Leftover starbucks

chapter 1

Todomatsu was staring down his brother. Ichimatsu couldn't figure out if it was cold or calculating--or both. If Todomatsu was trying to figure him out, he didn't know what for. Nothing's changed. He doesn't usually receive this much attention from his youngest brother. Ichimatsu was too quiet and gloomy for him, Todomatsu would say. Annoying, negative. Everything he already knew about himself and then some.
So what was the big deal? Ichimatsu couldn't figure it out, so he avoided eye contact and shrank into his corner more than usual. Todomatsu still wouldn't let up, even after a good twenty minutes, but Ichimatsu didn't think he would have. He hadn't been engaging at all, he was merely staring. The fact that Ichimatsu couldn't tell why he was doing this was terrifying. He could feel perspiration roll down his back, but he'd have to persevere and wait until Todomatsu finally got bored and left. Sitting and doing nothing was something he was actually good at.
Ichimatsu felt blessed when he saw a cat pounce from the open window and stroll towards him. Desperate for a distraction, he reached out and gratefully greeted the orange cat. He scritched the back of his ears as a reward, and the cat nudged his head against his hand.
"Ichimatsu-niisan," Totty called, as the cat sat near his feet. Ichimatsu made no eye contact, but let out a low grunt as confirmation that he was listening. He didn't want to, but Todomatsu could be petulant and bratty when he didn't get what he wanted. Best to avoid bringing that nasty side out when he's not in the mood to put up with or tease him.

"You look...different." Todomatsu mused, shifting so he could sit more comfortably.

That was entirely too broad to react to. Despite knowing that, the phrasing made him a bit nervous. Ichimatsu said nothing. Todomatsu took his silence as a cue to continue.

"Did you do something with your hair?" He moved closer towards Ichimatsu now. Totty was at a fair distance, but was slowly closing the gap.
Ichimatsu almost spit a mordant reply out before he realized something.
The vague phrasing was intentional.
He glanced over at his brother. Definitely closer than before. Definitely being sly right now, or at least trying to be.
He clucked his tongue before replying.

"You know we all get our haircut the same day."
"It looks like less of a disaster today."
Todomatsu shrugged. His smile was small and coy. "I figured you finally decided to use a hairbrush."

Ichimatsu scoffed, and kept his eyes on the now sleeping cat. Looks like Todomatsu was going to be nasty regardless of what Ichimatsu did.

"I don't think it's quite that, though."
Now Todomatsu was considerably closer, almost invading Ichimatsu's personal bubble. As he kept guessing what could've been oh so different, he continued until he was sitting near Ichimatsu.
Ichimatsu had been so focused on intently staring at the cat in order to ignore Todomatsu's weird, mildly scathing comments, he felt bewildered that one minute he was across the room and now...he's willingly sitting next to Ichimatsu.
Totty made quiet humming sounds. Ichimatsu did nothing to stop his brother. He wondered why he was so close to him in the first place.

"Don't fight it. You know this is attention you're not going to get in a long time." Todomatsu said to him, grabbing Ichimatsu's belly and kneading it between his fingers. The words clicked, and Ichimatsu put his hands down, trying to figure out what to do with them and deciding on nothing.
Honestly, Todomatsu couldn't get enough of this. He'd never quite built up the balls to do this until now, despite encouraging Ichimatsu to eat for months now. He wonders if Ichimatsu was smart enough to realize it was intentional. Probably not, all his older brothers were stupid. The older, the dumber. He could probably try this with Osomatsu if he wanted to--but Ichimatsu was easier. He didn't require as much bribing, could actually keep his mouth shut, and didn't jokingly ask for sex. He was still just as disgustingly horny, but he was quieter about it. He would get a boner from platonic touching often, and tried his best not to freak out when it happened. Todomatsu could sometimes give him a pass.
Ichimatsu's soft and squishy from never exerting effort and always sleeping--exactly how he liked it. He was so glad to have such a lazy older brother. Todomatsu told him as such.
Ichimatsu immediately became flustered at the words, hesitantly putting some power into trying to escape. He was hurling insults at Todomatsu. He spoke so fast Todomatsu felt he was speaking in tongues. He probably deserved it for blueballing his brother all the time.
What Todomatsu was saying was true, no one would touch garbage like him like this--besides Todomatsu, who is equally garbage. But being touched like this was embarrassing. He hated himself for gaining so much. He and his brothers were meant to be identical! And he let himself get to this disgusting weight, so much so that he can be pointed out if he's outside with everyone. Ichimatsu likes to try to convince himself that it wasn't a terrible amount..but his face was fuller than the rest of his brothers, now. If he sat, his belly protrudes from his shirt. Ichimatsu knows, he's stared at himself countless of times in the mirror, half sitting on the sink so he could see if his stomach really did stick out. Indeed it did, so much so even Jyushimatsu's noticed during their wrestling matches.

"Ichimatsu-niisan sure is a lot softer now," Jyushimatsu had teasingly used the hick accent they sometimes use, while trying to pin Ichimatsu down. It embarrassed Ichimatsu all the same, joke or not, and he won the wrestling match that night, swift while trying to get the fuck out of that situation.

"All you do is make me eat. I'm tired of it." He tries, but that isn't entirely true.

"I didn't make you to do anything you didn't want to do." Todomatsu kept Ichimatsu down. He slid his hands over his thighs, reaping the rewards of his months of effort. It was a small gain. As much as he would love to, he couldn't get Ichimatsu on a scale lest he scare him off.

"Uh, you've quite literally forced food into my mouth, you fucking freak."

"And you were fine with it until now. Why are you fighting me?"
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