The anniversary

Chapter 1 - our fifth anniversary

It was a typical lazy Saturday morning except that it was our 5th anniversary. I sat in our comfy recliner, drinking my coffee, watching my beautiful wife sleep while I thumbed through our photo albums. Our albums contained the same pictures just like everyone else. We took birthday, vacation, special occasion, and holiday pictures and stored them in albums. What I enjoyed the most was seeing how her body grew over the years, especially the past couple of years.

We dated around 6 months before we knew that we were perfectly suited for each other and she honored me by accepting my proposal. We went almost another year before we actually tied the knot. During that time she was constantly denying herself food and exercised to remain the perfect size 8. However, after we got married, that changed.

The first 2 or 3 months of our marriage she pretty much ate whatever she wanted but exercised like a demon. However, even with all of the exercise she gained some weight. Not much mind you, I mean a size 10 fit her really loose. And, I have to admit, the gain looked good on her.

Although she maintained a positive attitude and seemed to be always happy, I could tell something deep seeded was bothering her. Finally, I sat her down and managed to get her to confess what was bothering her. She described that she always craves food, loves how it tastes, and is on the constant lookout for new foods to try. As it turns out, she's a foodie and I had no problem with that. But, the kicker, she was tired of constantly exercising. But she knew that if she stopped, the weight would more than likely pile on and she was concerned that if she got fat I wouldn't love her.

We spent 30 minutes talking about the what-ifs and maybes of the possibility of her gaining weight and she finally accepted and believed that I would still love her if she got fat. Her relief was obvious, I could actually feel her stress subside and she looked truly happy.

Other than her no longer exercising, not much changed. She still ate what she wanted, when she wanted. All that was different was her not heading to the gym for over an hour to burn off what she ate. And, as I flipped through the albums, I could see how the added weight caused her body to become fuller, rounder, and heavier. Since we always took an annual beach vacation the most telling photos of her weight gain were her bathing suit pictures. She loved her bikini and even though her gain was obvious she kept wearing it.

Anyway, as the weight piled on, the changes in her body became evident. Her face was full and she had the cutest double chin. I really like what the added weight did to her belly, it was so big and round. She was lucky (or should I say I was lucky) her lower body kept up with her belly. She is now corpulent, plump, and fat. My favorite thing about her is how soft and squishy she is. She loves it when I rub her swollen belly after a huge meal. Her softness is best felt when we lay in bed. When we snuggle, she plops her plump thigh over me while pressing her belly into me. I get so turned on!

"Good morning baby. What'cha doing?" My yawning 360lb wife asked me.

"Just going through our photo albums."

"You admiring your wife's growth? Does that turn you on, seeing how I've expanded through the years? Show me our first beach vacation photo, you know, the one when I was so skinny."

I turned to the page of our first beach vacation we took together, a little over five years ago and showed it to her. "Wow, I used to be so skinny. But look at me now" she said as she threw the covers off her body. She sat up, giving me a perfect view of her rotund body, her large belly hanging between her thighs. She started playing with it, picking it up and letting it fall back on the bed. She is a site to behold.

"So baby, as you can see, I've definitely grown. What I've discovered is, the bigger I get, the more womanly and sexy I feel. I see how you look at me and I notice how other men stare at me. I know what you like. And, I bet you want me to grow even more; don't you?"

"I wouldn't be against you getting fatter, your body is beautiful and I could only imagine how fantastic you'd look with even more fat on you."

"That's what I thought you'd say. Damn I want to get fatter and sexier! Imagine how good I'll look when my belly fills my lap! I want my belly so large that I cannot see my thighs! And speaking of my thighs, I want them so big that each one is larger than your waist." I was so excited! My wife wants to balloon even more!

She asked, "So, did you bring it? I want to try it out."

"Yes I did my dear." She was referring to a funnel. She wants me to funnel feed her so she can grow even faster.

"And what are you going to feed me? Is it good and fattening?"

"Of course it is! I made some pancake and cake batters. I added 5 scoops of weight gain powder and mixed everything together with heavy cream. All together I have 1.5 gallons with 15,000 calories ready to feed you."

She propped up some pillows behind her, leaned back, and smiled "feed me, make me fatter."
I looked at her round belly and imagined just how big she will grow it. She leaned her head back and opened her mouth. I placed the funnel in her mouth and started pouring the batters down her throat. She rubbed her belly as she moaned. I watched her belly expand as she swallowed the batter. It was growing larger and started stretching to hold the batter. After her last swallow she patted her swollen and extended belly "that was so good! Look at how bloated I am. It hurts so much, I can't take any more."

"Well that's too bad" I said as I pulled out another half-gallon of batter. Her eyes widened "you have to be kidding me?"

"Nope, you want to be fat, I'm going to turn you into the fattest and sexist wife a man can have."

"Well okay big boy, but if you're going to feed that to me, I want you to do it while you're making love to me."

My wife has become a feedee and I'm committed to make her immense. The next beach vacation will have some telling photos.
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