Love is love

chapter 1

The Douglas family has been living in a victorian estate in the middle of the forest for hundreds of years. George Douglas and his mate Wendy Douglas haves lived together for two century's as they both come from the same vampire coven, but they left when the coven disburse as the corrupted coven leader was taken down and killed by the king of the vampire race for killing a innocent and trying to start a war between the werewolves and vampires again.

Two centuries later, George and Wendy are ready to start a family, as they are together in their home. They have a farm full of animals and crops. Even as vampires, they still need to eat not just blood but human food as well.

George Douglas is 325 years old but he looks 25 years old in human years. He is very tall 6'8 in height, pale skin, a large muscler body with 8 pack abs, pecs as hard as bowling balls and long limbs. He has wavy brown short hair, whiskey brown eyes with a red ring around his pupil.

Wendy Douglas is 322 years old, but she looks like she is only 22 in human years. She is tall for a female at 6'1 in height, pale skin as well, has a slim yet strong figure, large D-cup breasts, flat stomach, and big bottom, she has long libs. She has long straight black hair that reaches her waist, blue-grey eyes with a thin red ring around her pupils.

The year was 2021 and Wendy was in the bathroom, as she was nervously but her fingernails in sorry as she waits for the timer to go off so she could check on the little stick that's on the bathroom counter. Her mate/husband was outside the bathroom door, waiting for the news he wanted to desperately hear from his beloved soulmate.

After five minutes, the timer inside the bathroom goes off catching both vampires attention. George was close to breaking down the door, but before he could, it opened showing the blank face of his beloved soulmate.

Slowly a smile lot up her face as she held up the pregnancy test to show her soulmate the results.


With pure joy flowing out of the soon to be parents as they embraced the other as tears of joy and happiness run down their faces with the thought, in nine more months, and their child or children will be born into the world.
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