I sold my soul to devil burger

Chapter 1 - 1. making a deal with a demon named d

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(My name is Wu Yakuza and I was once a normal senior highschool student attending the prestigious Yamakota Boarding School Academy, now the reason why I want to start my story off like this is because I want to make one thing clear before continuing. That everyone enjoys being what is considered "normal" especially in the small city of Shimigoto, Japan's culture is literally what I hate the absolute most. Now granted, I don't actually have anything against the city or the nice everyday people in it, just the culture we seem to have developed over the years is what really confuses me.

I mean, in Japan we have mini skirts easily lifted up by a gentle breeze and tight fitting clothes that become perfectly see-through the moment any amount of water is applied to them for the women to wear which in my personal opinion is the only true reason for living. The only problem is, in my eyes.... there's barely anything to admire. Tons of guys would lose their minds seeing a small girl accidentally reveal her breasts to a crowd of unsuspecting onlookers but to me, I feel absolutely nothing. How ironic is that? The one thing I love the absolute most about in life and I can't even properly enjoy it. Maybe it was because I was fascinated by the American culture, where women are not ashamed to actually eat. Those luscious curvy bodies, their large boobs, cute and chubby bellies, and huge bouncing butts! They are all so...so....THICK!)


Several keys on his rather flimsy desk laptop broke underneath his fingers, most likely due to me hitting them so hard from all the excitement. After casually tossing several broken keyboard keys over his shoulder he continued typing away.

(I was even fully aware of how much I was slowly driving myself on the brink of madness indulging in online American pornagraphy all hours of the night only to wake up to see my college dorm room floor was littered with wads of used tissue paper. As sick as I was I desperately was in dire need of a cure to this depressing life of unfulfilled burning lust...but that all changed one fateful day, let's start at the very beginning....)

It was just another late Sunday night as Wu was currently searching for a suitable side job for the school year on his laptop checking several websites for any businesses still hiring, and as expected the only jobs still available in my area were the ones only found at the bottom of the barrel.

"Dishwasher?.....Nah. Dry cleaner?......Nope. Garbage collector?....No way. Ugh, is there seriously any good jobs left?" He groaned aloud leaning back in his seat.

His hands lightly rubbing against his face just underneath his thick black bangs that covered his eyes feeling quite defeated after searching for the past couple of days only to come up with nothing.

"....I need a pick-me-up," he said quickly opening up a new window in the incognito tab, his mouse hovering over the many bookmarks linked to several pornography websites, all of them featuring the plumpest of American BBW pornstars like Juicy Jenny Juggs and Bootilicious Betty Bo.

Clicking on one of his favorite videos he waited for the video to load while quickly unbuckling his pants and pulling them down to his knees prepared with a bottle of sweet smelling lotion. The video would soon start only to pause as a sudden pop-up window advertisement would appear blocking the video, the ad featuring a large greasy looking burger with animated devil horns and a tail.

".....Devil Burger? Huh, I've never heard of it." Wu read the pop-up ad, soon dismissing it with a click of the close window button as the video started to play again only for another Devil Burger Ad to pop back up a second later.

Again Wu clicked the persistent pop-up ad away with a breath of annoyance waiting patiently for the video to finally play again, only to pause for the 3rd time as the ad made a quick return now much bigger completely taking up the entire laptop screen as the words were flashing bright red and yellow to catch his attention.

"Having trouble looking for a job? Well Devil Burger wants YOU, join our company's growing family and we'll make sure your wallet grows fatter!" A loud electronic male's voice soon shouted from the ad leaving Wu's ears ringing like he was being yelled at either by an angry drill sergeant or an overly enthusiastic bodybuilder.

To make it worse the ad was stuck on repeat and the yelling voice practically shook the walls of Wu's apartment like dorm bedroom as he tried to silence the ad by rapidly clicking the close tab button but the pop-up window refused to be silenced, the college student soon resorted to reaching for the laptop's plug and pulling it free from the wall with a rousing spark of electricity as the electronic was finally reduced to a black screen. Wu would sigh aloud burying his face in his hands moments before the laptop suddenly flashed on again, this time the screen displayed a swirling portal like image giving off a creepy red glow that flooded the room.

"What....what the hell?" Wu groaned as the sudden bright light nearly blinded him as a blood mist like fog flooded free from the screen.

The mist swirling up like a small tornado before quickly condensing into a physical form, to Wu's shock the foggy figure soon took the form of a tall pale skinned man with piercing red eyes towering above the teenager dressed in a black fedora cap with a blood red trim matching perfectly with his midnight black suit and red tie outfit, sleek dress shoes that ended with a sharp point, and cloaked in a thick brown fur coat just casually hanging off his shoulders. A fashion that can only be described as straight out of a classic italian mobster film from the 1940's.

"Greetings and salutat-" the mysterious man began to say only to get hit in the face with a broom, which was apparently the only thing close to a weapon Wu could grab to possibly defend himself with.

"I don't know who you are, or what you want, but you better get out of here before I call the cops!" The highschool student shouted trying his best to sound somewhat intimidating despite his rather quiet and cowardly nature.

There was a paused moment of silence as the stranger simply stood there with the bottom of the broom still brushed up against his face.

"....I'm just gonna pretend you didn't just tried to threaten me....keyword being try." The stranger said right before said broom suddenly ignited into a nest of flames much to Wu's shock and surprise soon reduced to a pile of ashes on the floor.

"WHO..... WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!" The boy stuttered as he watched the man casually dust his suit free of soot.

"Hm? Oh, right. Well, before I was rather rudely interrupted, I was in the middle of introducing myself, you may call me "D".....as you can clearly see, I am a demon."

If Wu's eyes were actually visible through his thick bangs they would be wider than dinner plates hearing such a claim, although the man did just literally appear from thin air and made his broom go up in flames without even lifting a finger.

"....A d....Demon?"

"Indeed. And thus for being a demon, I cannot directly interact with a large group of humans without causing mass hysteria and panic. Therefore, I have come to you in hope of getting your assistance."

"Me? B-But, why me?"

The demon apparently named D simply grinned, an ominous sinister grin that sent a shiver of pure dread down Wu's spine.

".....Hm, I think taking a quick glimpse of your search history will help me answer that question."

D would snap his fingers and Wu's laptop placed his entire porn search history on full display on his desktop surprising Wu as he rushes past the demon man to quickly slam it shut.

"Ok, so you know my search history, that doesn't exactly tell me what you want."

"Well, for one thing I'm didn't come here with the intention to harm you in anyway.... or expose your sick pleasures to the public. I merely come in great need to hire someone."

"....Hire someone? For what, exactly?"

"...Mr.Yakuza, is it? From my demeanor and attire alone I'm sure you can already tell by first glance I am an honest businessman who simply seeks to further expand my ever growing industrial empire."


&q uot;Yes. You see Termina, or how you humans call it the Underworld, or Hell, or whatever despite being considered a place for the dead is actually very rich with life like potential when it comes to marketing and business."

"It..it is?"

"Of course! Let's be honest here, who do you think developed Hollywood and Las Vegas over night? By us demons of course! Those places are examples of rifts between our two worlds where demons can manage from below while our contract binding business partners operate above ground."

"Contract partners? You mean, demons actually use blood contracts to make deals with humans?"

"Hmm, well I don't know who came up with that rumor that we use blood. I always figured pen and paper works just fine, but yes. We do, its how we get anything done really, and that is why I have come to you. To make you the newest addition to my team and help me achieve my latest dream, my dream...of opening my very own successful multi-million dollar fast food franchise!"
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