Chapter 1 - wife becomes a ssbbw

Chapter 1

Almost 3 years ago to the day, my 225lb BBW wife, Lauren, walked into my office and caught me surfing through my favorite BBW/SSBBW fetish sites. Standing there with a smirk on her face as if she caught the cat that ate the canary. “So Dan, I see you’re looking at fat women again. Or what do you call them, BBW or SSBBWs?” She taunted me, barely controlling a laugh.
Caught red handed I pushed back from my desk, leaving the site up on my computer for her to see. Conceding she caught me, “Yeah, I am looking at all of my favorite large lovelies.” Not sure why I went there but I added on (but now I’m glad that I did), “Do you want to join me?”

Much to my surprise, she said yes! I started to get out of my chair, and she told me she wanted to sit in my lap and wanted me to play with her belly. That was a huge and pleasant surprise, but I went along with it not entirely sure what was going on. Naturally viewing my favorite BBW/SSBBW models left me in an excited state and when she settled into my lap, she took note. “I tell you what, let’s take a look at what you like and after you hear what I have to say, I’m going to take full advantage of this.” she said, rubbing my erection as I played with her soft belly.

She took the mouse and surfed to some of my sites. “I do have to say, these women are extremely beautiful, and I should be jealous.” She leaned back into me, turned her head, and frenched kissed me deep. She then turned her attention back to surfing for additional large women. Paying particular attention to SSBBWs.

She clicked on my favorite SSBBW model, and that model happens to weigh 547lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, massive breasts, and an enormous belly that hangs over her tree trunk size thighs. She zoomed in and out of the picture, examining it and if I didn’t know any better, she was getting turned on! Her breathing sped up, she was squirming in my lap, and she always lets out these little moans when she becomes interested in sex.

She asked, “You know what I like most about this one?”

I shook my head.

“Her progression.” She replied. “I mean, she started gaining weight when she weighed what I did when we first got married, 120lbs. She realized that she wanted to grow and became a feedee and several years later, here she is. With the help of her husband, her feeder, they grew her body to what you now see. Dan, since we’ve been married, I’ve put on a little over 100lbs and I’ve never, not once, complained about my weight. When I outgrew my clothes, we went shopping and you bought me larger sizes. You know what I liked the most about our shopping trips?”

Again, I shook my head.

She continued, “When we got home, you fucked the shit out of me! The sex was fantastic, and I figured it was tied to my weight gain and since you didn’t seem to care that I was gaining, I would keep gaining. In other words, the fatter I got, the better our sex and relationship. So Dan, I want the truth, do you want me to get fatter? Do you want to become my feeder?”

This was it; I’d been a closet FA my entire life and I’ve always admired BBWs and SSBBWs, but I never thought I’d have the opportunity to feed and grow my very own wife into a SSBBW.

I looked her straight in the eye, and said, “Yes Lauren, I would enjoy feeding you and turning you into one of the fattest SSBBWs that exist. You can quit your job because your job would become eating. You would be able to just lounge around the house all day. No need to go anywhere or do anything. All you would need to worry about is eating and swelling fatter and rounder. In fact, all you need to do is eat, play video games, eat, watch TV, and eat some more and grow fatter. No worries in life besides swelling and expanding and becoming fatter and fatter. In fact, as your reward for growing, you could expect daily massages with special oils, to keep your skin soft and supple.

At your disposal, extreme amounts of fattening food would never be more than an arm’s reach away and you would have all your favorite food delivery services on speed dial. If you want something to eat, all you need to do is make a call. So yes, I want you to be my feedee wife and I want to feed and stuff you with so much food that you become a massive SSBBW.”

What happened next was unbelievable! She stripped out of her clothes and made me strip out of mine. She straddled me, wanting to have sex. She whispered into my ear, “Tell me, in detail, how my body is going to grow. Please be explicit. I want to know how fat you’re going to make me.”

I was so excited and willing to indulge, I explained “I will feed you and fill you with sweets and carbs to the point that you become addicted to them. Your gluttony will cause your stomach to be so full and stretched, growing softer and rounder by the day. As you sit your belly will fill your lap, stretching out over your knees. Atop of your giant tummy, almost puny in comparison, lays a lard-engorged chest, two bare orbs of fat begging to be toyed with. Your thighs will swell to the point that they will become bigger than my waist. You will be trapped by your fat and standing will be almost impossible, and when you do manage to stand, waddling is all you can manage. The simple act of walking across the room will cause to be out of breath.”

Our orgasms were extreme and simultaneous. Both of us heavily panting and spent. She looks at me and says, “I’m ready, let’s get me fat.”
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Daan 9 months
Would love if you continued the story. It’s a great start !