will have no choice but to watch your body grow bigger, rounder, and fatter, knowing you should stop…and you try to stop. But your addiction is real and firmly entrenched into what you are. When you can no longer resist your urges and you yield to your obsession, your cravings are overwhelmingly worse than before. As your feeder, I will punish you and increase your food intake to the point that you beg me to stop. But I assure you that you will adapt, and it will not be long before this becomes normal.

Finally surrendering to your gluttonous greed, you accept that destroying and turning your body into a blubbery fat blob is your destiny. Gluttony’s call is wicked, and you cannot ignore it. As your feeder, I will keep your funnel full, any and every food you desire will be made or delivered and within arm’s reach. Belly and body rubs are at your will. Your every need will be cared for, and your only job will be eating, stuffing, growing, and adding pound after pound to your softening body.

It is not long before you become obsessed with your expanding body. Each pound you add makes you want to add even more, accelerating your growth. You demand a wall mirror to be placed in front of you so you can admire your enlarging body. You have now passed the point of no return; your previous normal world is forgotten. Your new world is eating, stuffing, and making yourself fatter and fatter until your body mass pins you down to the point where you cannot move without assistance.

As your feeder, I assist you to the scale and you scream with excitement as the scale settles on 827lbs. I deeply sink into your soft, fat, and massive body as I hug you. You smile and tell me, “I love how fat you have made me. Now, let’s get me to 1,000lbs.”

As your feeder, I will worship you.
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