Ssbbw makes the rules!

chapter 1

My 510lb wife, Ava, certainly knows how to manipulate me into getting her way! It's Sunday morning, I'm sitting on the sofa, eating my cereal, and watching the news. She waddles out of the bedroom stuffed into her sexiest lingerie, that fit 75lbs ago, her large belly and breasts swaying and straining against the fabric. I knew in that instant, her ask was going to be "big" and I intended on playing hard to get.

She stopped right in front of me, blocking my view to the TV, rubbing and massaging her huge fat filled belly, while she slowly gyrated to some unheard music. She gradually moved her hands to her large heavy breasts, kneading and massaging them for my enjoyment. Like I said, she knows how to manipulate me, and her actions were having their intended effect on my body.

Her evil grin, spreading across her face, as she moved towards me, placing her thick thighs on each side of me, sitting on me, pressing her large soft belly into me, and placing her enormous pliable breasts around my head. She whispered, "Do you remember how skinny I used to be? You've put over 350lbs of soft fat on me and I love it. I mean seriousl, each of my thighs are bigger than your waist and each of my boobs are bigger than your head. Now tell me, are you man enough to finish the job? I mean after all, you've grown me to this size, do you think you can grow me even larger?"

She was gyrating on my crotch, pressing her supple body into mine, and making me nuts with her taunts, "My dear, that's not the question. The real question is, are you ready to be stuffed and fattened beyond your wildest imagination?"
"Baby, we can start right now. Let's go to a breakfast buffet and you can watch me feed my face until I can't eat any more. Then, you can give me a belly rub while feeding me my favorite donuts."

Like I said, she knows, "Ok then, let's go."

I tried to get up, but she had me pinned under her massive body, "I love being this fat, you want to get up, but you can't. I'll decide when you can get up, and you're forgetting the promise you made me."

"Oh yeah, what's that?" I asked, knowing exactly what she wanted.

"You told me that after you fattened me to 500lbs, you'd find me my own little fattening project. Just think, while you're fattening me, I will be growing my own feedee. So, I'm over 500lbs and it's time for you to keep your promise", she said as she squeezed her breast flesh around my head. I could barely breath, but who am I to complain!

"Ok, I promise to find you your own little piggy to fatten."

She was extremely excited, "You make me so happy! My own little fattening project! Tell you what, let's go to the bedroom and I'll show you how excited I am."

After a very intense session of love making and taking her to her favorite breakfast buffet, (I thought she'd never stop eating) I got to work looking for her project. The good news, we live in a college town and my idea was to rent a room to an unexpecting student that appears to have a propensity for gaining weight. I placed an ad in the local university paper, "Paying it forward, I benefited from a sympathetic individual that provided me complimentary room and board while I attended university. I'm looking to do the same for a deserving individual for all 4 years of their university study. Email responses only." And I provided a list of questions asking about their academic goals, workout frequency, foods they like, and stuff like that.

To be continued...
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Guycothal 2 years
I wish there was a continuation to this story
Deth 6 years
It's refreshing read in the feeder fiction
Iafeeder 6 years
What a great start! Please continue!
Fluffylove 6 years
I like it alot so far. Be more descriptive in the future of the body,and how she used it in the bedroom,and while eating. Talk about her physical struggles