chapter 1

My name is Sarah I used to be a star on the diving team at NC State. I wasn't into fitness or exercise, but I was really good at diving, and loved it. The years of training combined with the pressure of having everyone see me in a bathing suit had kept me in great shape. Back then was 5'4, blonde, 125 lbs with abs, muscular legs, a tight ass, and surprisingly nice boobs back then. Since I wasn't Olympic caliber though, real life set in after college.

After graduation, I landed a consulting job in Boston. It paid great, but my boss was an ass hole. I worked 14 hour days 7 days a week. I had no life and after 1 year I quit and moved back south to Greensborough North Carolina where I took a junior a job with the marketing department of a clothing brands holding company. Riveting right? Moving back south was where things started to go off the rails though.

During my year of consulting, I was so busy I never even thought about a gym, but I actually lost weight and was down to 115. I was so busy I'd barely had time to eat for a year. Now that I was going to be working a standard 9-5 I had time to have a life again and my old college friend Jamie lived in town. We planned to meet up for dinner and drinks with her friends the week before I started work. When we met, I saw she'd gotten fat, but she'd always been chubby so that was no surprise. Then we met up with her friends, and I saw that they we're all big southern girls too. Every guy in the bar drooled over me that night. If you preferred skinny girls, compared to them I was a 12 out of 10, but I knew I was going need to be careful. Still Jamie's friends were awesome. We started hanging out with on the regular pretty much immediately.

When work started, I realized I was overqualified pretty quick. All I was doing was scheduling and budgeting events for a few brands. It was important, but compared to my old job, a breeze. I figured that was good though. I thought it might give me time to start working out again at the company gym. I knew I'd need to if I was going to eat and drink with Jamie's crowd. I even did make it to the gym... literally once. After a full year of not exercising, that was the worst experience of my life. I was so sore I decided I'd just not eat and stay skinny that way. And it worked for a bit. I adopted the healthy policy of refusing all lunch invitations, skipping breakfast, and splitting fried chicken dinners with whichever of Jamie's friends was on a diet and drinking as much as I wanted.

Around October though, after about 4 months of work, I finally accepted a lunch invite. My team was going to a restaurant that supposedly had great salads. Plus, Jake, my bosses' boss and the hottest guy in the company was buying, and I REALLY wanted to meet him. So I went and made sure I was right next to Jake. When I got there, out of habit, I got the fried chicken. It was huge and I put it all away since I'd been starving myself. I was a bit embarrassed, but Jake didn't seem to notice and we kind of hit it off. After that I started excepting lunch invites, especially if Jake was going.
By Chirstmas, I'd put on 10 lbs. That only put me back at my diving weight though, so I wasn't worried. Around Christmas I also started eating breakfasts at morning meetings. They we're putting out Christmas baked goods. How could I say no. This new habit worried me though. I knew the company put out baked goods every day, and I was going to need to be careful not to let it become a habit. It did though. Without diving as a reason not to eat poorly, my will power was really deteriorating.

By July I was up to 140 lbs. At 5'4, I wasn't big, but I definitely wasn't small. I had the big butt, thick thighs, soft but muscly arms, and flat but soft stomach of a FORMER athlete. But, I was also starting to look thick, like in the best way. I knew guys loved my ass. I even caught Jake looking here and there. So I really didn't give my weight a second thought. I actually was using my body to kind of date around and get free meals and drinks, but then I started dating Kirk.

Kirk was rich, fun and dumb. All of which were good qualities. Really all we did was party. All that partying did not have a great effect on my body though. In the next five months I put on 40 more lbs. I was thick as fuck. My ass was huge and my thighs were thick. My arms were getting really flabby and my boobs were huge. Kirk was cool with all that, but as soon as I started to get a gut we started to fight. And while me and Kirk fought more, I caught Jake looking more. Then at the company new years party I got really drunk, and I cornered Jake. I told him I knew he liked what he saw, and I sucked his cock in his office... and got caught by Kirk. That was the end of that.

After Kirk and I broke up Jake wouldn't talk to me. I freaked out. I was barely motivated to climb the ladder at work and I knew I wasn't classically hot anymore. I had to find a rich guy. So I exercised. I couldn't brink myself to do cardio, but I figured if I did enough squats I'd be able to find a rich guy who loved a great ass. I even lost 20 lbs. by June. Then my girl Jamie's body builder friend Frank asked my out. He wasn't rich, but he was hot as fuck so I said yes and stopped worrying about the gym.

Eating with Frank was like a sport. And with no more gym, it hit me like a truck. In 6 months I put on 60 lbs and by New Years I hit 2 bills. The weird thing was, the fatter I got, the more I saw Jake looking. And finally, 2 days after new years, Jake broke his silence and asked me on a date. I never even though of Frank. I just said yes.

Dating Jake was crazy. Everything we did involved social events with lots of eating, but he never seemed to touch a thing. I would just munch, chat and drink with everyone else while he abstained. Then we'd go home and fuck and the next night we'd do it again.

I tried to stay thin for Jake, but in just 3 months I'd put on another 60 lbs. I was blowing up. My ass was way passed thick and my thighs we're butter soft tree trunks. My arms we literally as thick as my thighs had been and my gut supported huge E cups. I thanked my lucky stars I had been an athlete, because my passed was the only thing giving my body any shape now.

That was when I got fired. I'd known it was coming for a while. Since dating Jake my drinking had started to make me show up later and later. Eventually it just caught up with me. He couldn't have stopped it, but lack of work just gave me more time to indulge.

Now, two years after being fired, I'm bored, so I just eat and drink all day now. Then Jake comes home and fucks me silly. I don't even think about anything else. The crazy thing is, I know since I've lost my job, I've double my weight. I weigh 520 lbs and I'm 5'4. A little part of me knows I'm ridiculously huge. My back fat sits on my huge ass, which sticks out like a shelf. My calves are bigger than my thighs have ever been and by arms are nearly as big as my waist used to be. My boobs are huge but luckily I've got a big gut to support them since no bra will. But none of that matters now. I'm a creature of indulgence. I'm built to eat, drink and fuck. Nothing else matters and my mind has nearly completely glazed over. I barely even think now. I just eat, drink, fuck, and get fatter.
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Nok 6 years
As one who writes artsy messes, I have to agree with RFBurton. This is short, sexy, and classic. Nice job.
Kamina 6 years
Your one chapter bit is not only cohesively written but exceptionally solid in narrative. You've said more with less than a few reads I've had and that's awesome.
GummieTummy 6 years
I love your stories. I was so happy to find this new one. Yay! Awesome as always!
RFBurton 6 years
We need more like this! People either try to write a freaking novel, or an artsy mess: this is the old classic style that makes the genre. Girl eats, girl gets fat, girl gets fucked. Maybe stretch it out a bit more.......but its' realistic, and does the t